• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 230

Author's Note:


Anon nearly gets torn in half
Discord apologizes
And a cute surprise!

You start putting your notes into your saddle bag when you hear the sing song soft voice of Diamond Tiara beckoning you. "Anon...Anon~, how are doing my darling?"

You turn to your right side, Diamond Tiara was looking at you with half slitted eyes, full of adoration. Silver Spoon standing behind her, as usual.

"Ummm" ...right..she was your marefriend...yeah. She had to be, especially after that date.
"I'm doing alright, just a little tired. So uh, what's up?"

"Nothinnngggg, but I was wondering if you'-"

"Alright Anon, we gotta head back to the clubhouse. We gotta do a lot of planning" Applebloom comes over to your left side. Interrupting Diamond Tiara

That actually sounded sensible. Planning for whatever Chrysalis might have was definitely a smart move "Yeah, let me j-"

"Excuse me!" Diamond Tiara gives Applebloom a nasty look "I was inviting him first"

Oh no.. "Erm...Diamo-"

"Diamond Tiara, ah know yer together and all, but this is kinda important" Now Applebloom interrupts you

Diamond Tiara then grabs your leg and pulls you close as you let out a yelp "Well, whatever it is. It can wait. Besides, you all have your marks already, so it CAN'T be that important!"

"Diamond...trust me, it's a-" Suddenly Applebloom grabs and tugs your other leg to bring you closer to her.

"It is important! A lot of bad stuff can happen if we don't have this meeting" Applebloom’s tone becomes more intense.

Ngh, this was getting kinda ridiculous.

you pull your hoof away from Applebloom and sigh "She's right Dia-GAH!"

Diamond tugs you even closer towards her "pah! You don't think I see what's going on? I know you still like him! He's mine!"


You try pulling your legs away, but both girls had them and held on to them tight. Oh no, goddammit! They were going to put you through the age ole taffy pull. "G-girls, Wait!"

But they did not heed your words.

Applebloom was blushing now, of course she still liked you, but she was also showing distinct anger towards DT for that remark. "Am not! We really do need him! Let go!"

The tugging was becoming worse, and their grip was fierce....goodbye cruel world. You never thought you'd be ripped in half like that guy from The Hitcher

"You're lying! You just want him all to yourself! I told you, he's mine!" Diamond growls at Applebloom as she pulls ever so harder

As you got pulled nearly apart, the other two CMC and Silver Spoon just gaze upon the battle.

"Girls, is it really important? He is Diamond Tiara's you know" Silver Spoon asks Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo

"Yeah, it actually is." Sweetie Belle says as she just watches the onslaught of words and tugs.

"M-maybe we should pull them apart before they pull him apart...or maybe get Miss Cheerilee" Scootaloo says as she looks back at the door as Miss Cheerilee is saying goodbye to the students who were leaving.

"I can't pull her away! Anon and her are together you know! You should pull Applebloom away. Then maybe we can get things sorted out" Silver Spoon says worryingly as things began to escalate.

"I don't think so. You ever felt Applebloom's bucks? they hurt! You need to pull Diamond Tiara away!" Sweetie Belle exclaimed

"I'm not doing that, she deserves Anon more than Applebloom" Silver Spoon retorts

"Does that even matter right now?" Scootaloo say "Somepony needs to pull him away!"

It wasn't long until the entire group was arguing. And you yourself couldn't get a word in.

"Applebloom I'm warning you, keep this up and I'll be forced to use more drastic measures!...Don't make me do that!" Diamond said as she struggled.

"Lay off Diamond Tiara! Ya don't know who you're messin' with!" Applebloom growled as she pulled ever harder


That yell was what caught Miss Cheerilee's attention. She turns around to see you being tugged at, with the rest of the students still remaining just watching. "Girls! Girls what are you doing to him! Let hi-....AGH!"

And it wasn't just Cheerilee who yelped in surprise, everyone in the classroom fell back as something plucked you up into the air.

"Actually girls, Anon is mine. I saw him first y'know." That voice...It was Discord, floating above you as he hauled you up with his talons. Grinning down at the crowd

Everyone just looked up Discord with shock and fright.

