• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 19

"B-but I already know a lot of things. I can do math really well and read really good."
fuck, you felt ashamed. That's all you were really good at.

"Anon, you're young. Even if you are good at math and reading. You need to learn so many other things too. You'll learn so many valuable skills and who knows..." Fluttershy gave you a spirit lifting smile "...You might learn a skill so well that it could be your special talent. And you know what that means right?"

...you had to ask Discord at some point if you could even get something like that on your flank. You wondered how artificial your form really was.
"my Cutie Mark?"

Fluttershy nods "Mhmmm! And trust me, it's one of the best feelings ever!"

Right...You weren't too sure about that. But you weren't going to argue this. not anymore.

Time to accept your fate. You weren't getting out of this. You already technically agreed.
"Well...I can't argue that I guess.. I mean. Everypony wants their cutie mark right? so Ummm..how do I go to school? Do I just go..or?"

"Well that's why we're here Anon, Fluttershy was going to take you to the schoolhouse to get you enrolled." Discord said

"Me?...don't you mean we? Discord, you have to be the one to actually tell miss Cheerilee that you want to enroll Anon...You're the father. I can't do everything for you. But I'll be there to help you in case anything happens." Fluttershy gives him a cheerful smile

Discord flinches, and starts to tap his talons to his paw. He was nervous. "But Fluttershy, that whole process is annoying and bothersome to somepony such as myself. I was hoping you'd do it for me. I promise next time I'll do it. Spirit of Chaos's honor!"

Fluttershy glared at Discord, feeling disappointment in him."Discord..you know you need to do this. You're his father. what kind of example would you be setting if you took the easy way out?"

You give Discord a false look of shock and worry. Keeping up your little act.
"You wouldn't flake out, would you Dad?...you wouldn't..flake out on me...would you?"

Fluttershy quickly gave you a hug to calm you, even though you needed no calming. "It's alright Anon, you don't need to worry. Your father won't do that. He's gentle and kind and good deep inside...he just gets scared sometimes."

Discord was about to shake his fist at you. But hearing those words about himself. It soothed his very soul....but he couldn't let you label him as some sort of wuss. "Oh please, I'd rather be labeled lazy than a coward. If doing this boring and simple task avoids such a label then of course I'll do it myself. The spirit of chaos does not "flake" out"

Fluttershy stops hugging you, and raised her hoof to wipe off your tears. Until she noticed you didn't have any, So she just patted your head. "There see? Sometimes he just needs a firm push."

You wouldn't exactly call that firm. Nevertheless. You smile and nod, and look at Discord with a smile, half smug.
"Way to go Dad, You're super cool!"

Discord rolled his eyes at you. He knew what was up. But those words from Fluttershy really did get him, and as long as you didn't go overboard. He wouldn't do anything hasty. Especially not in front of Fluttershy.
"Yes..right..in anycase. We should head to the schoolhouse then and get this over with."

Fluttershy agreed, and the three of you were off......instantly..Discord wastes no time in teleporting the three of you right in front of the schoolhouse.

Both you and Fluttershy had to readjust your senses from the sudden teleport.

"Oh my...that was so sudden...Discord..can you please warn somepony next time you do that?"

Discord let out a puppy whine...an actual puppy whine as he gave big sad eyes to Fluttershy "...ok, i'm sorry"

Fluttershy looked into his eyes and felt a little bad for being so stern...or as stern as she thought she was as she flies up and gives him a hug "I forgive you, I know you only did that because you are anxious, but it'll be ok Discord. One step at a time."

Discord hugged Fluttershy back, as he peered at you with a face suggesting that "He can get hugs from her just as well as you can"

You didn't particularly care. He couldn't amount to the same cuteness you had. Hell, You still had other ponies you could try to cuddle up to as well. Besides, you got a kiss from Celestia day fucking one, how boss is that?

The truce itself between you and Discord seemed pretty flimsy though. You both were still trying to get at each other. As long as neither of you took it to ridiculous lengths again. It should be fine.

With that little display over. You had to ask a question before you all proceeded
"Why isn't there any fillies or colts in school right now?"

