• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Halloween Happenstance

Uncle smiled softly to himself as he finished decorating the shop for Halloween. While both inside and outside were fully decorated, no trick-or-treaters would be seeing the inside of the shop this year. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo had heard about Halloween while at school, and were eager to give Trick-or-treating a try, even going so far as to make their own costumes. While Uncle had been happy to let them do so, the one rule he'd made for them all was that, while magic could be used to make the costume, none could be used in their functionality. When he'd seen the plans they'd made, however, he'd relented in regard to the use of Scootaloo's cloud, as long as she made certain everything was safe.

He had been confused at first regarding their choices in costumes, but apparently they'd been given a special project in class under the 'advanced enrichment' initiative Miss Cheer had initiated. Students who were sufficiently advanced and ahead of the rest of the class could earn further gold stars by choosing a subject they knew nothing about and presenting a report on it to the class as part of a day's lesson. Uncle was all the more impressed with Miss Cheer at hearing that, and had found himself wishing he was 20 years younger...a wish he discarded rapidly to focus on his wards. The subject the fillies had chosen had been Japanese mythology...under the logic that, given what they'd experienced so far, there was every possibility they would encounter such figures at some point in their lives, since they'd already encountered an Incan Earth Goddess. The costumes they'd chosen for themselves - and the one they'd insisted Uncle wear to match - were all drawn from their studies on that subject.

Uncle once more glanced down at his costume. At first glance, it seemed to be ordinary samurai armor, with an odd crest in the center of his belly. Of course, that was because he couldn't see the circle of stylized fireballs made of paper mache that was affixed to his back to arc around and over his arms and head. He was still having some difficulty with the sash that was meant to wrap around his arms and hover behind him, mostly because the absence of magic involved meant hovering was somewhat difficult. He also wasn't entirely comfortable with the way his hair flared all about him like crazy. Still, the fillies had insisted...

At first glance, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle's costumes were almost identical, save that Scootaloo was garbed in red and dark green while Sweetie Belle was garbed in green and white. Both had applied face paint to create a frighteningly demonic visage, and were riding around on Scootaloo's cloud, which she'd made much bigger and somehow darkened to a thunderhead. The major difference came in their accessories. Sweetie Belle had a large bag tied at either end wrapped around her neck, which hung down and released small amounts of smoke every so often. Scootaloo, however, had a circle of drums attached to her back, similar to the flames attached to Uncle's, and a pair of drumsticks clutched in her forehooves.

Apple Bloom's choice of costume seemed out of place, but actually had just drawn from different stories of Japanese myth. Lacking Sweetie's ability to make herself hover atop the cloud or Scootaloo's ability to sit on it, she had instead dressed herself in a white wolf costume, painting red lines along the body and strapping a mirror to her back.

Uncle smiled down at the fillies, feeling oddly proud of just how much effort they'd put into their costumes. It said good things about their futures that they could show such dedication. "Are we all ready to go?" Uncle asked.

"One more thing!" Scootaloo spoke up. guiding the cloud upward, she flicked a switch on the back of Uncle's costume...and the ring of flames started to slowly rotate. Sweetie Belle flicked a switch on the back of Scootaloo's costume, and her drums did the same. "Added some clockwork!" Scootaloo proclaimed proudly.

Uncle shook his head in amazement, idly wondering just what else the three might be capable of some day. He also made a mental note to be very careful when walking. The last thing he wanted to risk was one of Scootaloo's contraptions going haywire.

With costumes prepared and each of the fillies carrying their candy buckets, Uncle led them outside and turned to lock up the shop until their return. He then turned back to face the fillies...and leapt back. "Aiyah!" he cried out. "Apple Bloom! Uncle said no magic in costumes!"

"But ah'm not!" Apple Bloom complained, pawing at the grass and flowers sprouting up between the cobblestones on which she stood.

"Flowers and grass were not there moments ago!" Uncle insisted.

Apple Bloom glanced down at them. "Oh...that..." She looked up dewy eyed. "Ah'm not doin' it on purpose! It just...happens! Anytime ah'm on ground that's not a solid surface that ain't plant matter, plants sprout up around mah hooves. It's kinda freaky..."

"Is that why you've been insisting on riding around in the wagon as much as possible?" Scootaloo asked, startled. Apple Bloom nodded confirmation.

Kneeling down, Uncle put his fingertips to Apple Bloom's temples, mumbling under his breath as he gathered his magic to analyze Apple Bloom's...only to find that, much like Sweetie Belle's and Scootaloo's, it had reached a point where it was naturally flowing out of her and into the environment at a steady rate. Uncle theorized that their home plane of existence had a much stronger and active magical field, and thus this wasn't as noticeable there. However, as Earth's magical field was more stagnant and faint, this much magic pouring out of the three caused visible reactions in the environment. This was not to say that their magic had grown incredibly strong - as best as he could tell, they were still limited to the same level of output for spell work as they always had been, which was about what he could generate for a single spell unaided - but that their bodies generated that amount continuously, which resulted in the excess that couldn't be stored being released into the environment. This caused stunning visual effects which could likely be intimidating, but was hardly useful or dangerous.

"When did this start?" Uncle asked carefully.

"A few weeks ago..." Apple Bloom replied. "...Pachamama said there wasn't nothin' ah could do about it..."

"When Pachamama say that?" Uncle demanded incisively.

"When she visited mah dream a few months back," Apple Bloom explained. "She came ta check up on me when she felt mah power growin..."

Uncle nodded as he took that in. "We will discuss later," he said firmly. "For now...hope pendants are up to task." He saw Apple Bloom's head jerk up in surprise. "Uncle promised trick-or-treat, Uncle give trick-or-treat. At least plant-walking fits Apple Bloom's costume!"

All three fillies grinned widely as they raced away with Uncle close behind them, seeking the first house they could find for candy, a trail of sprouting and wilting plant life behind Apple Bloom's hooves.

Author's Note:

Bonus points for the first to correctly identify all costumes...

Except Apple Bloom's. Pretty sure that one's too obvious.

Also, as for what was said about Apple Bloom, I'm implying this is the natural state for all ponies, to release generated magic into the environment at a steady rate.

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