• Published 8th Jul 2017
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Glory of the Sun - Celesti Lateo

|Self-Insert Fic| I thought being an Alicorn prince would be awesome, because, you know, magic and imortality and knowing souls do exist is kind of awesome, right? Eh, not so much when your new mother is a crazed wannabe goddess.

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My sixth birthday is coming soon. According to Equestrian tradition, the sixth one is very important, since by that point the foal would have escaped any major disease as well as living long enough to make sure there is no birth defect. I don't know what the last bit means, but I can make an educated guess. Every other birthday who is a multiple of six is also celebrated until the 36th one, one for each of the Cardinal Virtues. Contentment, Devotion, Justice, Charity, Self-Sacrifice and Order. So you have to be content with your lot in life and accept your place in the Imperial Order, devoted to the Empress, accept justice, no matter what, give of your wealth to support the Greater Good and sacrifice your own well being in the name of the Empire, all for Order. And I thought I already hated this Equestria.

From what Proper told me, my Realization of Contentment will also be a grand ball as well as my debut and introduction to the high society of the Empire. Oh, what joy. Which means my teachers have been even more insistent on etiquette and discipline than usual. Somehow.

I'm actually preparing to go right now, with Proper and the servants all fussing over me, since it's set to begin in a few hours. No, today is not my birthday, the nobility just tend to extend such celebration to a rather extreme length of time. Mine will last for six days, symbolism and all. Hardly the longest, but most certainly the most expensive. I am the first ever alicorn prince born in the Empire, after all. Hmm, wonder if a economic graph would show a difference...


"Am I ready yet, Proper?"

"What? Of course not, you're not anywhere close to being ready and-"

"Isn't being an alicorn enough? What do I care of their ideas of fashion? They use cloth and fur to make themselves look better, I do not need any of this."

"Well, for certain, my Prince, but..."

"No but. I'll go as I am right now. Give me my regalia"

They won't stop badgering me about how a prince must be wilful and decisive, I simply took their lessons to heart. My regalia consist of golden horseshoes and a simple circlet, also golden. Not exactly glamorous, but I guess even Celestia realizes the futility of making a expensive crown for a growing foal.

After being outfitted with my regalia, Proper leads me out of my quarters and we head for the Ballroom, where the celebration will take place. For all that I hate the Empire, I'll have to admit that when they build something, they build something. Even years later, I'm still as awestruck as the first time. But layers of icing doesn't change the fact the cake is rotten, it just hide it.

We soon arrive to our destination, which is thankfully empty. Except for the servants, that is. But they don't plan to involve me in one of their scheme or political manoeuvre. Probably. Maybe. Better to not think about it. Talking about things that are best left unthought about, Mom is also there, seated at the main table. She looks in our direction, and while she does not show any surprise, she does raise on of her eyebrow. Um, maybe this wasn't the best occasion to begin asserting my individuality like a hipster. Oh well, too late now. Probably. Maybe I could pretend I'm sick? Nah, being an alicorn would make that a flimsy lie. Curse you supernaturally enhanced immune system!

Let's get this over with. I head for the table and then sit my pretty little pony flank right next to Talking-Campfire-Head.

"Rather lightly dressed, aren't you?"

Well, had I know you'd resort to attach all the bling in Equestria to your own illustrious person, I might have dressed differently. How do you even walk with that dress on? Well, earth pony strength, probably. So easy to forget about it sometimes.

"I told Proper an alicorn had no need for the artifices that lesser ponies use to make themselves look better."

Eyebrow again. I don't think I said the right thing.

"And what does that make me, then?"

Svuck. What do I say? Wait, I know, I select FLIRT!

"We might not need it, but it does not mean that it does not make us look better."

Accept the compliment, Accept the compliment, Accept the compliment...

She chuckles a little.


YES! Thanks Frisk!

"What, no! Perish the thought, I'm simply stating a fact,"

The corners of her mouth lift a little at that.

"Keep your silver tongue for our subjects. You will need it."

Not ominous at all. But still, disaster avoided! And just in time, too. The first guests are arriving.


Ugh, my ears. Wasn't next to them at the very least.

"Announcing Baron Golden Light of Eastwick!"

That's something else I noticed, there doesn't to be any of the pun that characterized the place names in the show. In fact, the capital is called Caelestiana. Big surprise there.

"Announcing Lord Enlightened Law and Lady Oriflamme of Dyonis!"

Starting to see a pattern in the names here. Oh whatever, not important. Lets review all the rules about eating, I'd really rather avoid committing a faux-pas in front of Mom and the entire Court.

'Third fork on the left is for the entree, knife in front of the dish for butter only...'

"...illight Velvet..."

Wait, what?

"...and Duke Nightlight of the Alban Hills! Accompanying them, their son, Lord Shining Armour!"

No freaking way. It's really them. Velvet even looks pregnant. Whatever, can't do anything about that now, panic about it later.