"Discord..Stop! You're scaring the children!" Miss Cheerilee said as she stepped up to him as the others hid behind her. She already had to deal with a frightful pup. She was not going to let the lord of chaos ruin the sanctity of her classroom.

Discord frowned, annoyed, and looked around as if insulted "What? Really?!" He looks down at Cheerilee as you bob in his grip "At least I waited until AFTER class this time. I didn't even make him explode! Isn't it NORMAL for somepony to come pick up their child after class?"

"...." Cheerilee realized he was right, and started to waver "Y-yes...but" She looked at the other students, some were still scared, others, after realizing it was him, just sorta stared. Some even looked like they wanted to talk to him. But Cheerilee focused on the scared foals, and strengthened her resolve. "It's NOT ok to scare fillies and colts, Discord. If you came to pick up Anon, then fine....but you can do so by coming to the front door like everypony else!"

"....fine...EVERPONY HIT THE DECK!" Discord yells out, causing everyone to dive out of the way of...something

"Dad?! Dad...DAD WAIT, WHARWFDSFDFSDF" You didn't have enough time to say anything as Discord hurled you like a baseball at the front door.

You then get caught by Discord as he teleports to the other side of the door. He was garbed in catcher's gear, like in a baseball team. He catches you into his catcher's mitt as the sounds of cheers can be heard in the classroom "And team Discord gets the third out in this game of hoofball! The crowd goes wild! The team, excited for their win gives the coach a good splash of sports drink..."

Cheerilee was about to yell at Discord to stop, but suddenly a giant barrel of green liquid is dropped over her head. She was furious as she fumbled about, screaming Discord's name. Some of the students were actually giggling. Others were trying to help Cheerilee. the CMC, DT ,and SS? flabbergasted.

"....And the MVP!...Yours truly...Leaves the stadium..Ta-ta everypony!" Discord grins as he vanishes in a flash of flight. Leaving behind a "hoofball" card with his stats and picture.

Upon reappearing, Discord drops you onto your bed. It appears he has brought you back to your room.

"Well, that was fun. How are you doing Anon?" Discord grins a more happy smile rather than a sinister one.

"Why sure Apple Tiara, I'd love to stick it in you! Haha" You were dizzy as shit, and knocked enough in the head from that throw that you weren't thinking straight.

Discord chuckled "Funny, but unfortunately, I have to have a serious talk with you...sooooo"

Discord gave you a flick on the nose. Causing an instance of pain which brought you out of your stupor as you brought your hooves to your nose to rub it. "Ow! What happened?....ugh...my head"

You look up at Discord, and upon fully coming to. You grit your teeth at him angrily. "What the fuck was that all for?! Really!? You're just going to come into my class like that and scare the living fuck out of everyone?!"

Discord stoically looks at his talons front and back, then starts filing them gently with a nail file he conjures. "Yes, OR...I could have left you at the hooves of those two fillies. I could have, you know? I was thinking of having two kids anyway" He grins at you "They'd be half brothers"

....Ok...that was true. There was two mad fillies about to tear your limbs off...but then. That would mean he "saved" you.

you look at him with deep suspicion "....Are you calling in the favor? Or are you just going to torture me?"

"Neither" Discord sighs as he turns away from you, putting his arms behind his back as he stares at the wall "I made a terrible mistake, Anon"

A terrible mistake?...yeah right. "What? besides the whole sister thing or the fact that you're being a total asshole"

"Neither..." Discord gripped his paws and talons as he sighed "In an act of...I don't remember the name actually...but in the name of it. I asked Fluttershy about my current attitude towards you. Why I was angry. Why I was in a sour mood....Needless to say, She blamed me for just about everything." Discord turns his head towards you, he looked full of regret "Don't worry, I didn't reveal anything. But just the same, she won't talk to me anymore unless I sort this out with you as father and son...."

Well now, him getting Fluttershy’s anger did tug at your heart a little, but you wouldn't bend this time. If he wanted you to accept any apology. He had to mean it. "uh huh...ok. And? Discord, my life has been hell since you let Chrysalis out. You are aware that three fillies are now in the know she's out and about, right?"

He nods "Yes...erm...I actually hadn't planned for that to happen. Though that wasn't my responsibility to be honest. She is your sister after all."

