• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Stretching the Bounds

Tohru was the first to regain consciousness as the storm slowly passed. Opening his eyes, he found himself staring up at a cloudless sky as wind raced over him, water splashing at him from brief waves. He found himself laying on something warm and rubbery, and somewhat slick. "Wha...where...Chan!" He quickly tried to sit up, only to find himself held down. Looking down, he found bands of solid water - not ice, but solid water somehow - holding him down to something that was a pale blue-green and big enough to support himself, Ratso, Finn, Chao, Jade, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. His eyes widened in worry. "Apple Bloom?"

"Over here," a familiar voice spoke, calling his attention to his left. There, a dark blue dragon sat riding Cumulo, her tail hanging off it and waving in the breeze with her wings tight to her back. "Don't move too much. I'm not that familiar with water magic, and it's hard enough to hold all of you on Jackie's back as is."

Tohru stared in disbelief. "Apple...Bloom?" he managed to gasp out.

The tiny dragon giggled. "Yeah, it's me Tohru. Was trying to turn someone else into a Storm Dragon, but it rebounded on me. Don't know why, but it gave me a chance to turn Jackie into an Elasmosaurus, so the rest of you get a safe ride back."

Tohru turned to stare at the long neck lifted just barely out of the water, the head resting on the surface as the massive reptile sped towards the distant shore. "...it can do that?" he asked worriedly.

"Apparently," Apple Bloom admitted. "Don't know why it didn't do what I wanted it to sooner, though." She paused as she heard the others stirring. "Whew, I was startin' ta get worried."

Jade was the first to wake up. "Ugh...what hit me?"

"Some wood planking, I believe," Tohru offered.

Jade blinked, taking in her surroundings as she shifted under her bindings. She quickly proved just how quick her mind was as her eyes widened. "Holy shitake, Apple Bloom! You're a dragon! That is so cool! And Jackie's a dinosaur!" She let out a happy squee.

"Shitake?" Tohru asked, confused.

Jade chuckled nervously. "I'm not supposed to use swear words. Figured if I made an effort on the little things, Jackie might be more lenient on the big ones."

Tohru rolled his eyes. "Kono gaki," he grumbled under his breath.

"You know it!" Jade proclaimed proudly.

Tohru blinked in surprise. "You speak Japanese?"

"No, I've just been called 'rascal', 'troublemaker', and 'brat' often enough that I know how to say all three in just about any language you're likely to encounter in Hong Kong," Jade explained cheekily. "You start recognizing a few words if you hear them often enough."

Tohru did his best to suppress his giggles, but failed. "So much for ever being intimidating to you lot," he grumbled, laying back. "That's half what I have my job for."

"Just cause yer a teddy bear don't make you any less a bear," Apple Bloom pointed out. "Just cause yer a teddy off duty don't make ya any less a grizzly on duty."

"What makes you think I'm off duty now?" Tohru asked grumpily.

"Do you honestly think you have any chance of getting the Talisman from us at this point?" Apple Bloom asked logically.

Tohru glanced from the Elasmosaurus Jackie presently was to Apple Bloom as a dragon. "No."

"Then this is lunch break," Ratso spoke up, laying back to relax as he stared at the startled seagulls. "So relaxing. Only thing missing-Ah!" With a jerk, he tugged hard with his leg, jerking up the fish that had latched onto his dangling shoestring, catching it with his hands. "Any chance you got fire breath?" he asked Apple Bloom.

"Uh...storm dragon," Apple Bloom explained. "I might have lightning breath..."

"Yeah, better not risk it," Ratso agreed as he twisted the fish's head hard, killing it instantly. "Eh, I like sashimi." He then tore the belly open, dumped the guts into the water, and proceeded to dig in.

Apple Bloom stared at Ratso for a time, but said nothing. For some reason completely beyond her, she found herself picturing him with a snail on his butt(1), and the absence of logic behind this mental image disturbed her. The only saving grace, in her mind, was seeing the same confused/disturbed look on Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo's faces, hoping that meant they were picturing the same thing and it was a pony thing and not a personal revelation.

Once everyone was awake, Jackie turned towards a beach. Seeing what he was doing, Apple Bloom smiled. "Alright boys, this is your stop!" she called out as she dispelled the bonds holding them on.

"Wait, wha-?" Finn wasn't able to get anymore out before Jackie made a sharp turn, sending the four of them flying off his back and onto the beach before making for the pier at the end of the road leading right to Uncle's Rare Finds.

As soon as they came in range of the pier, Apple Bloom used the Talisman to reverse the transformations, landing them all safely on board. As they shook themselves off, Captain Black arrived. "Rough trip?" he asked casually.

"You could say that," Jackie admitted, shaking water out of his hair. "We did get the Talisman, though."

"That's good," Captain Black agreed. "Can you take it back to Section 13 yourself, though? I need to investigate something...classified down here."

Jade looked up at him flat eyed as she wrung out her bangs. "You aren't about to tell us that some sort of prototype camouflage submarine got taken out of dry dock without permission and you're following possible sightings which were reported as 'Loch Ness Monster in San Francisco Bay', are you?"

Captain Black blinked. "...well, I wasn't going to say anything-"

As Jackie's face met his palm, Sweetie Belle expressed their shared sentiment. "Oh, come on!"

(1) Ratso doesn't think about anything. Ever.

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