Fluttershy answered "Well, it's sunday Anon...No school"

......right...course. Same as the human world.

And with that, you three head inside.

It was as cozy as it seemed from the show. With cute little desks sitting in an orderly fashion. At the teacher's desk was Miss Cheerilee herself. Who seemed to be busy with something. Perhaps getting ready for tomorrow. She was cute looking...you could already sense you might have a few "fantasies"

Discord just stared at her. And then looked at Fluttershy.

Fluttershy just looked up at Discord and gestured with her hoof to walk up to her and talk.

It was becoming clear that Discord didn't want to have a chat that didn't exactly end in someone being pranked or messed with. This was a legit orderly thing to do. Meaning he had to be on his "best" behavior. Especially with Fluttershy watching him.

Discord stopped for a moment, looked back at Fluttershy, and then back at the busy teacher horse and finally spoke. "Excuse me Miss Cheerilee, may have I have a word?"

"Of course you can Mr." Cheerilee finally looked up, to see who had addressed her. Her face instantly turns white"D-D-Discord?! W-What are you doing here?!"

Discord immediately turns to Fluttershy and points to the frightened teacher "Look Fluttershy! See? That's exactly what I meant." Discord crosses his arms "I don't even get any pleasure from this. Since all it does is delay in doing more interesting things.Look at her face! And to think, she'd visit me every year with no problems when I was a statue, I thought she'd show a little more respect"

Fluttershy had noticed Cheerilee's reaction. She was cowering behind her desk. She then turned back to Discord "Discord..You don't need to be mean about it. Here, I'll talk to her and see if I can calm her down. She's probably just a little uncomfortable."

Discord rolled his eyes silently, still feeling insulted.

You just looked on. Well, it makes sense his presence would still be frightening to some ponies if he was to just show up uninvited. Given the whole Tirek thing. And the fact he had trashed Ponyville before.

Fluttershy walked up to Cheerilee "Hello Miss Cheerilee...I'm sorry if we scared you. We didn't mean too..honest."

Cheerilee pointed to Discord. "Fluttershy...was it necessary to bring him in here? What if there was children present?"

Fluttershy wanted to do her best to calm her down. She didn't agree with how she was acting though "Miss Cheerilee...please don't be scared of Discord...he came here for very good reasons, you're not even giving him a chance."

"Chance? Chance?! Fluttershy....I've read everything there is to know about him to teach the students just how dangerous he can be and why disharmony is an awful thing to follow.Simply put, he's a menace! And besides, he was given a chance. And he betrayed everypony. You can't expect everypony to just easily forgive him. Just because the princesses have, doesn't mean I have. There's children I have to care for and I can't let such influences near them. You should know that better than anypony"

Fluttershy frowned "I do..but Discord isn't bad or mean...He's just misunderstood."

Cherilee popped her head up a little, if only to take a glance at him incase he was trying something before fixing her gaze back at Fluttershy "Fluttershy, can you just please tell me what he wants so he can leave?"

Fluttershy was getting upset at Cherilee, that was no way to act "Miss Cheerilee..I'm surprised at you. I always knew you to be fair and have good judgement...and you won't even give Discord a chance...that's...Ohhh..I don't want to say it...it's extreme...but...That makes you a big meanie!"

oooohhh..Fluttershy said a curse word...or as big as a curse word she'd be willing to say. You were just waiting on your cue.

Cheerilee was silent. But she appeared moved by Fluttershy's assertiveness and slowly rose from behind her desk. "....You're right Fluttershy...If Discord came to see me about something important...then it'd be wrong of me to turn him away just because of prejudice." She looks towards Discord, apologetically "Mr.Discord..What did you want to see me about?"

Discord turned back to look at her, his tone of voice being rather snooty "That's more like it. Anyway, I came to see you because I wish to have my son enrolled in your fine school so he can learn,grow, make friends and other such nonsense."

"Son?" Miss Cheerilee seemed confused and looked around the room until she noticed you. You smile and wave at her.

