• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 167

Author's Note:


Anon over does it!
Angel rabbit punches!
And Twilight comes over!

Shit, you didn't know much of anything on this. Some of this shit was history on stuff like the minotaurs or the breezies. Or pop culture shit like Countess Coloratura, Who the fuck even was that? Probably something that never gets mentioned ever.

At least you could answer questions on normal animals or shit you seen on the show. But just, some of this other stuff. It was beyond you. You decide to look at the children's cards.

hrnn...no, they were dumb. Questions like "What makes a pegasus different from a unicorn" or "Who is the Princess of the Sun".


You put away the cards. Whatever, it was fine. It's not like you could have possibly known some of this shit anyway. The show never covered it.

Then there was the cutouts too. That was still bothering you. You decide to take a look at those too. Either Fluttershy has a secret career as a anime artist or she really did make all of these just by a thought in her head. Absolutely crazy.

you push the board aside and put away the cutouts. You decide to look into your saddle bag. Just the usual stuff. You were just bored now really. But you didn't want to hurry her along with dinner. She was already making you a shake along with it.

After awhile more. Fluttershy was done. She pulled up a little table and set down two plates. Mashed potatoes, some plants, hay, and veggies, a carrot. And a banana shake, just for you. She just had a glass of water for herself. "Dinner's ready Anon, I made us both a healthy and delicious dinner. I hope you like it."
If you weren't a pony. This would be pretty shit. or, just shit to you really. But with change of body came change of taste. What really caught your eye was the glass the shake was contained in. It was pretty big.

"It looks pretty good. And...wow, that's a lot of banana shake"

"Well I don't know exactly how much you can actually drink. So I made enough to put in a big cup. So that way you don't feel like there wasn't enough. But if you don't think you can drink it all then don't force yourself. Tummy aches are not fun. If you can't drink all of it I'll put it away for tomorrow"

Man, it's a good thing you're not an idiot kid because you could totally see yourself doing that.

You decide to take a sip of it first though. To see how it tastes.

Your pupils shrink, you're surprised at how good it is. Super surprised.

Man, you sure do think you're manly enough to handle the whole cup. Because it was too good to let sit in some fridge
"Woah, what did you put in this?"

"Nothing special. Just ice, bananas, sugar, milk. The usual. Do you like it?"

"Y-yeah, it's super good. I was just wondering if there was anything extra....are you sure there's not anything extra?"
Fluttershy shook her head gently and smiled at you "If there had to be anything extra, it would have to be love. I always make sure to put the right amount of ingredients in whatever I make. For you, for my friends, and all the cute and loving creatures of the forest that come to me for food when they are hungry."


You both eat the dinner that was laid out before you. You took a swig of the shake for every three bites of dinner. Fluttershy reminded and warned you a few times not to over do it. But you told her you'd be fine.
And now dinner was out of the way. You even finished the shake.

Though, much to your dismay. Fluttershy was right about not trying to drink too much. Luckily for you, you could grin and bear it......though it still sucked that your belly was hurting from something so delicious.

Fluttershy smiled as she put the plates together to put them in her sink to be cleaned. "wow Anon, I didn't know you could actually finish all of that."

You lean back a little to rub your aching tummy. But act as if you're just giving it a after dinner rub.
"Yeah, that's me. The quadruped garbage disposal."

Fuck, you really shouldn't have taken in all of the shake.

"I noticed" Fluttershy said as she took a moment to clean the plates and put them away "I'll have to remember to give you bigger portions of food next time to fill that belly better"

"You don't have to do that..." You decide to stand. lordy, you could see the plumpness of your belly just by bending your head down to look at it.

"I don't mean by a lot if that's what you're worried about. Just enough to make sure you're nice and full. You don't need to worry, I always have enough food for everypony."

"ok, but not too too much. I mean, you never know. maybe just a tiny bit more would be enough to make me feel real full"

"You're not full? Well, I could make you a quick after dinner, before bed snack if you'd like"

"N-nah, I'm good. Really, Don't want to eat too much and have trouble sleeping, r-right?"

"I guess so" Fluttershy said in adorable ignorance "But if you wake up with the grumbly wumblies, you can help yourself to whatever you want, alright?"