You silently raise an eyebrow at him

He groans "Fine, it's my fault. But what did you expect? Twilight twisted you, she changed you, I had to take DRASTIC measures...and for the most part it seems to have taken. Perhaps too well"

"Yeah well, what did you expect? Chrysalis isn't exactly playing fair. So I had to step up my game too. And nothing "took". It's more that I had to fix up my priorities."

"hrnn? Does that mean You're back to being Anon? The Anon I knew? Or is that just some dribble about "Understanding the Magic of Friendship"?"

You turn your head towards the pictures on your dresser. the family photo, and the photo with Chrysalis. "Maybe both. Discord, are you afraid I'm going to really stop being your friend?"

".......no....maybe...." Discord started tapping his talons with his paws nervously "Sorta...I'd also rather not lose my chaos partner. Do you understand how hard this is? I'm not only losing you, but now I'm losing Fluttershy too...I suppose...there is a possibility...that I might have to admit that I may have made a few mistakes as a whole."

Holy shit...he was trying to be humble. He was trying to apologize....that was actually pretty amazing. "Discord, I had a dream today. Do you remember when we went and messed with the lives of Suri, or Spoiled Rich?"

Discord nods, with a small smile "Of course, yes....While our first attempt wasn't all too memorable. That Spoiled Rich was a real card. Not only does she have easy to fool simpletons as her employees, but she actually believed the whole "Future" bit" “ Discord chuckled as he wiped a tear from his eye "That's simply too much...though it does make me yearn for the days of full on, flipped upside down, lightning coming from the trees kind of chaos as well"

Ok, he definitely saw things differently than you did in that regard. but that should have been obvious. "Well, you know you can't do that. But let me say this, I actually had a good time with you on that stuff. And I liked helping those ponies out. Or trying too anyway. It helps me fill a void that I always had back when I was a human....Back when I was totally worthless."

"Worthless? pffft" Discord throws his paw out and chuckles "Well that can't be right. You were instrumental in my plans. If anything, that made you destined to be useful. And besides, there’s not as many ponies as cool as you are" Discord spins a cap that appeared on his head backwards like some nineties kid.

Woah....and kind words too? What did Fluttershy say to him? "..Thanks....Really, I mean that. But...It's still there, that void. I guess that's why I want to help Chrysalis. It's not just about reforming her. I guess it's about being useful to the world. Since the world saw me as useless.It's kind of complicated...." You were almost forgetting you were mad at him "But...egh. First things first. I want you to apologize to me. Say "I'm sorry Anon, for being a gigantic asshole" In those words."

You expected Discord to be against it, or at least complain. Instead, he grinned. "Making me apologize Anon? I would suppose after that, we'd be square? Correct?"

...What was he getting at? "Sorta....I guess. Why?"

"Well, I've been working on a little sideproject. It's not done of course. But it could be some of the best fun I've had in some time, and I wouldn't even have to lift a single claw. Now originally, I wanted to call in my favor and have you suffer a gigantic embarrassment for my amusement. But...after what happened. I sort of taken a different path with it. First, you no longer owe me anything. Consider it a freebie...and second." Discord gives you a gentle smile "After I apologize, I'd wonder if you'd like to have some fun. We'll start out slow with this project of mine. And then maybe later, for another time, we can wreak some havoc on some poor unsuspecting pony...that's fine, isn't it?"

Wreak havoc on some poor unsuspecting pony? The side you learned from Twilight told you no. But the side that made things fun, the side that was coming back to you, it said yes. IT really wasn't like it'd hurt them. Though, like with RD. It'd be annoying if it came back to bite you.

It really did sound like it could be fun though. You really did want to fuck with Blue Blood. That guy was ripe for the figurative fucking. And then there was that project. You wondered what that was all about. "You know...yeah sure, why not. But that pony havoc thing is a maybe. So with that, mind telling me what this project is?"

"Ohhh no no no, it's a special surprise Anon. Trust me on this, it is quite a doozy and a rarity that I'm able to set something like this up. All I ask for is a yes on at least that. And no questions asked....Please?"

...Could be a trap...maybe not. If Fluttershy is involved, then he wouldn't dare risk upsetting her further...hopefully.

