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I am to metaphor cheese as metaphor cheese is to transitive verb crackers.

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  • E Lady Lazuli

    As Rara struggles to find her place in show business after the Ponyville concert, she realizes that the best solution may lay with Sapphire Shores. After all, who says there has to be only one Pony of Pop?  · Quillamore
    4,551 words · 221 views  ·  19  ·  0
  • E Second-Tier Crusader

    Every Crusader has a shield cutie mark. But what about Babs Seed, the one who doesn't?  · Quillamore
    4,284 words · 371 views  ·  25  ·  0
  • E Light Pollution

    When her mother drops her off on the Manehattan streets to fend for herself, Diamond Tiara takes the opportunity to mend ties with Babs Seed...and to regain just a bit of the light she had always kept herself from.  · Quillamore
    16,910 words · 271 views  ·  20  ·  0
  • E Princess ⋆ Live!

    To save her favorite bookstore in Canterlot from shutting down, Twilight unites with her fellow princesses and creates...Equestria's most royal rock band?!  · Quillamore
    4,259 words · 368 views  ·  31  ·  1
  • E Cocoagate

    Cocoa is a warm drink. Miss is a title for unmarried mares. That is, until the day Starlight discovers something that changes the entire Equestrian language as we know it...or maybe not.  · Quillamore
    2,525 words · 471 views  ·  42  ·  1
  • T Suri Polomare Plagiarizes Her Final Paper

    Suri Polomare needs a decent language arts paper to stay in the Crystal Prep fashion program. Coco Pommel has a decent language arts paper. And she doesn't suspect a thing...  · Quillamore
    4,626 words · 904 views  ·  69  ·  1
  • E Carol of the Belles

    On Hearth's Warming Eve, Sweetie Belle comes across a lonely Sugar Belle and invites her caroling, where the two Belles confide in one another about life and cutie marks.  · Quillamore
    3,467 words · 435 views  ·  46  ·  0
  • T My Celestial Villainess

    As Rarity recovers from her time under the Nightmare Forces' control, a stranger from their ranks appears and offers her the most unexpected of deals--to be by her side.  · Quillamore
    3,867 words · 372 views  ·  17  ·  2
  • T My Nightmarish Heroine

    In a world where the nightmare forces have their own country, Coco Pommel joins their ranks in hope of a better life.  · Quillamore
    3,115 words · 944 views  ·  51  ·  2
  • T Holier than Thou

    The ponies call them "Windigos." They call themselves "Watchers." The ponies see them as demons. They see themselves as gods. But for some Watchers, neither title suits who they truly are.  · Quillamore
    2,522 words · 648 views  ·  39  ·  5


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No, deadpansnarker, put your hand down.  We all know you're one, it's in your username.

So now that IGYALL has reached all these milestones, the next one I'd like to try to conquer is to set up a TV Tropes page.  Unfortunately, my experience with the website is mostly limited to late-night lurking, and I'm not so skilled on the editing and creating end of it.  What would you guys suggest for advice?  Would any of you be able to set a page up?

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  • If You Give a Little Love... Coco Pommel, now free from Suri's influence, decides to right what she did wrong by not only saving Babs Seed from a terrible fate, but taking her in as her own adoptive filly. Maternal sweetness spiced with Bridleway melodrama. by Quillamore 201,508 words · 3,384 views · 221 likes · 11 dislikes
  • Suri Polomare Plagiarizes Her Final Paper Suri Polomare needs a decent language arts paper to stay in the Crystal Prep fashion program. Coco Pommel has a decent language arts paper. And she doesn't suspect a thing... by Quillamore 4,626 words · 904 views · 69 likes · 1 dislikes

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  • Snake Oil and Cameos Flynn Skim, beleaguered brother of Flim and Flam, receives a lucrative offer from a rich stallion that would finally give him the chance to get out of the shadow of their reputation...and straight into Mosely Orange's clutches. by Quillamore 0 words · 0 views
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#159 · 6w, 6h ago · · ·

>>2398363  So, roleplaying no longer interests you, anymore?

#158 · 6w, 9h ago · · ·


It was mainly forum RP.  I have nothing against RP now, but the group I did it with were together longer than most I've seen (3+ years).  So I got attached, and retired from it after they dissolved.

#157 · 6w, 9h ago · · ·

>>2397867 Wait, you roleplay (or at least, roleplayed) I had no idea. Do you still do that, now or have you given up on that?

#156 · 6w, 1d ago · · ·


A few.  Also, I've had Actress Square in my head for several years.  It started as a silly magical girl homage subplot in an RP I did, but I figured out it could be way more.  Most of the RP subplot was very bare-bones compared to what it is now.

#155 · 6w, 1d ago · · ·

>>2396936 Have you pitched your ideas to other people, before? Also, what was it that inspired your current idea?

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