• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Demon-strations of Affection

After working in the back room with Uncle for a time, Apple Bloom paused. "Jade's being pretty quiet up there," she pointed out idly.

"Well, Jackie is sleeping in the next room over," Scootaloo pointed out. "Maybe she's being considerate of him?"

"If that were the case, she'da come down by now," Apple Bloom countered. "None of us are all that good at sittin' still."

"Sweetie Belle is," Scootaloo corrected, "but I see your point. Maybe she's taking a nap of her own?"

Apple Bloom nodded. "That could be it," she admitted. "Still...I'm gonna go check on them."

"One more thing!" Uncle called out. "If Jade not busy, tell her to make refreshments!"

Apple Bloom grinned. "Will do, Uncle!" With that, she turned and headed up the stairs.

Apple Bloom smiled as she saw the runes Uncle had inscribed into the wooden stairwell. While the sheer amount of magic in the back room from everything they'd done together and the books themselves meant that it was safe for her to walk on those boards rather than riding on Audrey, this wasn't the case in the rest of the shop. Uncle, however, had taken steps as soon as Apple Bloom's magic had started causing anything made of plant matter around her to sprout. The runes on anything made of wood kept them from bursting into bloom, letting Apple Bloom walk across them safely as they repelled her magic rather than absorbing it.

Once upstairs, Apple Bloom saw that Jade was on her back on a couch, sleeping peacefully. She chuckled at that, and decided to leave Jade to her nap as she moved to the door and stepped into the next room.

Once in there, she found Jackie and Audrey sitting at a table in the corner, sipping tea while wearing pointed 'princess' hats. The rest of the room looked like it had been trashed. Apple Bloom's eyes went wide, and she opened her mouth wide.

Audrey quickly lifted a vine to his lips, and pointed to Jackie...who was still asleep.

Apple Bloom quickly shut her mouth as she tip-hoofed over to Audrey's side. "What the hay happened here?" she demanded in a whisper. "When ah left here, ya had Jackie tied down to his futon with yer vines so he wouldn't thrash about and sleep walk!"

"Everybody was kung fu fighting," Audrey sung back in a whisper, pointing at Jackie with one vine, and then at the damage to the room.

"He...sleep fought?" Apple Bloom gasped in surprise. "Then...how'd ya get him under control?"

"Trust~ in me, just~ in me," Audrey sang soothingly, wiggling vines.

"...suggestions?" Audrey nodded in confirmation. "...well, as long as he's getting some rest..." With that said, she turned to go back to the other room.

As she entered, she was surprised to see Jade sitting up awake. "Oh, hey Jade!" she greeted warmly. "Didja have a nice nap?"

"Of course, dear...cousin," Jade replied, her voice sweet and kind.

Jackie or Uncle might have thought this an odd but welcome change to the responsible, but Apple Bloom knew better. Hearing Jade talking like that left her feeling queasy...aside from the fact that she could swear she could also hear Jade screaming at her about something she couldn't quite make out. "Jade, are you alright?" she asked worriedly. "Ya...don't sound like yerself."

Jade seemed to flinch. "It's nothing to worry about," she offered quickly. "Just a little...disoriented." Her eyes seemed to light up. "It was probably taking a nap here, instead of back in our bed at Section 13. Do you think dear Uncle Jackie would be up to taking me there?"

"Jade...yer really freakin' me out," Apple Bloom said as she stepped forward, hopping up onto the couch. "Are ya sure yer alright-" She put her hoof to Jade's forehead...and both of them pulled back with a hiss of pain. Apple Bloom's eyes went wide at that burning sensation in her hoof. Seeing no actual burn on her hoof, she backed away swiftly, standing between Jade and the stairs. "Demon!" she screamed out at the top of her lungs. "Demon!"

A snarl appeared on Jade's face, and she turned to lunge for the window.

"Order 66!" Apple Bloom shouted into the other room. "Order 66!"

As Jade's body leapt out the window, Audrey's vines shot out of the other room and wrapped around her. An unhuman scream of pain erupted from Jade's mouth as her body was dragged back into the room.

"Apple Bloom!" Uncle shouted as he rushed up the stairs. "What is going on?"

"Jade's been possessed by a demon!" Apple Bloom shouted out. "When I touched her, it burned but my hoof didn't get marked!"

"Aiyah!" Uncle shouted out in surprise. "But only way demon could possess Jade is if Jade's spirit isn't in her body!"

"Uncle!" Jackie cried out as he stepped out of the other room. "What's all the racket?"

"Jade's possessed by a demon!" Apple Bloom called out again.

"Then...that wasn't a dream?" Jackie asked, confused.

"Dream?" Uncle asked incisively.

"Jade showed up in my dream," Jackie explained. "She said she used the Sheep Talisman, and found herself out of her body. But when she came back, the Talisman was gone and some evil spirit had taken her body and was hurting Apple Bloom. Then all this noise woke me up."

"Aiyah!" Uncle cried out. "Sheep Talisman must have magic of Astral Projection!"

"And the Dark Hand must have stolen the Talisman from her when she wasn't in her body without us noticing!" Scootaloo deduced in shock. "Sweetie, how come you didn't notice them sneaking in?"

"It was only a two minute potty break!" Sweetie Belle wailed out, blushing. "But how do we get Jade back in her own body?"

"Patience," Uncle insisted. "Uncle will take care of this. Astral Projections can only interact with dreamers, empty vessels, or the auras of those with incredibly high innate magic."

"Is that why I heard Jade shoutin' at me?" Apple Bloom asked curiously.

Uncle nodded. "One more thing! If demon has possessed Jade's empty body, only three ways to banish demon! First, kill Jade's body."

"What?" everyone else screamed in shock.

"Second, perform exorcism spell that will banish demon," Uncle continued.

"Do we have time for that?" Jackie asked worriedly, turning to where Audrey still held Jade's body up...who had gone limp.

Uncle smiled. "Three, expose demon spirit to enough stable Good Chi Magic - like Audrey's vines - to damage its spirit body enough that it can no longer maintain its projection, and will be unable to project again until it heals."

At that moment, Jade stirred. "Oh...that was not pleasant..." She noticed the stares being directed her way. "...I'm grounded, aren't I?"

Shendu stared at the vicious burn scars crisscrossing his Astral Form as he fled back to his stone prison. This was unbearable! If he didn't return to his stone body immediately, he ran the risk of full discorporation. If he did, he wouldn't be able to leave his body until his spirit healed, which wouldn't happen until either he possessed the Horse Talisman, or a body of flesh and blood again. And he didn't have the energy to take another empty vessel to heal in!

As he resettled in his stone body, once more unable to leave it, he promptly began spouting curses in various dead languages that hadn't been dead the last time he'd had a flesh and blood body. Valmont and his men were wise enough to not interrupt.

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