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Captain Flowers thought it would be just another ordinary day. Be there for his men, keep the fighting to a minimum, and make sure nothing bad whatsoever happened to Church. Just like any other day in Bloodgulch.
And then the little pony appeared and refused to let go of his charge. This was going to be interesting...

Part of the PWNY-verse.

Another side of the story is being written by cyberlord4444, and can be found here: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/386172/rock-in-the-gulch-analysis-anarchy

Edit: New Cover Art by ProfessorCatPro
Edit 2: Fan art by Cookie_Girl! So adorable!

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This story is a sequel to Fortresshy: The Nine Fathers

Fluttershy has returned to Equestria after being temporally displaced to another world, where she was raised by a loving but insane family. She didn't return alone, though. Her new family came back with her, now working for Princess Luna, their new Fortress being built near to Ponyville. All involved would need time to adjust.

Unfortunately, time waits for no one, pony or human. Still, the former RED Team - now Team RED MOON - is used to handling craziness. After all, they live under the same roof.

Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: New fan art by G_Haze, who also did the cover art!

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Uncle lives a very fulfilling life at his antique shop. It's peaceful and quiet for the most part, just how he likes it. Of course, he's a skilled chi wizard, so he knows better than to actually let the universe know that he's content. So he complains.

A lot.

Then one day, a basket containing three infant magical ponies arrives, and his peaceful life goes out the window...to be replaced with, perhaps, something a little more than contentment.

The universe, apparently, is smarter than he gave it credit for, because now he has "Three More Things!" to complain about to hide just how much they mean to him.

Part of the PWNY-verse.

First chapters take place approximately 10 years before the events of the first episode of the show.

Edit: Cover Art put together by Shadow Bolt
Edit 2: New Cover Art by Swan Song. Link to his page in image source.
Edit 3: Level Dasher commissioned an image of the CMC with their new Cutie Marks from Katakiuchi4U over on Deviantart. Here's the pic!

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So I've been a big fan of Legend of Zelda ever since I was a young boy with my favorite in the series being Twilight Princess. My younger brother Mike knowing this got me a copy of Hyrule Warriors Legends from a garage sale. Now I'm a teenager again which is fine but to make matters worse I'm the Twilight Princess herself. Now all I have to do is make sure no one but my roommate Sunset know's the truth... and I just know it's going to suck when they find out!

Sex tag is for innuendo's and some suggestive scenes.
tags will change as necessary.

Edit: as of 10/28/18 this story is now being edited by TheUltimateBrony-Class-S

Edit: ... Featured 9/27/21... By Din everyone! I was NOT expecting that! I... I don't know what to say but... Thank you all so much!

Edit: and on 11/10/21? Again thank you everyone! I am so glad to know this story is enjoyed by so many people!

Edit: on 12/9/21 mere minutes after an update ... Thank you SO much everyone.

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This story is a sequel to Tears in the Snow

Storm Blitz is displaced from his home in Cloudspire after his special talent causes several pegasi to become severely crippled. His adoptive father, the renowned politician Proud Skies, sends him to live with his grandfather in a gated off community for retired Wonderbolts. When his grandfather suddenly passes away, he goes to the only remaining relative he has, his earth pony birth father in Ponyville.

A collaboration effort between myself and OminousBrony.

Picture by askheroichamburger of DeviantArt

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This story is a sequel to Tears in the Snow

It's been three days since Twilight found out she is pregnant. How will the Element of Magic confront dealing with her fiancé, the rigors of motherhood, and way too many hormones? With magic, and lots of bizarre food cravings.

Cover art by fuzzetch of DeviantArt

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This story is a sequel to The Cheval Glass

It is in the nature of an enigma to confound reason, and sometimes, the bafflement caused to others is rivaled only by the confusion of the source. Pinkie Pie couldn't begin to explain how or why spending time with her Ponyville friends had slowly become a chore, or why seeing them so happy with their significant others made her heart ache. Forcing a smile became a daily routine that weighed heavily upon the once happy mare, and one day, she reached the end of her strength and retreated to the one place that she knew she could feel safe: her family's rock farm. The support and concern of her kin didn't answer the questions, though, and even removed from every reminder of what was left behind, the void only seemed to grow.

A tale of a fun-loving pony struggling to accept the realities of maturity, and of the stallion that would help her find the answers, one faltering step at a time.

Cover art by: TheNornOnTheGo

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This story is a sequel to Cutie Mark Catastrophes

Laughter, left without the will to force a smile... and Generosity, driven to complacency by the burden of holding out hope...

There are times when a pony is presented with a choice of great consequence, and not every pony has the strength to weather the storms of life standing tall. Rarity will be forced to come face to face with just how far she's fallen from who she once aspired to be, or lose the friendship of the only pony she's ever known to bring smiles in even the darkest of days.

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This story is a sequel to Under the Starry Skies

After a recent humiliating experience involving too much chocolate mead and karaoke that was less than "family friendly," Fluttershy flees into the safety of the forest to escape the mess she's made. Wandering aimlessly for hours deep in thought, she comes to and realizes she has no idea where she's wandered, is incredibly thirsty, and very uncomfortable under the late summer sun. So, when she discovers a chilled pond with which to slake her thirst and cool down, she pays little heed to the strange green bush on the far side. That is, until it opens its eyes.

Creds to OminousBrony for cracking the whip, and tossing in ideas.
art by askheroichamburger of DeviantArt

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This story is a sequel to The Risks of Braving a Storm

Tired of the city life in Manehatten and longing for something simpler, Silver Moonshine uses his life's savings to open a business in Ponyville. While he is mostly well recieved, the one pony who takes the most issue with his trade happens to be the only mare that's ever caught his eye - Applejack. However, she is incredibly skeptical of the newcomer even as she struggles with feelings of desire, loneliness, and the fear of having her heart broken twice.

Credit for the art goes to guttyworks of DeviantArt, though his account is no longer active.

Chapters (31)