• Published 8th Jul 2017
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Glory of the Sun - Celesti Lateo

|Self-Insert Fic| I thought being an Alicorn prince would be awesome, because, you know, magic and imortality and knowing souls do exist is kind of awesome, right? Eh, not so much when your new mother is a crazed wannabe goddess.

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A New Dawn

God, why do I have to take a urban space course? It's so boring, and calisse, why do we have to go to Montréal? Do I look like someone who wants to be at school at the break of dawn?! Well, whatever, we're here now, might as well enjoy the sights.

The bus I'm in continue to cruise through the busy streets of Montréal as I am thinking (not whining, I'd never whine!) and my teacher points out all the interesting sights -well, interesting in the scope of the course- and talks at length about how this or that is an important part of the urban dimension of the city. I have to be honest that I wasn't really paying attention to her, and found myself relieved when she said we'd continue on foot. At least I'll have something to do, now.

Well, walking ain't all that entertaining, but you know, it is "something" to do.

Not much I can do about it though, so I just follow along, hoping the day will go by faster than I expect it to be. As we continue our journey, I try to distract myself by looking a bit everywhere, just trying to find something interesting to look at. You'd think such a big city would be more exciting. But to be fair, I don't care much about modern cities, so I guess I'm kind of biased.

Nonetheless, I continue to survey my surroundings, until we pass by a crosswalk. As it happens, I'm too much of a nervous, paranoid mess to not look at both sides of the road more than once. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the obvious couple by my side, who march forward while gazing lovingly in each others eyes, oblivious to the car speeding their way! Before I even realize what I'm doing, I try to push them out of the way...

...Ow, why does it hurt so much? I think I hear someone speaking -screaming?- with a lot of blurs going by me and standing over me. I think they're trying to reassure me?

My head... why is everything... fading?

Dark, so dark, yet so... warm...

Shifting, movement...

What is happening? Am I... dead?

Ba-dum, Ba-dum...

So hard to think

Sudden shift, being pushed, the warmth slips away...

Light! So white, everything's white... the sounds, the smells, the light, stars, the light, it hurts so much...

What is happening!? It hurts, why does it hurt...

The dark was nice, warm...

I don't want this, I want to go back!

New sound, but it's weird... Is it coming from me? I'm crying?...


A blur... is that a face? Doesn't look like a face...


Is that a blanket?

Face, blanket...


No way...

I couldn't possibly be...

Moving again...Where...

Soft, so soft... a bed?

Where's my... the mother? Did she die?

Please no, I already had my chance, I don't want a new life if someone has to die for it!

Wait, someone's reaching...

Standing? Not the mother, then... a nurse?

Light! Again! Tabernack! How often will I be blinded, damnit?

And soft again. Sleepy... so sleepy...

Wakey, wakey! Not. Ugh. What's the point of waking if I can't do anything! I think it's been a few days... weeks? Something. Hard to tell when it feels like my brain is swimming in glue.

Things have been so weird though. I mean, I expected the breastfeeding, but why is there legs around my head when I do so? Well, I'm pretty sure they are legs, but I've got a baby brain, not great to try and make sense of the world. I'm not even able to recognize the faces of my caretakers. Talking of which, I seem to be the only one they care for. I mean, my new family might be rich enough to have hired help, but still, weird.

Sound? Clack? Hmm, more like... Clop? Wait, clop?

Verrat! Light again! Curse you fundamental part of reality! Wait... it's... different. It's... fire! Fudge! Why is there a fire in my room! Or... is that face? Well silly me, false alarm! Someone just have their head on fire. He said with sarcasm. What the actual heck, though? Sound... it's speaking? Sound like... Italian? Maybe Latin? Something like that. Wait, it -she? sounds like a she- paused there.


Is that my name? Seems like a name. Wait a second, is the talking campfire my Mom? Huh.

What? What do you want me to say? I've got a flaming Roman (Italian, something, oh f*ck all kind of puppies) for a mother! I'd like to see you try to come up with something.

Oh. I'm not on the bed anymore. Been a while actually. I don't feel arms holding me up either. There is something, but it's nothing like any kind of appendage I've seen.

The light, it's still there, but... is that a horn?


Oh f*ck no.

Oh, f*ck me.

No way in any kind of hell.

Horn? Light? Clop?!

Impossible, inconceivable (Yes I know what the word means Montaya - Shut up!).

And... are those wings?

It's fortunate that I know you don't dream in a coma, otherwise I'd be saying that I'm dreaming.


I am dreaming, right?


Well, shit. I'm a pony.

For some reasons, That thought seem a mite strange, just a wee bit.

That's reasonable, right?

I can't believe it.

I'm a pony.

How could I miss the fact I have hooves? Well, admittedly I was otherwise preoccupied and what's the difference between tiny, useless baby hands and hooves, but still! And I'm pretty sure I've got wings or something... pegasus? Hope not. I mean, like, flying is cool, but MAGIC!!! (yes, capitalization is required, thank you very much) and stuff. Said stuff being making my life that much easier if the fanon theory that hooves have tactile telekinesis isn't true. Actually, I always wondered how the hell a tool using civilization could happen if 2/3 of the population is unable to use said tools.

Anyway, pony.

What should I do? Seems like the -my- mother is an alicorn, and not any I know... Though... "Solus"? Could it be Celestia? Or dog forbid... Daybreaker? Either way, does that make me a Prince? Um. Not sure if I want to rule or anything like that, though Celestia seems like the sort to understand if someone doesn't go along with her expectation. In fact, a royal lifestyle would allow me to finally begin a writing career without worrying about eating and housing or other inconsequential things like that. I guess I'll have to wait and see. Somehow, the phrase "what's the worse that could happen?" comes to mind. And also "do not taunt Murphy".

But it's fine, everything's going to go swimmingly.


Author's Note:

Welcome to Glory of the Sun. I hope you'll be entertained. This is my first story ever, and any criticism is welcome, as I always seek to improve myself. I'd like to thank Windlife for spurring me to continue this story, since before I read hers and her comment I had actually lost the will to write this story.

Thank you for reading and I hope I don't disappoint any of you!