• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 33

You wake up sometime later...or a lot of time later...You weren't sure.

You open your eyes, and are met with a very soft moonlight seeping through the room window. It had to be night.
You yawn, and slowly sit up. You were feeling a lot better. just mildly irritating aches.
You look about the room. You can see a yellow and pink figure sleeping on a bench near the door. It was Fluttershy.
"....huh...wonder why she's here?"

You carefully get off the bed, and go to observe her. You could hear her soft, gentle breathing as you drew near.
You say nothing, you just stare at her figure. Thinking..
You tilt your head to the side towards her ass, her tail covering the very center.
You reach your front hoof to her tail to move it.
You begin to sweat
You stop, you don't even move her tail, and move your hoof back to the ground as you grumble to yourself.
"..mnngrr..can't do it. ...agh..Why couldn't she be a pony I don't care about?....ugh..whatever.."

With that mission failed. You look around for a mirror. You find a full body mirror on another side of the room. You take a look
You noticed you were in a petite hospital gown. Your mane was rustled, and it looks like you didn't have any swelling anymore. You were bruised in a few spots and you had a black eye.
"...ugh..there it is...mnnn"
You smile at the mirror
"...yeah...I still look good. Gotta hand it to Discord, he did a really good job with this body.I'd fuck me right now if I could.."
You half expect your mirror image to come out of the mirror to do just that. But no dice.
"...yeah fine..."
You quietly walk towards the door, and open it, taking a dare to look what's past it.
Hallways, leading to different rooms. Seems yours was "34"
"...hmm...might not be a good idea to leave..."
You close the door. And look back at Fluttershy.
She was so cute.
Well,you had nothing better to do...
You tried climbing the bench to snuggle with Fluttershy. But the moment you got on to enter a snuggle position on her side. You'd just plop off with how narrow it was.
you yelp in pain from the fall.
"ergh...course...I thought I was small enough.."


OH shit....did she wake up?
You look up, and see a tired Fluttershy looking down at you from the bench

She looks at you with tired confusion "Anon, what are you doing out of bed?"

"U-ummm...I kinda woke up and couldn't sleep...and stuff..ngh"
You lay your body to it's side. you wince, the floor was pretty hard.

"Anon..I...umm. I don't think you're going to get a better sleep on the floor. It's also very dirty..."

..yeah..you knew...she probably didn't notice you had fallen
You carefully get up and hop back into bed, do a 360 like a cat and lay on your belly, facing Fluttershy.
"yeah..you're right..the bed is better...Sorry to wake you Aunt Fluttershy"

Fluttershy gives you a gentle, tired smile "That's alright Anon" Fluttershy yawns "I don't think you did anything worth apologizing for. How are you feeling?

"I guess I'm ok...but umm...Aunt Fluttershy, why are you here?"

"oh..well..Discord asked me to keep an eye on you until he got back. Him and Rainbow Dash and a division of the Wonderbolts are out looking for those meanies who hurt you."

Oh geez...even the Wonderbolts?
"..woah...all that because I got hurt?"

"Well..actually..it was that and the fact they are foalnappers. Twilight said she wouldn't tolerate them being at large. Discord was the first to volunteer to help with their capture. I thought that was very considerate..."

oh boy, if only she knew. Though, if Discord is out with a group. Then one had to wonder how he'd pull off the end of his ruse.
"yeah...but I managed to pulverize them! haha!"
You chuckle, you knew what you meant, you little ball smasher you.

Fluttershy tapped her hooves together nervously "yes but...you should never have to fight. But I know you had to, they had your friend and I just can't believe something like this happened...I can't believe there'd be foalnappers here in Ponyville that just hurt children like that.." She frowns "...nopony, no matter what, should have to be put in that situation..."

you cringe...You knew the truth. But Discord did say the good he wanted came from this. You had to shift the conversation.
"U-ummm...Well..umm..I mean it'll be ok. Dad will get em!..and..Aunt Fluttershy, can we talk about Dad?"

mentioning him as Dad, and thinking of the situation. You wanted to shift the conversation towards Discord, and see what Fluttershy thought about him. since you and her were alone. You think it would be a good time to find out what she thinks. Her side of the story.

"Oh..ok." Fluttershy nods, she'd rather herself not talk or think about the situation "What do you want to talk about?"

"Well...what do you think of him?"

Fluttershy smiles "Oh, well. I think your father is wonderful....Though he can be mean at times...and sometimes he does mean pranks...and sometimes he goes too far...and..he does tend to lie a lot..."

sounds about right. hrmm..maybe you should prod at that last one.

"What do you mean by lie a lot?"

