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I have my very own thread on Project AFTER! · 7:44am Aug 19th, 2012

I invite everyone to check it out, but please, don't just spam the page, if you must, show your support in the comments on this blog. If you have a genuine point to make go for it, but don't expect them to agree with you.
Please note that the site (Project Anime Fanfiction: Twisted Entertainment Review) is dedicated to mocking 'bad' fanfiction, making it largely pointless for you to try and defend me there.

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hey any new on RoE?

2065193 can you finish fallout equestria plz or at least a new chapter

Working on it, and I meant chapter 5 XD

So do I :fluttercry:

Did you ever make a start on that alternate ending you were planning? I'd love to have a look if you have.

I really miss Fallout :Equestria Rules of Engagement.

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