"Yes, thank you Aunt Fluttershy...mnn"
...she really was nice, so nice that you felt that there was a sudden offset in your own feelings. You felt like a terrible person who was just using your cuteness and backstory to take advantage of her. Every fucking time you felt like this, and it barely got any easier. Especially when she was being that super nice.

"Is something the matter Anon?" Fluttershy asks as she walks over to you, noticing your sudden shift in mood. But then she gives you this "mother's eye" look, as if you did something wrong. "You don't have a tummy ache do you?"

You decide to tell her the truth, no way you couldn’t with that look.
"Yeah, it's not too bad though..."

"mmnnn....Anon" Fluttershy shakes her head and looks at you with disappointment "What did I say about drinking too much of that banana shake? You could have had some tomorrow before school. Now you’re going to be up all night..."

"I'm sorry. I guess, I just got ahead of myself. I thought I could handle it."

"Anon....mnnnn...here, follow me to bed. Maybe I can help with that"

No lewd thoughts Anon, no lewd thoughts. This was Fluttershy, and you didn't want to take that in that kind of way.

You just nod,a nod as you apologize again.

Fluttershy leads you upstairs to her room and asks you to hop on her bed.

You do so.

"Now, lay on your back, and relax your body."

.....it was getting harder to block the lewd.

"What are you going to do?" You say as you comply to her every word.

She hops onto the other side of the bed. and starts gently kneading and rubbing your belly with her hooves. "A tummy massage. We need to get those little groanies out so you can get a good night's sleep for school tomorrow. Just don't focus on it, think of something....relaxing"

fuck. Her touching you with her gentle hooves WAS relaxing. It was so soft and expert in the ways of settling your stomach that you didn’t think a single lewd thought thereafter. And as she rubbed. You could feel your mind start to wander. It went back to Diamond Tiara.....hmnnn...You really hoped her mother showed up to make amends with her.
Maybe if you wake up early, you could rush over and check before school starts.

You close your eyes, and as you do. Fluttershy begins to hum, and sing a little lullaby to you. And right when you're losing it and about to fall asleep...

"Anon" You feel a poke "Anon, is your tummy feeling better?"

You slowly open an eye and yawn. Your mind now dulled.

"oh...did I wake you? I-I’m sorry, I didn't know you'd fall asleep during my rubbing. You're not upset are you?"

You looked up at her, she was worried that her efforts were maybe...too effective.
"Huh?..oh..no no..wait?..wasn't I supposed to be sleeping anyway?"

"Welll..yes..but...hrnn.." Fluttershy stopped to think about it "oh...sorry." She chuckles sheepishly "So...erm...how is your tummy feeling?"

You weren't even feeling any aches anymore.
"It....feels ok now...wow, your hooves are like magic"

"Oh no, it's just a regular hoof rub." She then smiles, noticing you weren't upset or cranky at all. "do you want to go downstairs now? I can set up the sofa for you to sleep on. And I've got some extra blankets for you if you need them."

...what? Fuck that. You wanted her cuddles.
"..oh...can...I sleep with you instead?"

"Are you sure?You know, boys usually sleep by themselves. They don't usually like sleeping with their aunts,dads, or moms."

noooo, you wanted the cudddlleesss
"...but...I feel safe when I sleep with you. I like sleeping with you. When I'm with you, I feel like nothing can hurt me"

...and that was the truth. You still couldn't pinpoint why. especially since Fluttershy is for the most part a chicken shit. But her cuddling made anything that tormented your mind just...go away.

Fluttershy felt worried. She really didn't understand your huge need for sleeping with her. Considering you seem fine living in another dimension. But, if you really did feel that way. Then she would be your guardian, and protect you from whatever haunted your mind. Even if simple cuddling was all it took. But...she just had to ask one thing.

"Ok Anon. Here, I know how you like to cuddle under my wing." She got on her belly, and tilted a little so you could nuzzle under her while she covers you with her wing. You don't hesitate to nuzzle your head under hers as you make yourself comfortable.

"Are you comfy?"


"Good...Anon, can I ask you a question?"

"Mhmm" you say, already feeling a gentle warmth wash over you.

