• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Ancillary Alliteration: Adventure Away

The next few years were rather uneventful for the three fillies. Their time in school went well, even if the teachers they had after Miss Cheer weren't nearly as fun. Their academics never suffered, though they didn't excel either...mostly because the amplified pendants caused anything they did academically to be perceived as 'normal' for them, meaning that nothing could be perceived as excelling. They worked around this by picking up their lessons with Uncle back at the shop, and helping research for Jackie's archaeological expeditions.

Unfortunately for the trio, making friends amongst their classmates proved to be just as difficult. While they were frequently invited to join in various games or other activities, they were never specifically invited, always as just part of the crowd. The pendants that kept them safe once more caused other problems, since they didn't stand out socially either, more often than not little more than extra warm bodies for the various activities. This was not to say they didn't enjoy being invited and joining in...but all three felt an obscure loneliness and exclusion in the knowledge that they'd never really be welcomed amongst their fellow students specifically for themselves.

Still, they pressed on. Unable to find such inclusion amongst others, they spent more and more time doing crazy things together around the city of San Francisco. The knowledge that anything they did would be overlooked as 'normal' made many things they'd normally never consider doing exciting challenges. Cumulo played a huge part in many of these endeavors, buzzing the tallest buildings around town before leaping off and finding ways to break their fall before they hit the ground, taking turns for how to do it. The favorite so far was Apple Bloom's bunge-ivy, when she called Ivy growing on the building walls to stretch out and catch them before flinging them back up into the air when they reached the bottom of the stretch, only to be caught by Cumulo on his return flight.

With all their activities together, the sense of loneliness and exclusion faded, though the trio still found themselves desperate for a real friend who liked them for them, someone to bring into their world of magic and embrace all the weirdness and excitement they lived with every day. They all doubted the chance something like that could happen, since ordinary humans couldn't notice anything magical about them - they'd checked, even having Scootaloo ride Cumulo into class, and while the comments of 'cool ride' had been promising, the teacher'd just told her he belonged at the bike rack - and anything magical they encountered likely wouldn't be able to be part of 'ordinary life', and any friendships found there were unlikely to be the sort to invite over for board games or a movie night.

So it was rather unsurprising to Uncle that, despite riding a cyan colored cloud with a rainbow colored contrail that could break the sound barrier, his three little girls arrived home with sad looks on their faces. Unpleasant, but unsurprising. However, he thought he had a few pieces of news that ought to cheer them up. "Welcome home, girls," he greeted them warmly, stepping out from behind the counter. "How was school?"

"...it was okay..." Apple Bloom answered morosely.

"Boring..." Scootaloo grumbled.

Sweetie Belle, ever the sort to try and find the good in things, offered, "The lunch you packed us was tasty?"

Chuckling, Uncle watched as the trio trudged to the table and got to their homework, working studiously away like good little girls...a true sign that they were feeling down in the dumps. "Well, Uncle has good news for you!" he chimed out happily. "Jackie will be coming back from his dig tomorrow!"

All three fillies immediately perked up. "Really?" Sweetie Belle squeaked out. "He'll be here tomorrow?"

"With all sorts of stories of his adventures?" Scootaloo added eagerly.

"And he can test me for my next belt?" Apple Bloom called out happily, her eyes going to where her gi hung in the closet, a red belt wrapped around it.

Uncle chuckled softly, pleased to see how much the three had grown to love and welcome his nephew. It was nice to see how their family had grown. Which, as it turned out, led into his next bit of news. "Although he won't be here until after school, most likely, so you'd best behave yourselves at school and not get detention."

Scootaloo blew a raspberry. "Like we ever do," she replied disdainfully...and more than a little morosely.

"One more thing!" Uncle spoke up, getting their attention. "Jackie is not only family showing up tomorrow. His cousins from Hong Kong are sending their daughter, Jade, to live with us for a year. She will be bunking with you." He smiled impishly. "She is about your age."

"We have a cousin?" Apple Bloom gasped out happily.

"And she's coming to stay with us?" Sweetie Belle squeaked, her voice cracking as she hit the high note.

As the pair started squealing happily, Scootaloo scratched at her chin thoughtfully. "How come they're sending her out here?" she asked curiously. "It's not one of those 'broaden her horizons' things, is it? I mean, if she's our age, isn't she a little young for that?"

Uncle winced. He had hoped he'd get by without spilling this part of what he had to share. "Well...it seems she has been...a bit of a troublemaker back home," Uncle admitted. "They are hoping Jackie will straighten her out."

Scootaloo's eyes widened eagerly. "You mean she knows how to have fun and isn't above stepping around the rules at times?" she asked happily. "And she's someone we can tell about us, because she's family?"

"Well..." Uncle began.

A high pitched squeal cut the air as the three fillies began cheering together.

Sighing, Uncle shook his head, rubbing his fingers in his ears. He didn't have the heart to disillusion them, not when they were this happy.

Author's Note:

Yes, that chapter title means no more trying to make all the titles alliterative. It was becoming difficult to manage.

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