"......oh...Sweet Celestia..." Cheerilee muttered under her breath. shocked at the sight of you. She turns to Fluttershy "Fluttershy...please tell me he isn't serious."

Discord scoffed and stepped up right at the front of her desk and looked at her sternly "Excuse me, but I do believe I was talking to you. And Yes...I am being serious. And I'd appreciate it if you took me seriously as well. Honestly, i'm appalled."

"You're appalled?!" Cheerilee looks over to him, now she seemed angry, self righteous fury taking over. She could already tell you were adopted. That much she could see as you weren't a draconequus. "I'm appalled you'd take on a child to corrupt with your wicked ways! Then bring him here to corrupt my students!"

...Hey!....you take offense to that. It's not as if you were going to fiddle with them or anything.

"Corrupt?! Please! Children do well on their own on being brats. But they least they have the decency of showing respect to their elders!" Discord huffed, making a direct comment on Cheerilee’s behaviour towards him in accordance with his age.

Fluttershy could feel an argument coming on, she knew she had to stop it "...o-ok...I think perhaps we should all take a breather...and.."

"Are you implying just because you’re older that you deserve respect? You betrayed ponies everywhere! And that is a terrible act deserving of nothing but contempt!" Cheerilee started to raise her voice.

"Oh, yes. I understand that. But perhaps if you ponies had understood my needs a little better like Fluttershy here then maybe I wouldn't have done what I did."

"Discord...Miss Cheerilee...please" Fluttershy's voice was quivering. As the two continued to snipe and argue.

Even you had to cringe. For being adults. They were acting pretty childish. Even if Cheerilee was doing what she thought was right. It still looked bad. Discord did try being nice at the start. You couldn't fault him for that.

Poor Fluttershy, she was just trying to get them to calm down. However...she was reaching her pique and...

Discord and Cheerilee both immediately stop.

Fluttershy was angry and huffing...until it just hit her that she had yelled angrily. She looked down and frowned. "s-s-s-sorry...I..I just didn't like you both arguing in front of Anon like that..."

...awww...poor Fluttershy...

You walked up and gave her a compassionate hug. You did it to help her feel better...nothing more
"It's ok Aunt Fluttershy...please don't be sad. It's not your fault..please smile.."

Discord was the first of the two to speak. You took a glance at him during the hug. He looked miserable for what he did "F-fluttershy...Don't be upset with me. I just lost my cool..that's all..."

Cheerilee took a little more time to assess the situation before responding. Looking at you, you seemed as kindly as Fluttershy in her eyes. Respectful...nothing like she thought you'd be being adopted by Discord...but she also heard "Aunt" Fluttershy. It could be to her that Fluttershy was raising you really...She couldn't be sure. Also, Discord had not used any of his chaotic magic to get his way or mess with her. He only used his words. She only knew of Discord from what she read and brief run ins with him. And this was severely out of the norm. "...hmm..Perhaps I should be the one to apologize. I'm supposed to be reasonable and fair, instead I just made a biased judgement and stuck with it. As a teacher, I simply cannot permit that. So, I'd like to be the first to apologize...I'm sorry Discord for being so rude. And again, for allowing my prejudices and prior judgments affect my decision making."

"And I apologize..for......the things I did..to..hrn...make you upset." Discord turns to Fluttershy with a soft smirk, his tone not being completely serious with his apology as he felt he was the better man "Was that adequate?"

You stop cuddling on Fluttershy so she can answer. She gives you a brief head nuzzle before looking over to Discord and nodding "You didn't hesitate so that's good...but..it should be a little more heartfelt next time Discord...it's good to let the other pony know that you know what you did was wrong..But..I think that was ok..but it's really up to Miss Cheerilee.."

Miss Cheerilee nods "No..it's fine. The fact he apologized at all is enough for me. Especially since I instigated this.As a teacher, it's up to me to not allow pride and prejudice control my actions. I must be a leader, especially in the ways of educating the young minds of today....and in that regard. I don't mind taking your son in as another student in my class." Cheerilee reached into her desk and pulled out some papers and placed them flat onto of her desk. "I just need you to spend the day filling out these forms so we can get everything in order for him."

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