"I hope I'm not bringing up any bad memories. But, why exactly do you not feel safe when you sleep alone?.....it doesn't have to do with your father does it?...or the orphanage? Maybe if we talk about it. You won't feel bad anymore"


Actually, as you quickly thought about it once again. There was one more thing that when it hit your brain. terrified you. Usually, with all the chaos and hubbub you never had a chance to think about it. But now that Fluttershy was actually asking.
"I uhh....well. Have you ever got the feeling that because everything good in your life makes you happy, that it's all actually a dream? And you're afraid that if you go to sleep and wake up.....you'll end up back in the darkness?"

".....Anon....are you afraid all of this is a dream?"

"...sort of, I feel like sometimes things goes too easily my way sometimes. like, it really shouldn't be that way. I mean, I never in a million years thought I'd have a dad...or an aunt as loving as you an-"

Fluttershy shushes you gently, and turns over more so she can wrap her legs around you and cuddle you close. You can hear her voice quiver just a little. "A-anon, shhh. Don't say anymore. Don't even think that anymore. Because it's not true. I don't love you because it's fate. I love you because you are my nephew, because I can see in your heart that you are a good and kind colt. You've already suffered enough, you don't need to be thinking those kinds of thoughts"


you do your best to hold back your tears. God, why did that thought have to go in your head? just flashes here and there. You thought about it, why would Discord even bother in the first place? It shouldn't make sense. But..you were here. And you hoped to god it wasn't some fucking coma. Because this warmth felt so real.

Fluttershy spent the remainder of the time you were awake gently nuzzling you. reminding you of your friends and the times you've had since you came to Ponyville...or the times she has heard of anyway. She does this to reaffirm the reality. You really had to learn to get over all this. You knew you could be better than this.And although she calmed your thoughts of Equestria being a fantasy. Nobody should feel this much guilt over simple lying.

You fall asleep however. too tired to sort things out in your mind. Or really, no longer caring thanks to Fluttershy's soothing voice and soft cuddles.

Another night passes

the morning sunrise shines it's rays through the bedroom window. Making you groan and turn to the other side.

When you turned, you noticed however that something was missing.

You open your eyes and dart your eyes around the bed. Fluttershy was gone.

...fuck..it was morning.

"Anoooooon~, oh Anon~...breakfast is ready!"

You could barely hear Fluttershy's call. And you didn't feel like getting up. Too early...

After a few moments, you feel kicking at your backside.
"ogh...nmmmg...hey!...stop...stop it"

You turn around, and then get a rabbit kick to the face. Not enough to really hurt. But it startled you enough to jump back off the bed and fall on your back.

It was Angel, he hopped to the edge of the bed and peered down at you.

You look back up at him, and just glare, annoyed.
"....Really?...what did I do to you this time?"

Angel shook his head, then tapped at his arm like it had a watch. Then pointed to your saddlebag, which was hung by the wall.

Angel grumbled and rolled his eyes. Then made eating motions and rubbed his tummy. If you didn't understand his motions for school, then maybe you understood...

"Oh...breakfast?..oh ohhh ok......Still, you didn't have to kick me."

You get up and dust yourself off. Then look through the window. Man, it was a little earlier than usual.
"...ugh...you don't think you could have told Fluttershy it wasn't close to school yet? I'm tired."

Angel just rubs his chin to that. Then he hops over. Grabs a pillow, and smashes it to the side of your face. Then observes closely.

"Geez! Hey! What was that for!?"

Angel made a sleep snoring gesture. then slapped his own face a few times, then opened his eyes wide. To signify he was slapping you awake. At least, that's what you got.
"Oh...you're just waking me up. Well...I guess that's ok. She did make breakfast. But still, I could have done fine with th-OW!"

Angel smacks you again, and grins.

"Ok! That was uncalled fo-OW!"

He just tosses the pillow to your face, then jumpkicks into it and bounces back on the bed.

"Ok! That's it! now you're doing it on purpose! c'mhere you little..."

You dive at Angel, but he easily dodges you, and hops out of the room and downstairs.

After grabbing your saddlebag,You give chase, but as soon as you hear Fluttershy's humming. You slow down.

When you get downstairs. You see Fluttershy setting down a bowl of cereal, an apple, and a glass of juice. Angel standing at her side. Smirking at you.

