• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Burning Bright

Jackie smiled widely as he sat in the audience, waiting for the play to start. Hsi Wu, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo were in the front row, eager to support Jade. Viper was sitting next to Jackie, dressed casually to enjoy a simple outing. Tohru and his ladies were in the back with Audrey, so as not to block the view of anyone sitting behind them. All that was left was for the play to begin.

As the curtains opened, Jade's classmate Simone began doing the narration for the play, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Jackie didn't really hear it, however. His eyes immediately focused on Jade where she stood for her role. Her eyes slowly scanned the crowd, seeing everyone who was there to see her debut...only to widen as they caught sight of Jackie. He smiled widely and gave her a wave, joy filling him at the sight of the wide grin that crossed her face.

As the play began, Viper leaned in close. "Surprised to see you here, Jackie," she whispered softly. "Didn't you say you had a big dig to get to with Uncle today? Some once in a lifetime opportunity?"

"And miss Jade's play?" Jackie whispered back, managing to sound offended. "Archaeology isn't the only place things happen once in a lifetime."

"And the museum accepted that?" Viper asked in surprise.

"The dig is still being seen to," Jackie allowed in a relaxed tone, his eyes suddenly lighting up before joining in with the audience to applaud the special effects triggered by Jade's 'potion'. Admittedly, his applause was a trifle more enthusiastic than appropriate, but he quickly stopped as everyone else did.

"You're not telling me Uncle's on an underground expedition in unstable ground alone, are you?" Viper demanded intensely, frowning slightly.

"Of course not!" Jackie declared defensively, struggling to keep his voice down. "He has very capable assistance! I wouldn't trust his safety down there to anyone else."

"So that's where Tiger is," Viper murmured softly.

"Huh?" Jackie asked in confusion.

"Don't bother denying it, Kitten," Viper purred softly. "Your face is visibly softer like this. You used the Tiger Talisman to be in two places at once."

Jackie opened his mouth to deny.

"Also, all three of you are terrible liars."

Jackie's face fell. "Why am I 'Kitten'?" he asked morosely.

"You're both cats," Viper explained. "You're gentle unless provoked. He's vicious unless...tamed." She smirked wickedly as she said 'tamed'. "So he's Tiger, and you're Kitten."

"But that's-" Jackie was going to say 'demeaning', but before he could get the word out, Viper's hand was behind his ear and he suddenly found he couldn't get any words out.

"Say something?"Viper teased playfully.

Jackie let out a frustrated groan. "Don't tell Jade?" he pleaded softly. "I don't want her to know I used magic to be here. That teaches the wrong lesson..."

Viper chuckled softly. "In that case, stop flirting and focus on the play."

Jackie opened his mouth to deny he was flirting, but instead chose to focus on the play.

"I'll tell both of you what you can do to keep my mouth shut later," she whispered in his ear before turning back to the play.

In the row in front, Hsi leaned over to the fillies. "They do know we can all hear every word they're saying, right?" he asked in a playful whisper, setting them all to near-silent giggles.

Jackie trumped along behind Uncle into the underground city, the rock walls framing streets and the ruins of buildings. Uncle was paying close attention to everything, finding it all fascinating. Jackie was taking it all in for later remembrance, but wasn't bothering to focus on anything in particular. He'd already learned that memories from when he was split could be gone over in minute detail at leisure once merged, so there was no need for focused investigation...and he frankly wasn't in the mood.

His hand instinctively came up to block Uncle's strike at his temple, and his eyes narrowed irritably at the old man. "What?" he demanded crossly.

"Jackie!" Uncle complained angrily. "This is archaeological find of the century! Chance of a lifetime! And you act like little brat not wanting to go to the dentist! What is wrong with you?"

"Oh gee," Jackie replied sarcastically, "why would I possibly be upset about staring at all these fascinating rocks while Jade's at her play without me? This entire trip is simply invigorating!"

"Tohru is taping play for Uncle!" Uncle snapped angrily. "You can watch it later-"

"And I'd better get plenty of tape for all those baseball games too, shouldn't I?" Jackie interrupted with an angry snap.

Uncle fell silent, knowing exactly what Jackie was saying now. After all, for one reason or another Hook was one of Scootaloo's favorite movies. "I'm sorry, Jackie," Uncle offered sadly.

"Not your fault," Jackie responded gruffly as he kept moving deeper into the ruin.

"Then why you take it out on Uncle?" Uncle demanded irritably.

"Who else is here?" Jackie demanded angrily, swinging his hand back and into a support beam, which collapsed from the force as it shattered a glass canister containing what looked like a statue. The pipe the beam had been supporting broke with age, spraying the statue with water.

Cracks ran over the stone as the head slowly turned towards Jackie, opening yellow eyes. It then shook itself off, scattering stone flakes and revealing a troll with pale skin, a large head, pointed ears, spiky brown hair, a fancily tailored green suit with a black and red cape, and large brown clogs with springs in the bottom. "I'm free!" he declared eagerly as he sprang forward, the springs clanging loudly as they launched him forward to land right in front of Jackie. "Free to be meeeeee!"

The reason for the stretching of his voice was due to Jackie seizing both his feet in his hands as he jumped past him, proceeding to slam the jumping troll repeatedly to the ground to daze him before pulling Balance Breaker out and holding it to the being's nose. "You have three choices," Jackie stated flatly. "You can tell us how to put you back in stone, you can surrender yourself to magical authority to have your case properly processed, or I can split you down the middle."

The troll stared up at him along the blade with a disgruntled expression. Eventually, however, he sighed. "You've bound my feet so I must halt, now seal me with a pinch of salt."

"Salt I have," Uncle observed as he sprinkled it over the troll. The being slowly turned to stone. Uncle then turned to Jackie as he put it back upright under a protective awning. "That was...ruthless."

"He was imprisoned down here for a reason," Jackie pointed out flatly as he sheathed his sword. "I gave him the chance to be processed properly, and he chose being turned to stone again."

Uncle frowned. While he couldn't argue that, he didn't like seeing Jackie acting like this. He made a mental note to get Viper to talk to him.

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