• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Secrets of the Moon

Sweetie managed to reign Jade in just before she managed to actually enter the Temple proper, leaving the foursome stopped at the top of the Temple stairs. However, what actually brought Jade to a halt was the sight of a young Chinese girl about their age dressed in green, curled up on the floor in tears. As she heard them, she lifted her head to look towards them. Her long black hair hung in twin braids to either side of her face, and her brown eyes stared at them in a mix of fear and hope. "You should not be here!" she called out worriedly.

"Why?" Jade asked worriedly. "What's the matter?" She started to take a step forward. "Why are you-"

Sweetie Belle yanked Jade back with her magic. "Have you learned nothing from adventure movies? If mysterious stranger little girl in a temple gives you a warning, you listen!"


"And she's absolutely enveloped in the magic of the Temple!" Sweetie Belle continued. "She's probably some sort of Temple Guardian or something."

"Your Qi Lin companion is correct," the girl spoke up sorrowfully. "I am the Guardian of the Lotus Temple...though not by choice."

Apple Bloom tapped her chin. "Lemme guess. Ya wandered in one night when you were cold, next thing ya know the sun's up, Temple's gone, and you with it?"

"And that's how you find out you were drafted as Temple Guardian?" Scootaloo inquired. "Probably a result of some sort of preservation spell to keep anyone inside the Temple when it vanishes with the Moon alive by binding them to the magic of the Temple."

"But the only reason something like that would happen is if there were a way to circumvent it so people could leave," Sweetie Belle pointed out. "Otherwise there'd be dozens, if not hundreds of Temple Guardians, and no one would be able to move without bumping into each other."

"Or tripping over corpses as they died of starvation or old age," Jade murmured worriedly.

"Your deductions are accurate," the girl spoke up. "Five years ago, I wandered into the Temple...only to vanish with the dawn. I have been the Temple Guardian ever since, and I transform into a fell beast to drive out intruders. I did not want to hurt any of you, so I warned you away."

"So...can we come in?" Jade asked hopefully.

"I just said-"

"Yeah, you have to chase down and drive out intruders," Jade confirmed. "But if we're invited guests, then we aren't intruding, right?"

Apple Bloom grinned widely. "That's some good out-o-the-box thinkin', Jade!" she praised proudly.

The girl's eyes widened, as though she'd never thought about that. "Please, do come in as guests," she offered warmly. "But if I start to change into a monster, please run away!"

"How would we tell?" Scootaloo asked curiously. "Gotta be honest, even after growing up with them, humans look kinda freaky to me."

"I'm guessing horns," Apple Bloom suggested. "Humans don't normally got horns."

"But I keep reading about humans getting 'horny' in my stories!" Sweetie Belle complained. "What else is it supposed to mean?"

"Is...is this normal for all of you?" the girl asked Jade worriedly.

"You get used to it," Jade confirmed as she stepped over the threshold and towards the girl.

The Guardian winced, reaching her hand up to her forehead. When she felt no horns, she sighed in relief. "My name is Xu Lin," she introduced herself warmly.

"I'm Jade," Jade greeted happily. "This is Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo."

"And we're the Cutie Mark Crusaders!" the three fillies called out together.

Xu Lin turned to a nearby cabinet and pulled out a large jug. "For some reason, the Guardian magic insisted I carry sap remover for as long as you are within."

"Where are we gonna find tree sap in a bamboo grove?" Scootaloo demanded crossly. "I mean, come on-"

"Bamboo has sap," Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle pointed out together.

Scootaloo grumbled irritably.

"So, you will help me find a way to leave the Temple so I will no longer be bound as Guardian?" Xu Lin asked hopefully.

"Yup," Sweetie Belle agreed. "And the first step is to find the library."

"I will guide you there," Xu Lin responded eagerly.

"Wait!" Scootaloo yelled out. "What if Uncle Jackie comes looking for us and wanders in? He'll be an intruder."

"That's a good point," Apple Bloom murmured worriedly.

"Couldn't we hang a sign on the door that says we're inside, and Xu Lin could write that Jackie's allowed to come in?" Jade suggested. "That'd be an open invitation to him, right?"

"And we could add that all others should stay out!" Sweetie Belle insisted. "I don't trust that monk guiding us. He looks creepy. I mean he's a sleazy mustache and a snake staff away from being Jafar."

"I can not step past the threshold to hang the sign," Xu Lin spoke up. "But if I write it, could one of you hang it prominently?"

"I'll take care of that," Scootaloo responded eagerly. "I'm the only one who can get to Jackie's eye level-"

"We should make sure Audrey III's invited too," Apple Bloom added. "Wouldn't want two monsters dukin' it out amongst all those rare books and scrolls, and who knows what other artifacts."

"Audrey...III?" Xu Lin asked curiously.

"Mah Dryadic Familiar," Apple Bloom explained. "Giant flesh eating Venus fly trap that sings."

"Should we include Cumulo, or do kinto un not count as separate creatures as far as intruders go?" Scootaloo asked curiously.

Xu Lin shook her head in wonder. "You keep amazing company," she told Jade. "How can you be so calm amongst such wonders?"

Jade shrugged her shoulders. "Like I said, you get used to it."

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