• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Ancient Run

It wasn't long before the girls and Hsi Wu had breakfast ready. At nudging from Sweetie Belle, Hsi actually cooked up breakfast for the entire family, the scent of which soon had others waking from their beds to come down for waffles, bacon, eggs, and hash browns. Jackie, Viper, and Tohru each took seats to enjoy the meal without any words. Uncle, however, took one look at the scene and then turned to Hsi. "So, what magic does the armor have?" he asked bluntly.

"What makes you think I know?" Hsi asked evasively.

"Because if you did not and the five of you were awake without adult supervision, Jade would be playing with it!" Uncle insisted firmly.

"Hey!" Jade complained as the rest of the table chuckled. "I'm not that bad! ...anymore," she concluded honestly.

"It's got one of the Immortal's demon familiars inside," Scootaloo explained. "If you're wearing it when it activates and you're worthy, you turn into Superman. If you aren't, it eats you."

"Not quite at that level, but otherwise accurate," Hsi allowed. "But it doesn't give any energy based abilities...so I guess it's closer to say it turns you into Hercules...except it lets you float. Is there any comic book character like that? I've only got Jade's comics to work from, and I haven't been able to get into some of them."

"Super strength, enhanced speed, enhanced endurance, flight?" Jade clarified. "Sounds like Super Moose."

"...of course it does..." Hsi murmured grimly.

"And...how do we know who is worthy?" Viper asked nervously. "Because I'm really not liking the idea of playing Russian Roulette with a demonic anti-demon armor."

"The exact qualifiers have never been fully defined, but I know for a fact Jackie will be deemed worthy," Hsi Wu offered in a reassuring tone of voice.

"Me?" Jackie asked in surprise.

"The armor was made to let ordinary humans who wanted to protect humanity fight on even terms with my siblings and I," Hsi Wu explained. "You went into battle with Shendu at his full power armed only with an untested brand new magical sword and some runic armor fully dependent on everyone with you being able to keep chanting. If this had been during our first incursion, you'd have probably been named an Immortal instead of Lü Dongbin." He let that sink into everyone's heads, then smirked. "Besides that, you're just Sharaka's type."

"Sharaka?" Viper asked dangerously.

"The Battle Demon who was infused into the armor," Hsi explained. "She always loved the awkward, goofy, kick-ass types. I'd definitely recommend waiting until we're in Pamplona, Spain before you try it on."

"Why would I wait-we're going to Spain?" Jackie asked, switching questions mid-sentence in confusion.

Hsi chuckled softly. "In order regarding your questions...you shouldn't try it on until we get there because it takes a lot of Sharaka's energy to activate the armor, and she either has to recharge for a year or eat someone unworthy to fully replenish for another activation. Also, if there isn't any active danger, she's likely to try and 'get familiar' with you."

"She WHA?" Jackie gasped out in shock as Viper glowered possessively and nearly everyone else burst into laughter.

"And Valmont will be heading for Dai Gui's portal next," Hsi Wu continued, "and it's in Pamplona, Spain. Very close to where they hold the Running of the Bulls. We'll be able to see it - and likely participate in some way - while we're there."

"Is that a coincidence?" Tohru asked curiously.

"The timing?" Hsi clarified. "Unlikely. Location? Absolutely not. Dai Gui has the shape of a lion-maned minotaur, and his combat tactics are similar. The Running of the Bulls was founded to train the local people to evade his charges and thus be prepared to combat his return."

Jackie shook his head, trying to dispel unwelcome thoughts. "So how much time do we have to pack-" At that moment, his phone began to ring. "Just a second." He quickly picked up, putting the call on speakerphone. "Hello?"

"Jackie," Captain Black greeted from the other end of the line. "Get packing. We've managed to track Valmont's latest movements-"

"Is he going to Spain for the Running of the Bulls?" Jackie interrupted.

"...how'd you know?" Augustus demanded in confusion.

"Hsi Wu is a goldmine of information if you can pry it out of him," Jackie grumbled irritably.

"Why not just get Apple Bloom to ask him, then?" Augustus pointed out. "Isn't he anchored to her through Honesty?"

"Except the girls like doing things themselves for 'adventure'," Jackie pointed out. "And with him along, they can almost get away with it."

Augustus chuckled softly. "One thing's certain. Parenting didn't get any easier in a world of magic. Kids just got more options for misbehavior and trouble." The Captain then cleared his throat. "I'll get tickets for your whole group for this afternoon. That ought to give you all time to pack and make sure you can keep track of the kids."

"Viper and I are still packed from retrieving the Armor of the Immortals," Jackie pointed out. "...which turns out to have a female demon spirit inside which may or may not try to molest me while I'm wearing it..."

Augustus was silent for a very long time. "...you have the strangest problems in life," he finally murmured ruefully. "Oh, one thing I should warn you about. You're likely to encounter minotaurs while in Pamplona. Huge groups gather every year for the Running of the Bulls. Whatever you do, don't try to take any into a china shop, and avoid talking about things being red."

"Mess and charging?" Jackie asked worriedly.

"More like angry goring," Captain Black responded. "Minotaurs are a very proud race, and they've come to take the 'bull stereotype jokes' that have been wrongfully applied to them as a deadly insult. Anyone over the age of 13 making those jokes in their presence better be able to outrun the bulls in the festival."

"Thank you, Captain," Jackie offered as he hung up. He then groaned, putting his face in his hands as he began to mutter under his breath so only he could hear. "Pervy armor, easily offended minotaurs, jealous Viper, teasing girls getting out of hand...I'm beginning to think the demon will be the easy part of this trip..."

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