You sigh "Fine, I'm up for it when you have it ready. But...first....apologize."

"Of course.." Discord stands straight up and clears his throat "I'm sorry Anon, for being a gigantic asshole".....are we square now?"

You nod "Yeah...but only if you DON'T treat me like shit again. Discord, I also need to talk to you about Chrysalis and her captain. I..."


You hear a chuckling behind you.


You turn around, Discord was standing behind you. He was laughing "Oh Anon, how it's still so fun to mess with you. Come here buddy!" Discord opened his arms and gave you a gentle hug. "So glad to have you back. We'll be tormenting Twilight and having tea with Fluttershy as a family in no time!"

....both dread and loving care flowed through you at the same time

You sigh, and smile a little in relief that he didn't leave. "Thanks for not actually running off Discord....so, how are we going to handle Chrysalis. and the Crusaders knowing?"

Discord stepped backwards shrugged "I'm actually really not doing anything about it. All things considered, you could probably use their help. Those three can be quite a nuisance to those not as capable as I"

"No kidding, but what if the secret spreads further than them? What if they tell someone else?"

"Then it's going to be pure, unadulterated, magnificent-"

You roll your eyes at him and interrupt him right there "Chaos? Goddammit...should have known you'd probably would like that. Even though it'd come back to the both of us and screw us both over."

Discord cringed "Oh right...that would happen as well. Well then" He shrugged "It's going to have to be up to you to make sure that doesn't happen. Those three don't trust me too much and wouldn't listen to a word I'd have to say. As for Chryssi herself. Well, you just said you want to help her. So I'm not exactly inclined to help further than I already have. I've disabled her magic and ability to change shape. And her Captain is a deluded little shrimp. And without her hive or ability to shift shape, she's pretty much useless. You'll just have to use that human mind to outsmart her" he pokes your head

"Plus the horn...ugh, dammit Discord. You can't throw your "Chaos Buddy" a little bit of a bone here?" You really needed something extra for this.

Discord reached behind his back, but you immediately yell at him "I DON'T MEAN A LITERAL BONE! YOU BETTER NOT THROW ONE AT ME!"

Discord rolled his eyes as he stabbed his backbone back into his body. "humorless as usual....But I suppose I should still do a little extra..." Discord holds his paw out towards you "Your map"

"Y'know..I’m not humorless, it's just I don't want to be whipsmacked by your damn spine...sheesh" You reach into your saddlebag and grab your map and hand it to him "..So, what are you going to do to it?"

Discord makes the map float into the air and starts waving his arms at it as he focuses "I'm upgrading it of course. Once I'm done, you'll be able to track Chyssi's and the captain's movements. This upgrade also comes with a special tracking system that shows you a huge area around where you're standing, rather than it just being a generic map of Ponyville. Meaning no matter what, you'll never be lost. Of course, it only goes so far, so if Chryssi and the captain aren't in range...well...they won't show up."

"Woah....that's really cool actually." You stare intently as the map begins to spin. Discord starts mumbling strange words as the room starts to grow dark.

"Grahm goon shabam solo tin taaallaaaaa"


Clouds began to form, and darken as black as darkness. the sound of thunder booming from them.

"Uhhhh, Discord?" Was this...all required just for an upgrade? how much magic did he actually have to use?!

"graj jul bazam boom TALAAAAA PRATAMAAAA" Lightning started to strike down in random spots. One strikes right in front of your face. Making your pupils shrink from the fright of it all as you turn white.

"...h-h-...o....." Another strike hits from behind you, making you jump forward and duck your head.


But he wouldn't stop, and the further he went, the worst it got. A tornado started to form right around you, catching you and making you spin. "DIIIIIISSSCCCOOORRRDD!"

Discord stops as everything in the room clears and the map falls. The tornado dissipates as you fall back onto your bed in a spin before falling forward. Dizzy as fuck.

"Anon..." Discord turns to you and sits you up and brushes off your chest "Don't get yourself dirty, we still need to see Fluttershy to get this all sorted out...hmmm" Discord puts his talons under his chin and observes you for a moment, your head was bobbing. "Now that's odd, was my song too good? I don't remember it being the head bobbing kind but as long as you enjoyed it"

"S-...hmnnn" You shook your head and then looked up at him with annoyed anger from being spun around and nearly zapped. You thought that was a magical incantation, not a fucking song.

