• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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The portal opened up in an odd zigzag, shaped not unlike a stylized lightning bolt and twisted almost on top of itself. Two large, blue, clawed hands extended out, forcing the portal open wider as Tchang Zu forced his way out of the Demon Netherrealm. He was a massive figure, with Valmont only coming up to his waist. He resembled nothing so much as a blue ogre dressed in blue-black samurai armor edged in gold. His crimson eyes stared down at the assembled as everyone stared up at him.

"My, he is a big fellow," Valmont murmured softly. He then raised his arms. "Demon of Thunder! Once more after eons uncounted, you walk this earth, free of the bindings laid upon you by the Ancients! And yet already come those who would bind you anew and all the more firmly! Behold the enemies of your clan!" He dramatically gestured with one hand towards the Chans. "What say you to them? What argument do you have for your freedom?"

"I have no argument," Tchang Zu growled out as he gathered energy between his palms. "The only thing I have for them is obliteration!" Thrusting his arms forward, he shot a massive bolt of magic lightning at the group, forcing them to lunge to the side to dodge.

"Well, so much for negotiation," Valmont murmured softly before leaping back as Chan charged him, dodging swings of his sword. "Already choosing up opponents, Chan?" Valmont asked curiously.

"Knight takes King," Chan replied cryptically as he tossed his sword into the air before delivering a flurry of punches and kicks at Valmont, only for him to flip into the air off one to deliver a floating bicycle kick back. "How did you-"

"Isn't Hollywood grand?" Valmont replied as he spun to kick Chan in the chest, only to withdraw a few feet as the sword came back down. To his surprise, one of the studio crew tossed him a live sword from filming. "Seems things have evened up."

Bai Tza moved to aid Valmont, only to be cut off by Viper. "Not so fast, sister," Viper growled as she drew an extending bo staff from her waist. "You wanna dance, dance with me."

To Bai Tza's surprise, Chao had made it to the weapons rack and tossed her a trident of all things. "I think you'll find difficulty matching my steps," she purred softly, expertly spinning the weapon she hadn't wielded in a very long time.

As Uncle moved towards Tohru and the chi spell kit, a pillar of smoke appeared in his path. "Not so fast, old man," Daolong Wong growled out as he appeared, staff in hand. "You've been a thorn in my side for far too long!"

"Leave Sensei alone!" Tohru roared out as he charged.

"Gan! Ren! Chui!" Wong declared, summoning his Dark Chi Warriors to battle Tohru, forcing him to toss the kit to the girls so he could engage in physical battle.

Jade managed to catch the kit. "Okay, looks like everyone's keeping the bad guys engaged, so we're going to have to cast the spell-"

"Look out!" Sweetie Belle screamed out, seizing Jade in her magic's grip and yanking her out of the way of Tchang Zu's next blast of lightning.

"I got this!" Apple Bloom declared. "Audrey!"

"Here I come to save the day!" Audrey III sang out as he moved to attack Tchang Zu...only to come under assault from a swarm of Shadow Khan armed with herbicide sprayers of all things. While it didn't affect him the same way it would a mundane plant, it was highly unpleasant and forced him to deal with the ninjas instead of the demon.

"...okay, ah don't got this," Apple Bloom admitted.

"In that case, you get the potion!" Scootaloo insisted. "I'll handle big blue there!"

"Are you insane?" Jade demanded in terror. "You think you can solo a demon?"

"No, I think I'm the only one who has a chance to stall him long enough to get the spell off!" Scootaloo countered as she hopped onto Cumulo. "I've been hit by lightning before, it tingled. I think I can handle this." Before the others could say anything, she zoomed up to face down the Demon of Thunder.

Tchang Zu chuckled wickedly as he saw her charge. "Feeble creature," he derided as he hurled a bolt from one hand straight at her. "Do you really think-what?"

His shock was because Scootaloo had jerked hard on Cumulo, causing the cloud to rear and absorb the lightning as it hit. "First rule of fighting magically!" she roared out as she sent the cloud into a spin. "Bring your A game!" Hopping off Cumulo, she gave the cloud a hard buck with both hind legs, discharging the lightning - now charged with Good Chi - right back into the demon.

Tchang Zu roared in pain and rage, then lashed out with his arm, managing to backhand Cumulo right out from under Scootaloo. "Second rule," he growled as Scootaloo buzzed her wings to stay in the air. "It is still combat!" He brought his hands together firmly in an attempt to crush Scootaloo between them. She managed to zip up out of the way, but the impact of the demon's hands released a thunderclap that knocked Scootaloo for a loop as the shockwave hit her. "Third rule...know your place!" While Scootaloo was still dazed, Tchang Zu charged up his lightning once more before rushing forward and delivering a powerful electrified uppercut to the tiny filly that sent her shooting up towards the stratosphere.

"Scootaloo!" Jade cried out in terror, desperately clinging to the others.

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