• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Final Preparations

With the demon's name, Uncle was easily able to look up the fell creature and discover his nature and goals. Upon learning that Shendu's goal - now that he had completed his resurrection - was the destruction of all of Asia, Jade was stunned beyond belief. After all, her Mom and Dad lived in Asia, Hong Kong specifically. On learning the palace was near Hong Kong, and the vengeance was scheduled to begin at the toll of midnight ushering in Chinese New Year - which left them less than a day due to Hong Kong being 16 hours ahead of San Francisco - everyone began moving as fast as they could.

"We'll take Section 13's fastest transport," Captain Black stated firmly. "It should get us there with an hour or so to spare if we leave now."

"Finding the demon is not enough!" Uncle insisted. "One must have a means of defeating it..." He stretched to reach a book on a high stack...only for Tohru - having managed to regain consciousness, if not full mobility - to reach over with his unbroken arm to grab it off and hand to him. "Thank you."

"That Balance Breaker sword of Jackie's seems to be pretty effective-" Captain Black began.

"Shendu has Immortality and Healing Talismans!" Uncle insisted. "It will not matter how much magic or body Jackie carves off, Jackie's own magical aura is not strong enough to make a killing blow, and Shendu will continue to recover from all damage faster than Jackie can inflict it. You might as well try rockets and lasers!"

"We do have quite a few of those..." Captain Black pointed out.

"Horse and Dragon Talismans will let Shendu absorb rocket explosions to boost his firepower, and Horse and Pig will let him do same with lasers!" Uncle countered.

"How about lightning guns?" Captain Black offered desperately. "Liquid nitrogen sprayers? Rail cannons?"

Uncle scratched his chin for a moment, then leaned over. "Scootaloo, do you know what a 'rail cannon' is?"

"Uses magnetic force to launch solid projectiles at supersonic speeds," Scootaloo explained quickly. "At least, if they're anything like the video game version."

"Those would stun Shendu," Uncle allowed in a louder voice. "For a time. Also would distract him momentarily, until he turned and destroyed said weapons. One more thing, unsafe to use if someone is engaging in melee combat with demon."

"Shendu seemed to spook when Jackie confronted him like that with the sword," Jade pointed out. "Any magic we can make for the battle, we should let him use."

"How about power armor, then?" Captain Black offered desperately. "There must be something in Section 13's arsenal worth fielding!"

"Shendu hits too hard," Tohru spoke up softly. "Any armor that would provide adequate protection would interfere with Chan's ability to fight in other ways. Chan is not a tank..." He bit his lip to hold back a groan of pain. "And you already witnessed how Shendu deals with tanks..." Apple Bloom brought over her herbal satchel and began applying some compresses to Tohru's injuries.

"How about just manpower?" Sweetie Belle offered hopefully. "If we get enough people chanting whatever spell we come up with to strengthen Jackie or weaken Shendu, it might shift the balance of power."

"That is so," Uncle agreed. "While it is better to have those with stronger chi for spells, small amounts from many can be just as effective, as long as they believe."

"Captain Black's the only one in Section 13 who didn't see the quasi-Cthulhu," Scootaloo pointed out. "I think they believe."

"So pack as many people as we can on that plane," Captain Black observed. "Got it."

"And we're coming too!" Jade spoke up urgently.

"Jade, no!" Jackie spoke up warningly. "It's too dangerous-"

"Uncle said its best to have those with a lot of chi!" Jade interrupted. "Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo are creatures of good magic, so Uncle's going to need them to power the spell and focus all that energy. And Sweetie Belle said the reason I could see magical creatures my whole life - the reason I had so many problems back home that I was sent here - is because I have an inordinate amount of chi magic inside me! If Tohru were in any condition to move, we should be bringing him too!"

"Jade has valid point," Uncle observed idly. "I like it even less than you, Jackie...but we are facing Demon Sorcerer. We can take no chances."

Jackie groaned as he buried his face in his hands. "Bad day..."

"I...I can come," Tohru insisted, trying and failing to get to his feet. "Let...let me help..."

"Why go so far to help us?" Captain Black asked curiously.

Tohru glanced at Apple Bloom, then glanced away. He didn't really want to admit to this stranger the strong bond he had with the little filly. It would probably be misconstrued. Casting his mind back, he recalled something Chan had once said in trying to convince him to change sides. "I am told Section 13 serves donuts on Thursdays," he offered with a bashful smile.

As Captain Black shot a confused glance at Jackie - which received a sheepish grin in response - Uncle stepped up to Tohru. "You are in no condition to travel. Stay and watch the shop."

"I'll send a couple medics over to tend to his injuries in the meantime," Captain Black offered, an offer that was quickly accepted.

Once Uncle had gathered the supplies he needed, the group boarded Section 13's supersonic jet to make it to Hong Kong as soon as possible. Uncle and the fillies commandeered the lavatory as a laboratory to research something that would work against Shendu, while the rest of the jet was packed as tight as safely possible with agents equipped only with sidearms in case Valmont and his men were encountered. Between the four of them, two possible ways of dealing with Shendu were determined that would put no one - save Jackie who would be fighting - in danger. It was hoped that the first would be effective, as the second was chancy given it utilized magic from the book that had come with the pendants, and thus covered magic not native to the Earthly Plane.

In the fields and forests outside Hong Kong, Uncle led the group to the spot the inscriptions indicated...which presently was an empty clearing. "The palace!" Uncle proclaimed, gesturing.

"Where?" Captain Black demanded, wondering how he was going to explain this to his men.

"Here, where the inscriptions indicated!" Uncle insisted.

As Captain Black started to speak up, Sweetie Belle spoke quicker. "5...4...3..."

The earth began to shake, and a gold and crimson palace of ancient Chinese design rose out of the ground just as Sweetie hit one.

"Never question the inscriptions!" Uncle chided Captain Black firmly.

Captain Black glanced at his men, glad to see they were all united in being freaked out by seeing a building rise out of the ground. It meant the next part would be that much easier. "So what now?"

"Now we begin," Uncle stated firmly as he pulled out two beakers of green liquid, one large one small. "Jackie, remove shirt and use this to soak hands and blade. Will allow you to remove Talismans from inside Shendu." As he spoke, Shendu blazed in overhead, coming to a landing inside the palace grounds. A black copter came in to land nearby, plainly Valmont's vehicle.

Jackie quickly did as instructed. "Why do I need to remove my shirt?" he asked petulantly.

"So I can do this!" Jade explained, dipping her fingertips in the other vial. She then began drawing various runic shapes she'd practiced painstakingly the entire way there all over Jackie's torso and face. The green liquid held shape once applied, neither running nor fading. "It'll provide magical protection based on the willpower and chi the rest of us are able to provide you."

"Magic armor," Captain Black concluded. "Neat."

As Valmont and his crew made their way into the palace proper to gather the Treasure they'd come for, Shendu began opening a portal in the center of the courtyard. Seeing this, Jackie stood upright. "I need to get down there."

Uncle nodded. "Go!" he insisted. Once Jackie was on his way down, Uncle turned to the gathered agents. "Repeat after me."

All those gathered obediently began chanting. "Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao...Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao..."

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