• Published 8th Jul 2017
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Glory of the Sun - Celesti Lateo

|Self-Insert Fic| I thought being an Alicorn prince would be awesome, because, you know, magic and imortality and knowing souls do exist is kind of awesome, right? Eh, not so much when your new mother is a crazed wannabe goddess.

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I Taunted Murphy

Well, seems I was being rather genre blind (thank you TVTropes!). Of course something would happen. I mean, sure it's boring acting like a baby -foal?-, but I should have known acting more mature would get me in trouble. Just a couple of years here and I'm already walking and learning to talk. Which is as hard as you would imagine, since I already know how to talk, but my caretakers don't know that, which prevent them properly communicating what exactly they are saying. At least they know I'm "smart", otherwise I'm pretty sure Firehorse would have their heads.


I don't know that for sure, but considering I barely see her and on the rare occasion that I do she examine me like I'm a prize horse, I would be inclined to say that this is not Celestia. I'd imagine Celestia would take any excuses possible to spend more time with her foal. And there's also the fact that my caretakers seem ready to shit in their proverbial pants every time she comes by. And them pushing me to learn everything, faster. Just little details like that.

At least I'm an alicorn! That counts for something, right?

I first noticed that a little while ago actually, when I managed to tell my caretaker that I wanted to see a mirror. Which was weird by the way, what with my brain telling me my reflection was someone else. Somepony. Anyway. I finally was able to get a good look at myself. I obviously saw my horn, as well as my wings, but aside from that I have a white coat, much like Firehorse, as well as a golden mane (yellow sounds bad, shut it). Though what captivated me the most was the eyes. Blue. So, so blue. I didn't even think it was possible to have eyes that could be that blue. Caeruleus or Saphirus would have been better name for me, really.

Anyhow (is that a word?), I now had the dubious honour of being the Divine Empress heir. Oh yeah, nearly forgot that one. It seem Celestia think she's a goddess. Or something. I'm just a not-that-newborn. Kind of hard to come by any kind of information when you never leave your quarters. Though that might change soon, since my caretakers are focusing rather intensely on my posture and poise, trying to get me to act like a foal six time my age. Who has a stick up their plot. Well trying isn't the right word, considering I'm just as nervous as them about my mother, but fine motor control is not something somepony my age is blessed with, unfortunately. Which would include my mouth. In other words, I understand Equestrian better than I can speak it. Which is a problem, since Mother dearest does not seem to be able to grasp the difference between a foal and a full-grown stallion.

Other than that, life is pretty sweet, all things considered, though I'm not foolish enough to think it will last. Celestia wants results, and she will get them, no matter what.

"Your Serene Highness, your Mother requires your presence."

Wait, what? I'd better answer that with grace and eloquence.

"What? Why?"


"I do not know, your Highness." Stick-in-Mud answered, "But I am certain it is vitally important."

Hmm, seems a bit nervous there, Alfred. What could it possibly be?

"Very well, help me prepare then, Proper Worth."

Yes, that is his name. Yes, he is a grade-A sophisticated plothole, how did you guess?

At the very least he's a competent plothole, and with the help of a few servants he gets me ready in short order. I must admit that I am pretty excited, it's the first time I get to go outside, even if the reason why seems rather ominous.

It's not long before Proper open the door and beckons me to follow him. At the very least he was considerate enough (or pragmatic enough) to tell one of the maid to carry me. As we move through the halls, I allow myself to let my eyes wonder. It's quite breathtaking, actually. The marble, the gold and the masterfully crafted stained glass does show that at the very least Equestria is quite prosperous and not lacking in skilled craftspony. Or at the very least Mom is.

It doesn't take long before we reach a grand door, golden and full of reliefs, notably a rather exquisite one of the Sun. Surprising. Nonetheless, Proper tell the maid to let me walk on my own and to make herself scarce, and then lower himself to my level.

"We are here Your Highness", he says. "Stand tall and do not let any kind of anxiety show. You must be strong in the face of your subjects."

I do not like the look in his eyes, lets fish for information.

"What awaits me beyond these doors, Proper?", I say with my best attempts at puppy eyes.

He doesn't seem willing to play along.

"I can not tell, Your Highness, you will have to do this on your own."

Well, f*ck you too, Proper.

