• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Not So Silent Hill

Yakov floated silently through the halls of the manor. He knew his prey would come after him soon. They couldn't bear to let their companions be lost forever. Humans were too predictable that way. Beyond that, those he'd drained had already risen, and were actively on their way to hunt down the prey to drag them to him for feeding.

He'd already located those books in the library that told of how to defeat one such as he, or contain his thralls until defeat happened. His first thought had been to destroy those tomes to ensure they couldn't be used against him...but it went strongly against his grain to destroy books. A last vestige from back when he had been mortal, he presumed, such a strong aversion to the idea of burning books. Still, it had been easy enough to fold space around the books such that they could not be found except by him, and the folds could only be undone by his death. He doubted his prey could accomplish that, not when he had already drained enough chi - and chi with a divine taste at that! - to grant him full access to all his powers and resistance to all his weaknesses but the spell to force him to lose his chi. What luck that his first victim had been an adult woman on her fertility cycle with a divine blessing! That had granted him his full physical capabilities...

And the second! A Chi Wizard who had imbibed of the Elixer of Life! He was almost strong enough to cross running water now! Part of him wanted to just hide out now and wait for sunrise for all the chi he'd stolen to become his...but he knew he would be actively hunted if he did. Instead, he would do the hunting-

"Say chi spell!"

Yakov spun in surprise at that statement, only to receive a parchment scroll to the forehead from the blasted demon. He could feel it messing with his magic, so he locked onto the demon with his gaze and-

Clutched at his forehead as pain shot through his eyes.

Not on my watch! the blasted ghost snapped in his mind. Normally I let my sister use her full powers under control...but I'm not about to let these nice people become food for a monster! Stopping things like this is why my sister and I are like this!

"I shall rend you to bits and scatter you to the four winds!" Yakov snarled angrily, lifting his hands to claw the parchment from his forehead.

"Heads up!" the giant declared as he punched him right in the face.

"Tohru!" the ghost called out as Yakov sailed back. "I'm able to stop most of his spells, including his feeding gaze! You can let yourself see!"

Tohru wiped his hand across his eyes, and his irises slowly parted to reveal his pupils once more. "Then it's time to focus my chi elsewhere! Wǒ de shēntǐ shì dùnpái..." As he chanted, he became surrounded by a green glow.

Yakov cursed as the Chi Warrior charged him, being forced to focus on keeping him at bay. Admittedly, he was strong enough to bat the giant around like a rag doll, but with his spell in effect that wouldn't actually hurt or slow him down at all. Still, if he could knock him back far enough that he had time to reach for the blasted parchment-

An animal snarl, and a white tiger man was lunging for him, claws glittering with divine power as he slashed away at him, reacting to Yakov's too fast strikes to evade and dodge with relative ease. Curse cat-like reflexes! All he needed now was-

And yes, there was the blasted demon charging in, launching lightning bolts and other weather formations as both weapons and distractions, trusting to his compatriots magical protections to shield them. The three-pronged attack was frustrating, but Yakov could hold them all off in the air, or shoot upward so only the demon could reach him. He just needed to delay-

"¡Siente el peso de la muerte! ¡Siente el peso de la muerte!"

Yakov's eyes widened as he felt his body growing heavy, too heavy to be held in the air. The minotaur! She would have made excellent food...but she somehow knew a spell to weaken his magic so he was forced to fight physically at ground level. He could feel himself slowing down slightly, not enough to be beaten easily, but enough that the trio were now actually landing blows on him and the tiger was taking the time to-

He was going for his socks! They knew the spell! How?

Emeraude carefully led the three fillies out to the cemetary on the property. "Good, there's some gravestones after all," she murmured in relief. "We need to find a graveyard toadstool, a mushroom that grows in the shadow of a grave. Then we need to put it in...either the vampire's left or right sock, I'm not certain which, and then throw it into the river."

"Ah'll find that toadstool, even if'n ah have ta grow it from scratch!" Apple Bloom spoke up eagerly, racing over to look.

"Once we've got it in the sock, I'll zip it over to the river," Scootaloo volunteered. "On Cumulo, I'm the fastest one here short of using the Rabbit Talisman."

"I can use my magic reading spell to sense which sock reacts to the mushroom!" Sweetie Belle offered. "That ought to tell us which one to put it in for the spell to work."

"Then we just need to wait and hope Jackie is able to get both socks away from that beast and to us, so we can work the spell," Emeraude concluded softly. "And hope our plans to keep things from spiraling out of control work...and that we finish it before sunrise."

"Definitely," Sweetie agreed as she took a few calming breaths, stabilizing the glow around her horn. "Keeping Viper and Uncle confined so they can't attack us is hard. Uncle's not so bad since his only skill danger is his magic, and as an undead thrall he doesn't have any chi to cast with. But keeping Viper contained requires completely immobilizing her, since I have no idea what gear she's got hidden who knows where!"

"Could you not strip her completely to remove that resource?" Emeraude suggested nervously.

"Two problems with that," Sweetie panted. "One, I wouldn't put it past Viper to store a few extras inside her body through...certain openings...that come out at a mental command, just in case someone strips her to remove her resources."

Emeraude blinked in surprise. "Right...I suppose I must think of her like a kunoichi then-"

"Second, if things get intense enough and it ends with Jackie coming back to see Viper naked and immobilized, with how crazy those two get we'll probably end up with a cousin those two aren't ready for!" Sweetie added firmly. "It's her fertility cycle right now, after all!"

Emeraude blinked slowly. "...why, exactly, are you keeping track of that?"

"Because I know Viper stopped keeping track of it, and I consider it my job to pop in at inconvenient times to ensure that doesn't happen until they get hitched when she is fertile," Sweetie pointed out logically. "Once they're hitched, I'll know they're ready for kids, and then we can have more cousins!"

Emeraude simply stared, stupefied. "...and Jade is used to all this..." she murmured under her breath. "I feel sorry for the next Chosen One in our position who gets her as the guide..."

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