• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Too Catty

Aria twisted back and forth to examine herself. While Sonata had been the first to start showing physical changes, all three of them had changed rapidly after that, likely due to the same harmonic resonance that allowed them to amplify each other magically when using their Siren magic together. Each of them now sported a somewhat thick coat of fur in the same colors their skin had been back in the pony world, or in the world Valmont and Bai had summoned them from where their pendants had been broken. Each of them also had a swishing tail, whiskers, and twitching cat ears, showing a definite 'house cat' appearance. "Okay...this is more than a little freaky..." Aria mused thoughtfully, trying not to stare at Sonata...who was busy trying to bat her own tail like it was a tassle as she swayed it playfully over her own head.

"Not to mention disappointing," Adagio grumbled as she shifted her top back into place.

"What do you mean disappointing?" Aria demanded in confusion.

"I thought turning into a catgirl had made my boobs and butt bigger," Adagio explained bitterly. "I mean, that's what it looks like, right?' She gestured to how her thick fur made her curves look bigger. "But they aren't any bigger, just fluffier!"

"Fluffy fluffy fluffy!" Sonata squeed happily as she started nuzzling Adagio's backside. Adagio ignored her.

"...that's seriously what you're on about?" Aria demanded angrily. "We turned into cat people! How is that not something you're worried about?"

"Have you seen the internet?" Adagio countered. "Do you know how much easier it's going to be making guys smitten and wowing them like this? Not to mention the fur's thick enough I could walk around in just my gem choker and not violate decency laws in most countries!" She suddenly glanced thoughtfully down at her clothes as she tugged idly on her jacket. "Now there's a thought..."

"How are you not worried about this?" Aria snapped. "It's not like this sort of thing happens every day!"

"With how many worlds we've been banished from and how many shapes we've taken as a result, you're honestly surprised I can just shrug off a new one?" Adagio asked playfully as she stroked her fur, ignoring how Sonata was now licking the back of her hand to groom herself. "Honestly, I'm just glad I got my old color scheme back. Do you know how disappointing it was to come home with human coloration instead of our beautiful siren scales?"

Aria blinked for a bit, then started to calm down. "Okay, point made, but please keep your pants on. The minute that gets exposed, your brain shuts off and you know it."

Adagio, who had been in the act of starting to pull her pants down, frowned and crossed her arms under her breasts. "Spoilsport."

"Forgive me if I'm a bit concerned about why and how this happened, not to mention what else might happen!" Aria snapped.

"Well, obviously it's the Cat of Khartoum," Adagio explained readily. "I figured out it would be Dark Magic the moment we knew some terrifying secret society or cult was after it. Plainly, anyone scratched by it becomes a cat-person." Smiling, she proceeded to perform a triple backflip while spinning from a standing start, to land perfectly on her feet on the roof above. "Cat-like grace, agility, and reflexes, feline appearance, some enhanced strength...seems like a pretty good deal if you're us."

"What do you mean 'if you're us'?" Aria asked in confusion.

"Haven't you felt it?" Adagio asked playfully. "That niggle at the back of your mind to purr, roll around, find some nip, or get some cream...or to chase some string or a plump, juicy mouse?"

Aria blinked. "Uh...yeah, I'd noticed," she agreed. "Part of why I was concerned."

"Obviously, it comes with all the instinctual behaviors, too," Adagio explained. "But because our Siren magic works by manipulating the behavior of others, we're naturally resistant to anything that would manipulate our own behavior."

"And that explains Sonata...how?" Aria asked curiously, gesturing to where Sonata was eagerly sharpening her new claws on the nearest wall.

"It's Sonata," Adagio pointed out. "She'd do this without the transformation if she thought it sounded fun. She's obviously just choosing to listen to those instincts for fits and chortles."

"So are either of you going to do anything about the dozen or so odd-smelling warriors in nondescript robes with some sort of holy magic that have us surrounded?" Sonata asked curiously. "I'd have said something sooner, but you two were all shouty."

Adagio and Aria both blinked, then turned to see the warriors - four surrounding each of them - that Sonata had pointed out. Their Siren instincts told them just how strong they were...and that they were equipped specifically for someone undergoing the transformation they had. "How did we not notice them sooner?" Adagio demanded. "I mean, enhanced hearing!" She wiggled her cat ears irritably.

"They probably know how to move quiet enough we wouldn't hear them," Aria answered petulantly. "So...what? That makes...36 times we've gotten into a heated argument only to be ambushed by people Sonata spotted but didn't mention because we yell at her when she interrupts us while we're shouting?"

"37," Adagio corrected idly. "We seriously need to take the time to give her a code word or something for when she has something urgent to tell us."

"We did," Aria pointed out. "She kept using it to point out fast-food specials, so we started ignoring it and she stopped using it."

Adagio sighed ruefully. "And she has no concept of 'danger', so that doesn't really work either..." She turned to the warriors and raised her hands. "Alright, we won't fight back. No need to get rough..." She smiled widely. "Unless you're into that..."

The warriors glanced at each other, then one stepped forward. "You'll come quietly?" a harsh, guttural voice demanded from under the hood.

"We will," Aria promised playfully. "But Dagi there's a screamer."

The three girls were led away, Adagio held by five of the warriors - at her insistence - Aria pushed forward with two at her back, and the rest of the warriors surrounding Sonata...who happily walked along on all fours with a leash hooked to her gem choker and a fish clutched tightly in her mouth.

Author's Note:

...I had way too much fun writing this chapter.

...does it show?

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