That little cowardly shit.

You take a deep breath and put on a smile.

"Good morning Anon" She turns and smiles, greeting you. "Are you feeling better this morning?"

You eye Angel for another moment, cocky shit. He was sneaking in a booty shake at you.

"Good morning! yeah, feeling a lot lot better. and I'm already ready for the new day." You lied. You were still tired

"I'm so glad. I've made you breakfast. and I even packed you a lunch for later." She looks over to the side of the small table she set up.
And there was a bagged lunch....aww...you couldn't stay angry. even if it was focused mainly on the rabbit. "Eat up Anon! it will give you the energy to get through the entire morning until l-"

There's a knock on the door. It was....a little frantic. But it catches everyone's attention.

"I wonder who that could be. hmmmm..." Fluttershy looked towards her door and called out "Hello? Who's there?"

You slowly approach the table to plop your butt down and eat. But you wouldn't start until you knew who was at the door. Was it Discord?...nah..he wouldn't knock. He'd just burst in.

"It's me, Twilight. Fluttershy, can I come in?"

"Of course..let me just.." Fluttershy opens the door to Twilight Sparkle. She....looked pretty disheveled. Like she flew in a panic and didn't even get her morning coffee yet. "T-twilight? A-are you ok?"

"No, Fluttershy. I have to ask you...Right now. Do you know anything about Starlight Glimmer? I mean recently. Has anypony told you what she has been up to?"

......what?...uhhh...were you in another episode? Was it an episode where Twilight was panicking about Starlight on an unfounded basis?....what did it have to do with Fluttershy? ohhhh, unless Twilight been visiting all her friends yelling out baseless claims. huh...you wondered if you should tell her. But, to respect Starlight. You should probably be quiet. You should give her a visit sometime. See how she's doing.

"W-what? You mean the same Starlight from the town we visited? No, why would I? D-did something happen?"

Twilight steps in, and slams a letter down on the table you were eating at. But she was so frantic. She doesn't even say hi, she didn’t even seem to notice you. "Fluttershy look, I got a letter from Sugar Belle saying Starlight came back to the town. She's said she's changed"

"She went back? She's changed?" Fluttershy was now confused "I admit...that's a little suspicious...well...maybe a lot more than a little....maybe a lot...do you think it's a trick?...you don't think she took all their cutie marks again do you?"

Oh no. It wasn’t so baseless as you thought.

you stopped eating. and started to sweat. You didn't like where this conversation was heading.
"I don't know, that's not even the weirdest part. look at this sentence right here. And please, tell me honestly, if you know anything."

Fluttershy looked at Twilight with a "wut?" face. She had no idea what she was talking about. "Twilight, I already told you I don't know about any of this. Why would I even-............"

Fluttershy looks at the note. And stops dead, her eyes widening when she reads the sentence Twilight was pointing at. "A nice colt named Anon helped her, he just came out of nowhere, weird huh?"


".....she can't mean..." Fluttershy looks up at Twilight. Utterly frightened by the possibility of you running into Starlight. "...it can't be my Anon...it just can't"

"How many other colts do you know with that name, Fluttershy? Also the fact that the letter says it WAS a colt. Look, I can see it was kept a secret from you. But it's clear Discord and Anon have been doing suspicious things behind our backs. Now, maybe it was just Discord manipulating Anon along. But I reeeaaaaaallllyyyy doubt Starlight is going to change because of Anon. If Discord is setting a trap up for kicks. It isn't funny. We need to talk to Anon. We need to get him alone, and ask him what happened. Does he usually come here before school or does he go straight there? I don't want to cause a scene."

"E-ermm..." Fluttershy didn't know what to say about that. But she didn't like the accusations. But...she couldn't figure out why you'd be on the letter. "Twilight...he's....right next to you"

Twilight turns her head and sees you, sitting there, sweating. It wouldn't be so bad. But this was Twilight, who already nearly perma-sealed you once. "O-oh....Good morning Anon, ummm....well...at least you know what we want to talk about now...I-I mean..." Twilight's mind clicks, she realizes now was not the time to watch what she was saying. She stood up tall, and her embarrassed face became one of sternness. Her voice becoming quite serious. "Anon, can you explain why you're mentioned in this letter?"

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