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(Disclaimer I do not own anything from My little pony or Pokemon this is for entertainment purposes only and the art for the cover image is not mine as well.) Editor: ItIsASillyLittleGame
The Princess had found a strange egg after Discord's first defeat and Celestia had no idea what to do with so checked to see if a friend would have better luck. Unknown to them Discord had caught a newly lost soul thinking to it might throw a spin into the world, scanning the beings memories before finding a new form that would create a good amount of interest. The Princesses have no idea of what could possible be in this kind of egg or if it would be dangerous or not. Will the being be a power of good in the already peaceful world or will it be a new evil that raises to end the reign of peace?

Chapters (11)

Heavy spoilers for Undertale

Once there were two races that ruled the land, ponies and monsters.
One day, a war broke out, killing thousands in the process.
The ponies had won, sending there enemies deep underground, and trapping them by using there magic to create 'The Barrier'

Years later, an alicorn foal with a sun for a cutie mark wakes up,
Only to find herself lost, not knowing who she was.
The Story begins.

So, this was inspired by many of tatsurous story's check them out out if you want to.

Re-edit: Seeing this cover art... FILLS ME WILL DETERMINATION
OH MY BUCKING GOD! :pinkiegasp: LOOK AT THAT BEEEAAAAUUUTIFUL COVER ART MADE BY enamis. I couldn't thank you enough for making such a fabulous cover art :pinkiehappy: I can't believe I was your inspiration (I felt so important) but that doesn't mean I left nightglimmer22 for trash, ooohhhh-nnnooooo, here's her cover art as well [img]http://s29.postimg.org/60p4zg793/image.jpg[/img]
I cannot thank you people enough :pinkiesad2: you fill me with Determination!

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History said that one thousand years ago, the younger sister of two sibling princesses grew jealous of her sister's day when ponies shunned her night and that she was banished to the moon for a thousand years through the power of the Elements of Harmony. However, only half of the truth has been recorded into books and ponies' minds. There was one other who aided the princess in sealing away Nightmare Moon, who without his help and his ancient magical power, would've meant eternal darkness in Equestria.

Warning: There will be some swearing used in later chapters. Also, as I been pulled up a couple of times, the beginning chapters are sub-par. I'll go back to the chapters at a later date to fix them. But, or now, I ask you to continue reading if the first chapters are what's putting you off.

This is a fan-based story, Fairy Tail, MLP and any references all belong to their respective owners. I own nothing.

Featured: 6/09/2014 Best birthday present ever! Thank you all so much guys!
Featured: 30/11/2014 Wow. Seriously, wow. Not even five minutes after submitting it and you guys got it into the featured box again. Thank you all, seriously, it means a lot to me.
Featured: 8/09/2015 Again. Seriously, this is amazing. Thanks everyone or making into the feature box again.

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Months after Chrysalis's attack on Canterlot, Twilight and her friends are turned into changelings. And not just any changelings. Royal changelings. Royal changelings who've now inherited what's left of Chrysalis's swarm.

The cover was suggested by a friend and was made by 0ravensrequiem0

Chapters (11)

Hello, my name is Ori. I used to have a different name (and species) but since I was pretty much reborn as Ori, I figured that would be my name too. Anyways, my story starts at a con I attended dressed as Ori from Ori and the Blind Forest (because he's frikkin awesome and cute as heck). I bought something from the Merchant and the rest you know.

A\N I've recently learned how to upload images for my avatar so I thought I'd apply it to cover art. And here it is. I don't know who made this or how, but credit goes to them.

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This story is a sequel to Wherever the Light Shines

*Takes place after Season 8 and Best Gift Ever*
*Some Season 9 elements and characters will be implemented*

Now a hardened fighter and traveler, Mystic is both wanting to move on and is numb to the past and longs to be the pony she has become since then. When she fights off a lion, and ends up discovering a potential invasion to the land of Equestria, she eventually decides to begin her journey to Equestria, unaware that she'll run into six familiar faces and their shenanigans.

Meanwhile, Starlight Glimmer is looking into spell hypotheses and is determined to crack them.

None of them know that these events would lead to a bigger adventure.

*Mild violence and gore, nothing explicit*

*Chapters will be submitted on by my decisions and my pacing because I want this story to be the best I want it to be. Speed isn't the point, quality is. :twilightsmile:

Commission done by Sirzi! Check out his amazing work!

***Featured on July 17, 2021?! :pinkiegasp: I never expected that! Thanks! Though it was for a little more than half an hour, it was still thrilling to be featured even for a little bit.

Featured again on July 31, 2021! My goodness! :D***

Chapters (53)

Edited by the lovely EverfreePony!! :twilightsmile:

Awoken at ten years old, Mystic remembers nothing about herself other than her name. Alone and confused, she will personally experience how the world, her choices, and the ponies in her life, could make her the pony she will become.

*Mild violence and gore, nothing explicit*

Cover art by Sirzi! An amazing artist! Please go check him out and like all of his artwork! :pinkiehappy:

Chapters (13)

This story is a sequel to Over There

Swift Wing has moved on from Ponyville, leaving in an attempt to find a reason to exist. He has settled down in the city of Cloudsdale, and now searches for a Cutie Mark, friends, and a place in Equestria.

Cover Art once again created by Nixworld.

First featured 01/25/21

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(Pre-season 9)

If a better world was in reach for you, if you could reach someplace that was better if it meant leaving behind everything you've ever known, would you take that chance?

A new pony arrives in Ponyville, someone kind of odd, but nice enough. At the same time, Twilight's discovered a disturbance in the fabric of reality. But these two events couldn't possibly be connected...right?

Cover art created by NixWorld

HOLY SMOKES, I GOT FEATURED! (4/30/20) Thanks, everybody!
(And again on 5/4/20!)
(Again on 5/14/20)

Chapters (15)

My name is Starswirl and I am an earth pony. This is a collection of stories about my life. As I reflect on the events that have brought me to this home by the sea, I can only hope for one thing; that my life be viewed as ordinary and plain, but my work in theoretical magic be held the highest regard. I placed so much effort into my studies in theoretical magic that it would be a shame to let my work be lost somewhere in the sands of time.

As seen on Equestria Daily!

updates whenever I get a chance to update it :P.

Chapters (57)