"What? I can't do both? Don't get mad at me because you can't fathom the usefulness of multitasking. It doesn't even look like you enjoyed my singing. It's a very old song, no respect for the classics..." Discord looks down at the map and picks it up and holds it towards you "Here you are you little spoiled sport you"

You just groan at him as you snatch up the map and look into it.

And as you do, it actually strikes you wonderment as you notice it's completely changed. It was the interior of the house...though, a lot of it didn't seem stable within the map. Your room and the basement remained consistent at least. You saw a blue dot in the basement not moving, and a red dot zipping around.

"Wait....so these dots are them?"

Discord nods "mhmmmm, I thought I'd keep it simple. You like?"

"Yeah...this is actually neat. So..." You noticed how the map is centered on your room, and the center had an arrow facing up "And that's me...right?"

"It is, I thought i'd make it as obvious as possible so you don't hurt your brain trying to figure out where you are facing."

"Yeah...Well.." You roll up the map and put it away "This....mnnn" You sigh, he didn't even ask for anything in return for the map upgrade. "This is actually really cool of you to give me, thanks buddy"

"Well, I am the definition of cool" Discord brings sunglasses down over his eyes "Even Rainbow Dash can't handle this funky fresh Draconequus"

That actually makes you giggle from how dorky that sounded "Ahh, turn it down a notch, guy. You're not that cool....anyway, you said we had to see Fluttershy right? I'm guessing to prove that the both of us are cool with each other?"

Discord nodded as he hovered towards the portal door and opened to Fluttershy's cottage. "That's exactly right, and the best part is it'll all be true! Meaning there's no reason for suspicion."

"Yeah...hmmmmm" the gears in your head, they were a turnin' "Hey, I got an idea. You really wanna make Fluttershy's day?"

"Oh?" Discord looks to you, wondering what you mean "You mean make her happier than we already are? I do like to see her happy....though you shouldn't spread that around. But do go on, explain"

"Trust me on this, girls love cute things. So if you want her to be super happy. Then we gotta do something super cute. And I got just the plan"

"And what's that?" Discord asks

"Ok, so first...slap a bowtie on me and fix up my mane to be super nice."

"..alright" Discord followed along, snapping his talons. It was kind of surprising he was doing it without question. But considering it was for Flutters, and he and you were buddies again...

A cute red little bowtie appears on the upper part of your chest as your mane gets made up and nice.

You tap it, then smile at Discord. So far so good. "Don't I look adorable?"

"Sickingly so...so what's next?" Discord asks

"Easy. put me in a gift box, put a ribbon on it, and pass me off to Fluttershy as a gift. and when she opens the box, I'll spring out all cutely and adorably. She'll figure out what it all means and her heart will just melt. Trust me, it's going to be golden."

Discord rubbed his chin as he thought about it "That actually doesn't sound like a bad idea. Yes, it's actually quite perfect. Anon...you sneaky little weasel. I love it!"

You chuckle "Well, I suppose it is a little sneaky. But it'll be worth it in the end. Trust me, ok? Get me in the box. And make sure it doesn't mess with the mane, ok?"

Discord nods and snaps his talons. Putting you into a box.

It was dark...very dark. But, you actually felt safe. So far anyway "Ok...all you gotta do is....wait"

It was pitch black

And the air was thin


You started struggling, trying to get out of the box.


Suddenly, a small and thin spear comes through one end of the box, it's shiny glint was all you saw which made you instinctively raise yourself as high as you could as it went through the other side.

There was now a small amount of light, and as you gazed back, you could see that the spear nearly took out your meatbags. "....g-good...god...geez..."

"Anon, is that good enough? Can you breath? Do you want me to make a bigger airhole?" Discord says.

Your eyes widen "N-No! NO!...IT'S FINE! I CAN BREATH....oh god........oh...geez..."

"Ok then, as long as you can breath. I'll be going to Fluttershy's now. So be ready."