"W-well...I don't want you to think any less of him, Anon. But your father has an issue with lying.. But that doesn't make him bad. He's just. He’s still learning"

"Still learning?....umm..Aunt Fluttershy. What do you mean by that?"

"Well...Anon..your father. He used to be alone all his life too...he always did mean and thoughtless things because that's what he thought he should do.But I knew there had to be more than that. I managed to befriend your father and show him there's more to life than being a big meanie. And umm..he's made a few mistakes along the way. But he always tries to make things better, and he's always willing to learn. I know sometimes he may seem a bit shifty, but he isn't evil. In fact....seeing him as a father. and knowing you are happy with him shows me just how much he has improved over time. And now he's actually working together to put those two criminals to justice and...oh dear!” She realized something, and began to worry “...I hope he doesn't get hurt..."

ha...he won't. Now.,you had to ask her about Discord's "Truth". You were curious to how "True" it was

"Aunt Fluttershy....do other ponies...talk bad about you and Dad?"

Fluttershy looks down with a sad frown "sometimes..I ignore it a lot. But sometimes they just look at me funny whenever I'm around your father. And sometimes...your father overreacts if he hears something said about me...I have to keep him from doing anything bad. I don't want him to get in trouble. Discord...he gets...dangerous sometimes whenever he gets mad or jealous. But that's why I'm here... to help him through it and to help him better himself."

Right..jealous as well...Like when he got pissed at Treehugger. Well, that wouldn't help his reputation if he's acting out too. He failed to mention that part. Then again, you should have guessed it. It seems his reasoning was mostly legit. You just had to hope things would get better now like he predicts.

However, now was the time for one last question
"Aunt Fluttershy...can I ask you a private question?"

Fluttershy looked confused...she couldn't think of what you meant by "private"
"I-I suppose so...what is it Anon?"

"Do you......love Dad? Like love love? like how a daddy and a mommy love?"

Fluttershy shook her head "He's one of my bestest friends...but..I don't like him in that way Anon.."

Ouch...then again. You wondered what Discord thought. It could be anything. But you knew he deeply cared about her. It could be a sibling type of love.

"oh...umm..thank you Aunt Fluttershy..Dad is pretty lucky to have a friend like you"
He really was

Fluttershy gave you a serene sunny smile "It's not luck Anon. It's the magic of friendship!"

.....ugh...you felt your stomach churn a little from that, while at the same time feeling a "hnnnngg" from how cute that sounded. An achy feeling of cute and cheesey feelings.
You then yawn...you were starting to feel relaxed and tired.

Fluttershy yawned, then giggled "I guess we are both getting sleepy again...do you want to call it a night, Anon?"

you couldn't think of anything else to ask.

..you had to at least have this....You had to have her affections. The way she was, she already felt like a surrogate mother with the fact she was here just to keep an eye on you.
"A-aunt Fluttershy...c-can I ask a question?"
come on Anon, be braver. you weren't even going to ask for anything lewd! agh, you still felt a little bad about that. That was probably why you were stuttering.

She nods

"..C-can...you come to bed with me....I feel a little lonely..." You say with a pout as your ears droop adorably

Fluttershy doesn't even hesitate a nod. She doesn't even say anything that would embarrass you. "Alright, if it will help you sleep Anon.I don't want you to feel lonely."

Fluttershy carefully hopped onto your bed and laid on her belly as she gently placed her muzzle on the pillow and opened her wing to you. "Here Anon, you can use my wing as a blanket"

..oh..shit..it was happening......cudddlllllesss..
You dreamily scootch next to her and rub to her side until you were comfy. She was so warm...sooo...warm. You could feel fuzzy and relaxing feelings go through you, the warmest and fuzziest of feelings.
But it only got better. Fluttershy gently wrapped her wing over you like a blanket as she turned just enough to her side to bring you closer with her hooves to her chest and tummy.

Oh...good...lord...this..was..heaven...you affectionately nuzzle your head into her chest.
Fluttershy giggles as she hugs onto you "Aww Anon. Are you alright? Are you comfy?”

this was fine. You could already feel the most comfortable and gentle pull of sleep come upon you.You wanted this. You missed the feeling of someone who cared about you. Just lovingly holding you to keep the darkness of life away.

"...I like cuddling...Y-you're the best cuddler...ev-eve..."

You can't even finish your childish sentence as you drift off to sleep. the maternal abilities of Fluttershy seem to be a weakness to you.

"Goodnight Anon, please have pleasant dreams.." Fluttershy says in her softest voice before closing her eyes “I’m so glad you’re alright. I was so worried…”. She kept those words to herself the entire time she was talking with you. She didn’t want you to get worried that she was worried about you. As she drifted to sleep, she hoped everything would be ok tomorrow.

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