• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Other Wings

The next several days passed relatively peacefully in San Francisco. 'Seymour' continued to spend time with Jade and the fillies, enjoying the antics they got up to - both well behaved and prankish - while studying all the more about the modern world and seeing what he could adapt to his magic. Valmont waited for contact from Hsi Wu before engaging the next stage of Demon release to avoid drawing undue attention to him at the wrong moment. And without further activity in that regard, urgency somewhat subsided in the city.

However, the interest in the antics of the Brotherhood wasn't limited to one city, or those directly connected. Higher powers were concerned with the events, and had selected agents to perform their own investigation in that regard. As a result, a hypersonic VTOL private plane was en route to San Francisco from New York, moving almost completely silently on the most advanced magitek engines available. The plane piloted itself, and had only two passengers.

One was an older man with dark brown hair, mustache, and beard, dressed in a plain blue shirt, grey slacks, and a grey jacket. He sat in an exceptionally comfortable chair sipping a glass of something deliciously expensive as he let his brown eyes shift between his company's latest financial report, a book he was reading for pleasure, reviewing the written instructions he had received for this trip, and his travelling companion who was pacing back and forth. "You know you can take a seat and relax, don't you?" he pointed out urbanely, his calm voice exquisitely disciplined.

His traveling companion turned towards him, his eyes glowing white. Where the one sitting was plainly human, the one pacing obviously wasn't. Clad in only a long loincloth and belt, he bore a passing resemblance to Hsi Wu's demon form...but where Hsi Wu was wizened, this being was anything but. Easily topping eight feet in height with an entire body rippling with thick muscle, at first glance one could easily think he was a statue carved from stone that had somehow come to life...which wasn't far from the truth. The massive bat-like wings on his back continued to shift uncomfortably around his long black hair that hung straight down his back. "You know I do not like being confined," he growled out, his voice deep and gravely, pitched at a tone that sent a pleasant shiver down the spine of anyone listening. Even when plainly angry and uncomfortable, he had the air of a natural leader, much like his companion. "I do not understand why I had to ride."

"And if you could glide from New York to San Francisco in a single night, I would have let you," the man responded readily. "But we're on a tight schedule for this, and we both have reasons why we'd want to be there and back sooner rather than later, don't we?"

The gargoyle turned his face away and returned to his pacing. "I do not understand why you insisted I come with you, Xanatos," he declared irritably. "You have no need of my protection."

"On this trip I actually have no need of protection, Goliath," Xanatos responded calmly. "What I do need is magical assistance from someone I trust and respect who is not bound to me, and assistance from a legal representation." He gave his companion a firm look. "While not a police officer, you are an officially sponsored mystic vigilante."

Goliath merely grunted in response to the comment about his legal status. "You trust me?" he mused curiously.

"Of course I do," Xanatos responded immediately. "You're painfully honorable, a genuinely decent person, and have an excess of compassion despite your form giving you natural inclinations towards viciousness in battle. Despite our professional clashes, when going into an unknown situation there's no one I'd rather have at my back."

Goliath stared at Xanatos for a time, surprised. After a time, he crossed his arms. "I admit you've been easier to deal with since you became a parent. I can certainly respect you, even if I still only trust you as far as I can throw you."

"I've seen your throwing arm," Xanatos teased with a chuckle. "I'll take that as a high compliment."

Goliath rolled his eyes. "My only interest is the report of a gargoyle sighted in San Francisco by day," he murmured softly. "I'll let you deal with the rest."

"As you will," Xanatos allowed, returning to his papers.

It wasn't long after that when the jet came to a halt in the San Francisco skyline in the middle of the night. It came down perfectly on a helipad at the top of Valmont's building, not even disturbing a single piece of paper. Valmont himself waited at the roof access, having known who was approaching. "David," he called out gently as Xanatos approached. "It's been a long time, my friend."

"I've been busy, V," Xanatos responded, clasping forearms with the man. "Among other things, I'm a father now."

"So I've heard," Valmont confirmed. "Did you receive my gift?"

"Well chosen," Xanatos agreed. "You always did have good taste."

Valmont glanced up as Goliath approached. "And who's this?"

"This is Goliath," Xanatos introduced. "An associate of mine."

Valmont smirked.

"Yes, our relationship was somewhat adversarial early on," Xanatos admitted with a chuckle. "Make all the jokes you want."

"I don't need to," Valmont allowed. "Welcome, Goliath. Do you need anything special for your stay here?"

"Merely a space of roof for while the sun is above the horizon," Goliath responded simply. "Until then, the answers Xanatos sought."

"About that, David," Valmont commented, turning back to Xanatos. "Your message said you needed to discuss something with me, but I still don't know what."

Xanatos shrugged. "I've been getting pressure from my father-in-law," he explained, a simple sentence that immediately made Valmont tense. "He wants me to investigate whoever's behind the release of the Demon Brotherhood, to make sure whoever's behind it isn't some fanatic and actually knows what they're doing. I figured since Shendu first arose here in San Francisco recently, you'd know who was behind it if you weren't involved yourself."

Valmont chuckled nervously. "About that-" His words were cut off as he heard the roof access open.

"Why aren't you in bed with me, Valmont?" Bai Tza purred as she stepped sleepily onto the roof, still shadowed from sight. "Is this meeting really so important?"

Xanatos raised an eyebrow at Valmont's flush. "And you used to tease me about 'falling for love's trap'."

Valmont shrugged. "I guess I just had to find the right woman." He beckoned Bai out onto the roof. "Dear, this is my old friend David Xanatos. I told you he was coming today."

"I didn't expect 'today' to mean 'just after midnight," Bai grumbled a bit petulantly. She then stepped out of the shadows with a smile as water solidifed over her body into a thin kimono. "Charmed," she murmured softly as she held out a hand.

David accepted the hand and bent to kiss it. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Bai Tza," he greeted, having deduced her identity. "Your words explain my friend's involvement, and the rest explain how you were the woman who finally trapped him in love. I must say, though the legends told of your skill, power, and ruthlessness, they represented but a poor shadow of your beauty."

"There's two of you now?" Bai Tza suddenly asked Valmont.

Valmont and Xanatos both chuckled. "I'll take that as a compliment," they stated in stereo.

Noticing Bai's speculative look Xanatos' way, Valmont chuckled. "He's happily married, dear," he pointed out dryly.

"Such a pity," Bai murmured, making Xanatos chuckle nervously.

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