Be ready he says, after that?! cripes. You had to touch yourself down there to make sure everything was fine. Oh god....that was close.

You hear a few "zip" and "zoop" sounds from within the box.

You peered through the hole made by the spear. You were moving, you could see the front door of Fluttershy's cottage. "Ok,You know what to do right?"

"Yes yes, I understand the art of gift giving. I just hope this works." Discord clears his throat as he prepares himself

"Oh it's going to work, I bet my nuts on it"

Discord raises his paw and knocks on the door. And then waits.

The door opens, and Fluttershy steps forward, looking straight up into Discord's face. Her gentle smile slowly turning to one of dismission "Discord..."

Discord cringed "Oh Fluttershy, don't do that. Is what I did really that bad?"

"Considering he's just a little colt, yes. You're supposed to be more responsible than that. I'm not going to talk to you again about this...and.." Fluttershy eyes the gift "That's not going to make me change my mind. You can't just run away from your problems, Discord."

Discord gently puts the box down and slowly slides it towards Fluttershy "Fluttershy please, don't be that way. You'd at least open my gift, wouldn't you?"

"Why? It could be the nicest thing in all of Equestria...and it still wouldn't change my mind. Discord, buying my attention simply won't work. Now..please go..." Fluttershy was looking pretty hurt that she had to say that...poor thing. It must be hard to turn a friend away. But she wasn't going to budge.

Discord lowers his head, frowning "I understand...but Fluttershy...My dear dear Fluttershy. I know it won't mean much...but if you'd at least open the box. That's all I want. And if it doesn't change your mind...then I'll go"

Fluttershy looks at the box, then at him "Discord...."

Discord makes big watery eyes at her "pleeeeeease?"

Fluttershy sighs "Ok.....But it's not going to change my decision. If anything, this is going to make you feel worse because it won't change a thing. I'm warning you Discord, is this what you want?"

Discord simply nods.

Fluttershy was thinking in her mind how Discord was being delusional in thinking this would work. She pitied him. She thought about showing some interest in whatever is inside....but...not too much. She wanted him to leave.

Fluttershy looked at the box as Discord began to fill up with anticipation. It was all up to you now.

Fluttershy removed the ribbon and bow from the box.

Any second now

Fluttershy put her hoof on the box and slowly began to lift the lid.

This was it.

With hooves spread out, you pop your head out and stand on your back legs as you smile and announce… "SURPRISE AUNT FLUTTERSHY! Dad an-"

"EEEEK!" Fluttershy yelps in fright as she grabs the lid and..

"WAIT!" before you could even cover yourself, Fluttershy grabs the lid and slams it down through your head.

"OGHH!" your vision blurred as you lost your footing and fell back into the box

And then, Fluttershy realized her mistake "A-Anon!? Anon!"

Fluttershy looked into the box with terrible guilt over what she had done "Anon! A-are you ok!? I'm so so so so so so sorry! I didn't know! I didn't know you were in the box..oh no..."

Fluttershy picked you up into her hooves and removed the lid from your head before hugging you gently "Anon...Anon...what were you even doing in there?!"

Discord had to quickly remove his own mouth and throw it into the horizon as to not make his laughter heard. He also had to tie a rope around his sides.

You had to take a moment to clear your head, you were making gurgly noises.

"Anon?" Fluttershy held you up in front of herself to make sure you were ok "A-are you alright?....please be alright"

You looked into her worried face...your head was clearing up. Why did it always have to be your head? "I-I'm alright...."

"Good..mngh" Fluttershy went back to hugging you "What were you doing in that box?"

"Aunt Fluttershy..." You give her a nice cute little smile "I just wanted to surprise you. Dad apologized and me and him are good again. I don't like our family being torn apart” You point to the statues “It should be like that"

Fluttershy smiled at you, and gave you another gentle little hug "Anon..you're right. It should be like that. It should always be like that.." As Fluttershy hugged you, she looked up at Discord with gentle eyes. "Discord....I'm very proud of you"

Discord smiled back, his mouth already regrown. His smile was of a gentle and kind sort. "Fluttershy, I as I told you. I never wanted you to be upset. And I do care about little Anon. He's my son after all."