Ignoring my righteous indignation that he has no way of knowing about, he proceed to nod to the pegasi guards waiting by the door, said guard proceeding to open the door. Slowly. Oh come on, open already! Is there too much gold on you, you damned thing? And...

I take it back! Close it, Close it!

My reaction is perfectly understandable when you consider that the room -Throne Room?- was filled to the brim with ponies, all of them unicorns, all of them exuding haughtiness and self-satisfaction. Think Blueblood, but worse, way worse. I didn't even hear a single word from them and I can tell they have an entire colonnade up their collective plot. A gilded one. At the other end of the room sits her Regal Majesty, Celestia, otherwise known as Mom. Hmm, wonder how'd she react to me calling her that? Probably not a good idea.

At any rate, at the very least Mom isn't the same as her court. She's just... you know... f*cking terrifying. Other than the fiery mane, she also wears a golden regalia, peytral, horseshoes, et caetera, as well as a golden crown. Well, headdress would be a better word. In short, she got da best bling, bro! But the worst is clearly her eyes. Oh, her eyes. They're not like Daybreaker's. They're worse. Her eyes are so beautiful, red like rubies, shining like the Sun. But what is behind them... contempt, disinterest, cold and calculating, always watching, always judging. If you are you unworthy, you will not know it, for she will already have dealt with you. Her face isn't much better. While assessing a horse face is hard for me, there's just something that tells me that her's could be so beautiful, and yet isn't. It's just... wrong. Like her face wasn't meant to have the kind of expression she wears daily.


Osti! My ears! Could have warned me, Proper!

"Announcing His Serene Highness, Solus, Crown Prince of the Holy Empire of Equestria and son and heir of the Divine Empress Celestia the Magnificent!"

Meh. Still more humble than Dany.

Holding my head high, I walk up the aisle, not making eye contact with anyone. Not because I think I'm better, like I'm sure the Court thinks I do, but rather to avoid showing my anxiety over this entire situation. After all, like Proper always said: "Show no fear, for you are a Prince." Okay, fine, he's not that bad, but he's still a strict disciplinarian.

Shuffling on my little hooves, I try my best not to let my face be better acquainted with the floor while getting closer to the throne, where Mom is clearly waiting for me. Upon arriving to her feet, she rises, flaring her wing wide, adding a bit of a light show with her mane.

"My subjects, We present to you Our heir, Solus", she declares. "You shall devote yourself to him like you do to Us, and serve him in all ways that he shall desire. Now, bow before your new Prince, who shall one day rule alongside Us!"

As one, the nobles bow, and shout: "All hail Prince Solus! Long may He reign!"

Well, that happened.

After the noble blew their lungs out, Mom led me out of the Throne Room, and we're currently walking in the halls of the castle. After a little while we reach a gilded (how original) door, which she opens with a quick burst of magic. After shuffling in after her, she leads me to a corner of the room littered with very expensive looking cushions. Seeing her sitting on one, I follow her lead.

After I take my seat, I look up to her. Why is she staring at me like that? She looks...nervous?

"Proper Worth tells me your education has been productive."

What am I supposed to say to that?

"I try my best, Mother."

Her eyes narrows. Wrong answer, apparently.

"You only did what was expected from my flesh and blood, and I expect you to continue to meet my standards in the future."

Hell, mare! What more do you want from me? Most foals my age would still be babbling like idiots and crapping themselves regularly enough you'd get drunk if you took a shot each time they did. Can't say that though, lets try to be more diplomatic.

"I will Mother."

What, were you expecting a speech or something? I'm just a two-year-old. Which makes my mother an even more unbearable bitch.

"Good. I expect great things from you, Solus. Do not disappoint me. Proper Worth, take him back to his quarters."

"At once, Your Divine Radiance."

When did he get here? No matter, let's go. Before I do though, lets be polite. One of us will be at the very least.

"Goodbye, Mother."

Why does she look so surprised? Did I say the wrong thing?

There's a moment of silence before her eyes soften.

"Goodbye, my son."


Her face... it's... right...

"Let's go now, my Prince."

Oh, right! I make to follow him, but I turn my head just before crossing the threshold, wanting to see her face again, but she already turned away from us. What was that? Is there actually a heart behind that gilded mask?

Did I imagine that? Maybe, but she is Celestia...

Oh, whatever. She's still a megalomaniac, that didn't change.

"Your Serene Highness? It is time for you lessons."

Oh, fuck me.