Oh, this is going to be one hell of a night, I can feel it.

While there's no other bombshell like that one, it's still take a while before all the guests arrive, not helped by the fact that I'm pretty sure some of them are "fashionably" late.

After the last of the guest is seated, Mom stands up, looking over the assembled nobles.

"My dear subjects, We are pleased that you came. Today is a very special occasion, for it is the first Realization of Contentment of an alicorn. We all have to accept the decree of fate, and alicorns are no exceptions. Today, we celebrate My son entrance to the Imperial Order. Long may he reign, in the name of Order and the Greater Good."

"Long may he reign!", the nobles reply in unison.

"Now, let us partake in sustenance and merriment in honour of my son getting closer to grasping his grandiose destiny!"

And with that, the servants began to bring all kind of dishes and drink. And again. And again. Ugh, I'm going to be sick.

"You don't have to eat it all."

What? Why didn't you say something earlier, Mom?

"I don't?"

She allows herself a little smile.

"Of course not, I'd be as fat as the Pillar if I did."

Oh you cheeky bitch.

"But then why is there so much?"

...And the smile just met a untimely demise.

"To show the affluence and wealth of the Celestial Throne, of course."

What can I reply to that? Except the obvious one that will get me in a heap of trouble. Unfortunately for me, my Mother seem to have perceived my disagreement.

"What is it? Out with it."

Oh, she doesn't look happy.

"W-well, It's j-just..."

"Stop stuttering."

She didn't even raise her voice and oh lys she's glaring at me.

"I just thought, well, wouldn't it be, uh, better if we used those resources to help build better infrastructure or fund a project-"

"This demonstration of wealth is of paramount importance. We must show to the world that our claims of superiority isn't just a shadow on the wall. You had better focus on more important things than some silly notion of improving the Empire in such small ways. That's what the nobles are for. Am I understood?"

"...yes, Mother."

"Good. Now, as soon as the feast end I want you to mingle with the assembled guest. Show them why Fate has decreed you would rule alongside me."

"Yes, Mother."

Oh, dear stars, shut. UP!

"... and my sweet little Rose would make an ideal companion, Your Serene Highness, she really would. For example, why just yesterday she..."

Oh, dear mother of me, grant me the sweet release of death.

"Um, um."

Huh, who...?

"Oh, Duchess Velvet, I was just telling the Prince about my dear Rose and-"

"Of course, perfectly understandable, but you're not going to keep him for yourself, are you?"

"What, no, of course-"

"Oh goodie! Shiny, come here, present your congratulations to the Prince."

Yes, thank you Velvet! Away with you, vile, boring wretch!

"Yes mother."

Oh. My. Lard. He's so...ADORABLE!!! Shuffling on his little hoovsies and looking flustered and nervous, he looks so huggable!

"Um, hmm, Con-uh-Congratulation for your, uh, your Realizu-za-tion of Content."

Oh gosh, can I make him my royal plushie?

"Shining Armour! I'm truly sorry, Your Serene Highness, he's usually more eloquent-"

"I don't mind, Duchess, and thank you Shining Armour. Would you mind sitting with me?"


"Of course! Come on Shiny, don't be rude! It would be most unbecoming to refuse the Prince command."

Command? Oh, whatever.

"O-okay, mother."

And with that I'm left alone with the Adorkable Knight. Or he would be. In another timeline.

Or maybe not. Mother wanted me to mingle? Let's mingle.

"What do you think of the celebration so far, Lord Armour?"

"Oh! Um, it's, uh, super great!", he says, noticeably wincing when he realizes he let his mouth run off.

Right. I have my work cut out for me.

"Thank you. There's no need to be afraid you know, I don't bite."

"What? Of course not, I never said that, I'd never and I love you!"

Ladies and gentlecolts, we have the winner of the "Hoof-in-Mouth" award before our eyes.

"Uh, I mean, I don't love you! No, wait! I meant, I meant-"

"It's okay, I understand what you meant, don't worry about it."

"But I just said-"

"No but. Are you contradicting your Prince?"

"Of course not!"

"Then don't worry about it."

He doesn't look convinced, but at the very least he's no longer on the verge of a panic attack. Oh Shiny, I hope I'll be able to help you.

I manage to make small talk with him (with an inordinate amount of effort) and manage to use him as a shield from further assault from greedy supplicant. By the end of the soiree, I'm pretty sure I managed to get myself a new friend. As the guests begin to leave, I notice that Velvet is coming our way.

"Well, I had fun tonight, Shining! I hope I'll see you tomorrow!"

"Uh, sure, Your Highness."

Baby steps, Solus, baby steps.

He scamper away quickly, his mother looking disappointed that she didn't get to talk to me. As they are about to leave, Shining turns his head back to look at me. Oh, he's so cute. Have a little goodbye wave! And he's all red again.

But before he turned away, I managed to see a little smile.

For the first time in my new life, I actually look forward to the dawn of a new day.