Fluttershy put you down gently and gave you a kiss on the nose. As she usually does. "I'm so glad you two are getting along again. I can't imagine how worried your sister would be if she saw you both being bitter towards each other"

oghhhh..why did she have to say that?

"Ahh yes, Nymous. Of course, I am still getting used to being a father of two. She's quite independent...mnnn" Discord was having trouble coming up with words "B-but she is quite welcome of course"

You help him along "Right..umm..yeah. It feels like she was always around. Haha"

"Awwww, you both are so sweet. But where is Nymous?" Fluttershy had thought she might be around too.

"She's still getting used to everything Fluttershy. Can't be zapping her around everywhere until she's good and ready you know" Discord shrugged, with a obvious hint of nervousness in his voice.

"Awwwww" Fluttershy flew upwards and gave Discord a little hug "Discord, I'm so glad to see you being so considerate. I even bet that the reason everything even went wrong was because you were so worried about Anon after that chimera attack. And then you made the decision to let in his sister. That must have not been easy"

Then Discord started to ham it up as he put his arm over his forehead, bent backwards, and spoke like he was in a tragic woe "Oh Fluttershy, you have no idea the struggles of being a parent. It is indeed very difficult. Especially for one who has never taken on such responsibility before. But I promise you, I am doing my best. And I think I am indeed doing a good job."

"I know you are..that's why I'm so proud. And..." Fluttershy giggled as she looked back down at you, she hovered downwards and gave you a gentle pat on the head "I'm so glad to see Anon being so happy being your son. And just look how cute he is! I bet your little marefriend melts like butter when she looks at you"

oooooghhhh...c'mon Fluttershy… "I-I guess...and...oh"

You smack your hoof on your face. That's right. She was in the middle of an argument with Applebloom. Damn, you hoped that didn't become anything too big. Hell, you had to go see the CMC as soon as possible to make sure they didn't fuck up. "Actually Aunt Fluttershy, now that you know me and Dad are good. I need to see my friends..." You look to Discord "About something important"

Discord looked down at you with a nod, he understood. And he was being fairly agreeable. Thank god he understood the importance of it.

Fluttershy was giggling again "Friends? Or your marefriend? Anon, you don't need to be embarrassed. I think it's very very cute that you both seem to be in love.. Who knows? maybe she'll end up being your wife when you're older" Then a terrible thought entered Fluttershy's head, she didn't want you to get the idea to get married early. She felt that she knew the puppy love wouldn't last. "..When you're older Anon...remember that last part"

You blush a little in embarrassment. Dammit, you didn't want to think about things like that. It almost felt shameful. "Y-yeah..erm.." You give Fluttershy a quick hug "You take care Aunt Fluttershy. I'll seeya when I seeya."

"Well..how about tomorrow after school? And you can bring Nymous along. I'd like to talk to you both again. And..Discord" Fluttershy looked to him "You'll come along too, right? I'd like to have us all in one room to talk and eat. Like a real family"

Discord didn't seem to want the idea. Yeah, you figured why. But Fluttershy was so convincing. at least to him "Of course...I'd like nothing better."

"Yay!" Fluttershy was so happy to hear that "I can't wait!"

You had to really REALLY hope Chrysalis remained on her best behaviour during that. It shouldn't be hard since Discord would be there...but you never know.

You said goodbye to Fluttershy and Discord. Discord staying behind to soak up as much love and attention from Fluttershy as possible as you dashed off to the clubhouse. Hoping the CMC would be there.

you also did it in a sneaking fashion, you didn't want to be caught by DT, the mane 6, your fans, or your other friends.

You successfully manage to reach the clubhouse through your sneak without being caught by anyone.

You haven't been here in awhile in all actuality. Felt weird coming back here.

You go up to the clubhouse and take a look through the window of the clubhouse.

What luck! All three of them were in there. Looks like they were doing some planning and discussion. Perfect.

You walk over to the door, and knock.

"Who's there?" You hear Scootaloo call out

"It's Anon, can I come in?"

You hear some whispering, but then Scootaloo gives you the ok and unlocks the door for you.

"Heya girls...so..umm..what's up? Discussing my "sister?" "

They all nod and pull out a chair for you around a small round table.

You take your seat. and the discussion began.

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