• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Not Catty Enough

As soon as the transformations became noticeable, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo immediately rushed back to rejoin Jade, Hsi Wu, and Apple Bloom. By the time they'd gathered, the transformations had progressed to the point that the three fillies were almost more feline than equine, with thicker fluffy coats, sharply pointed and wiggling ears, tails of flesh rather than just hair, feline muzzles, and paws instead of hooves. While their coloration hadn't changed, otherwise they were barely recognizable.

However, the real shocker was Jade. Her hair had grown to nearly twice as long, and the fur that had grown over her body - rather than being solid color like that of the fillies - was a brownish-grey with dark splotches in a cloudy pattern. In addition to her long, waving tail, her incisors had grown long enough to stick out of her feline muzzle slightly. Her claws were also much sharper than the fillies' claws, and she was presently digging them partially into Hsi Wu's demon flesh as she eagerly climbed up his body while rubbing against him, as he struggled to carefully push her off without upsetting her and making her use her new fangs on him.

"This is so furrreaky..." Apple Bloom purred worriedly as she twisted and turned to get a better look at herself.

"I know!" Sweetie agreed as she leaned down to lick herself, only to jerk her muzzle back as she realized what she was doing...repeatedly.

"It's nyot fair!" Scootaloo complained. "How come we're domestics while Jade's a freakin' Clouded Leopard?"

"That's what you're concerned about?" Hsi Wu demanded irritably. "Not that the four of you have undergone a feline transformation, not that the instincts are affecting your behavior, and not that Jade has apparently completely lost herself to it...but that she got the cooler form?"

"Oh, she ain't lost," Apple Bloom spoke up. "She got a handle on 'em arrround the time ya took demon forrrm. Now she's just actin' like this cause she knows it frrreaks ya out!"

"Spoilsport!" Jade snarled angrily, shooting Apple Bloom a death glare, her pupils narrowing to angry slits.

Hsi Wu smirked down at Jade. "You know, if you really want to get that cozy..." Reaching up, he started scratching her behind one ear.

"Oka-mmrrrr..." Jade's words were interrupted as she started to purr, nuzzling into the caress...only to pull back. "No! Fun time's overrrrr..." She began to purr against as Hsi's clawed hand pursued her ear for the pleasurable caress. "Need...think...now...mmrrrrr..."

Hsi Wu chuckled indulgently, only to tense up. "Girls, watch out!" he snapped out, pushing Jade back as he spun and unleashed a blast of magic at a nearby rooftop. A cloaked figure leapt away from the blast as several others revealed themselves, surrounding the group.

"Ambush!" Scootaloo shouted as she leapt onto Cumulo and shot into the air, only for a spelled net to wrap around both her and the cloud and drag her to the ground. "Dammit!" she snarled as she started clawing and biting at the ropes, only for her eyes to start to glaze. "That...that tastes funny...hehehe..."

"It must be laced wit' catnip!" Apple Bloom called out as she spun and brought her front paws down hard on the ground, only to pull back. "Ow! That hurrrts a lot more than with hooves..."

Sweetie Belle focused magic into her horn as she seized one of the assailants in her aura, only to flinch as a strange feedback raced along the spell weave into her horn. "Ow! What the hay?" Before she could say more, she found herself stuffed into a sack that smelled oddly...minty...

Jade prepared to leap into the action, only to spin as she heard Hsi cry out in sudden, intense pain. "HSI!"

Hsi Wu clutched at his shoulder where one of the figures had managed to grasp him, where his demonic flesh was starting to smoke. "Damn...holy magic..." He reverted to his human shape, which gave him some protection, only to be struck hard in the temple and go flat onto the ground.

Jade's eyes narrowed as her entire body tensed. "Mine!" she suddenly snarled in fury as she lunged, catching an incoming punch from the one who had attacked Hsi before delivering a claw-first uppercut to her only eye-level target. She felt her claws dig into flesh as her opponent folded over with a hissing whimper, clutching at the struck region and collapsing like an arch missing its keystone. She rounded in search of her next target, only to feel something strike her in the back of her head before she blacked out right on top of Hsi.

Apple Bloom quickly decided it was more important they know where they were being taken rather than continuing to struggle here, and allowed the others in the ambush party to seize her. After all, Audrey had a harder time tracking her down if she was unconscious.

Jackie found he had no real awareness of his surroundings, or anything much for that matter. All he was aware of was the feeling of Viper moving against him, the taste of her as he dragged his fangs along her neck, the texture of her fur...

Several of these details seemed off, somehow, but he couldn't quite drag his mind into conscious awareness enough to identify them. Instinct screamed in his mind of what he needed, what he wanted, what he would have...and how desperately and eagerly the queen in his grasp was responding...

His ears twitched. Without even being aware he was taking action, his left hand released his grasp on Viper and struck out in a fist, slamming into a cloaked figure and sending it flying into the opposite alley. A gurgling crashing thud from his right was the only sign he had that Viper had dealt with a similar assailant. He pulled back from the intensity to growl in eagerness...

Only to blink in surprise at the black muzzle in front of his face.

"WAAAGH!" he screamed out as he leapt back in shock.

"ACK!" Viper screamed as she leapt back simultaneously.

"What in the worrrld happened to you?" they demanded of each other simultaneously.

Both had changed drastically. Each of them now resembled a feline-based were-creature, with Viper being completely pitch black as a panther, her fur so dark in color it seemed to drain the light right out of the air around her, save where it shone on her fur to emphasize her curves. Jackie, on the other hand, had pale white fur with vivid black stripes covering his body, his eyes seeming to glow with an inner light.

After staring at each other for a time, the pair finally noticed their own changes. "Whoa..." Viper murmured in awe as she looked herself over. "Not sure what happened here...but Viperrrr like..." She then licked her lips as she found her eyes trailing over how the fur seemed to enhance the definition of Jackie's musculature.

"Uhh..." Jackie began awkwardly after looking himself over and trying not to think to hard about how it felt to have a tail...or how loud the voice in his mind was that said to just forget about the attackers and get back to the interrupted business-

Until a much louder voice from his new instincts roared over it. "The girls!" he screamed out. "They're in danger!"

"What, you think they changed too?" Viper asked worriedly, instantly snapping into combat ready mode.

"I don't know!" Jackie responded worriedly. "But we need to get to them quick!" He turned and bunched his legs up, only to hesitate. "Umm...where are our clothes?"

Viper blinked in surprise, then glanced around...until she spotted a lot of shredded fabric scattered throughout the alley. "Over there...and over there...and over there..."

Jackie groaned under his breath. "Bad day..." he grumbled before leaping to the roof of the building next to him and bounding away anyway.

Shrugging her shoulders, Viper leapt after him. "Won't be the firrrst time I've strrrreaked acrrross rrrooftops."

"Eh?" Jackie gasped in shock.

"After we save the girrrrls, I'll tell you."

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