• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Dim Future

As the blast roared towards the fillies, three things happened at once. The first was a wave of water that lashed up from the river to knock Daolong Wong off his feet. The second was Hsi Wu diving to send all four girls prone to duck the blast. The third was the blast taking on a golden-green aura before arcing away from them to be swallowed up in by Po Kong.

Valmont reacted immediately. "What do you think you're doing?" he demanded angrily.

"I don't see how that's your concern," Daolong Wong responded dryly as he gathered his magic anew, watching idly as the pouch Apple Bloom had been carrying spilled open, the vials inside bouncing across the stone ground as one smashed open over the large drum nearby. "After all, you released me from immediate duty just a minute ago."

"Then I'm calling you back!" Valmont snapped out.

"I'm sorry, I'm a bit busy just now," Wong responded wickedly. "I'll get back to you." He lifted his staff. "Gan! Ren! Chui!" His three Dark Warriors appeared at his call, immediately lunging for the girls...only to be knocked back by Audrey's lashing vines.

Valmont's teeth clenched as his eyes bulged with his rage at being defied like this, at this worst possible moment. As his rage continued to build, he suddenly clutched at his head and fell back. His body vibrated, and for a brief moment two silhouettes were superimposed over him. One was the spirit of Shendu...the other completely indistinct. As the image faded, he slumped back. Bai Tza quickly moved to protect him, glaring daggers at Daolong Wong.

Hsi Wu shifted into position between the Dark Wizard and the girls, discarding his human form as he braced himself for combat. "You really should have chosen your battlegrounds better if this was your intent," he hissed out angrily as he called the winds, the rains, the clouds, the light of the sun, the air itself into his claws, preparing his magic for combat. "You know our little sister is protective of the fillies, you know my bindings, and you saw how Po Kong feels about the situation. Did you truly think you could stand against three Demon Sorcerers?"

Daolong Wong laughed darkly. "I never believed I would have to," he growled as he raised his staff before beginning to chant. "Ya Gaa Mee Mo Ya Gaa Mee Chi Wa...Ya Gaa Mee Mo Ya Gaa Mee Chi Wa..." The crystal in the staff blazed with light, dragging energy out of the three Demon Sorcerers and funneling it into the Dark Warriors.

Hsi Wu hissed in pain as he grabbed at his chest, going to one knee. "That spell...how did you learn of it?"

As Daolong Wong simply smirked, Jade moved to Hsi Wu's side. "What about that spell?" she demanded worriedly.

"I created it!" Hsi snapped out. "It was meant to let us combine our magics...but in the hands of a human, it could drain our magic right out of us! The Immortals used it to steal a piece of our Demon Chi as part of sealing us in the Netherrealm! But before I was sealed I cursed the spell, so no mortal eyes could ever behold it again!"

"Exactly," Daolong Wong responded with a wide grin, tapping his yellow left eye surrounded by the lightning bolt marking. "No mortal eye. It was quite the trial swiping this from Mimir...but it's proven worth it time and time again."

"Damn you!" Hsi Wu snapped out, trying to push himself to his feet.

"Don't bother," Daolong Wong stated flatly. "With your power feeding into my Warriors, you can't move...and you'll be immobile for quite some time after the spell is broken, and by then I'll have what I need. It would have been much simpler for all of you if you'd just let me take what I came for without this interference."

As he spoke, the Dark Warriors changed. Gan's body shifted from crimson to pale blue, his legs fusing together into a watery tail. Ren's skin turned grey as wings sprouted from his back. Chui turned green and gold, bulking up even more than he already was as his hammer increased in size as well.

Sweetie Belle reached desperately into her saddlebags and pulled out a strand of wool, quickly tying it around her own horn. "Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao...Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao..." As she chanted, a sphere of magic surrounded the four girls in a protective barrier. At the same time, the potion soaked drum began to glow.

Jade began frantically searching through the satchels even as the Demon Enhanced Dark Warriors began pounding on the barrier. "Come on, come on..." she murmured worriedly, flinching back as the enhanced hammer smashed down on the barrier, releasing a shower of sparks. "Something here has gotta help!"

"Better do it quick!" Apple Bloom called out worriedly as Ren swooped down, using his boomerang blade in an attempt to cut through the barrier like a buzzsaw. "Look!"

She pointed to where Bai Tza - still in her human form - was slumped against Valmont struggling to breathe.

"She wasn't...born demon," Hsi Wu managed to speak up. "If she were...in her demon form this...would just be a drain. But that form...is based on her original form. The spell...is sucking her demon magic...out from under her Wild Magic. If...if we don't stop it soon..."

Audrey's vines suddenly wrapped around Ren, slamming him repeatedly into the ground before hurling him straight into the glowing drum. It let off a loud boom as the Dark Warrior burst into smoke.

"That won't help for long," Daolong Wong growled as he started draining more magic, determined to get what he came for. The wisps of smoke moved towards him, beginning to take shape again.

Noticing Chui was between the barrier and the drum, Jade grabbed another bottle out of the satchel and popped it open. "Fǎnyìng lìliàng! Fǎnyìng lìliàng!" The smoke took the shape of a mirror just in front of the massive sledge. As the hammer struck the mirror, the mirror shattered and Chui was blown back with the force of the blow. He slammed into the drum, setting off another loud boom before bursting into smoke. The recoil from the spell also sent Jade to the opposite end of the barrier, closer to Po Kong, knocking her unconscious.

Hsi Wu's eyes widened. "Don't hit the drum again!" he called out desperately. "It has Po's banishment spell on it! A third strike will activate it!"

"How else are you going to deal with this?" Daolong Wong roared out, channeling all his gathered magic into Gan. Wings sprouted from his back as the blue was joined by green and gold. Three colors of magic gathered in the staff as it was thrown, shattering the barrier and scattering all inside explosively from the backshock.

Po Kong watched the battle unfold. She wasn't as weakened as her siblings by the drain due to her large size and just how much Chi she had to draw on. It would be painful to use magic while the spell was active, but not debilitating. However, she'd held back because moving too much here might hurt those she would be trying to protect, and she couldn't reach far enough to do much physically.

However, seeing Jade and the others about to be overwhelmed, she knew she would have to make a choice. She'd watched how Bai had developed a soft spot for the girls, how she relished those interactions...how they were becoming surrogates for her missing daughters. Assuming Daolong Wong's current spell didn't finish Bai off due to her not being in her demonic form, whatever he did to the fillies once he had them would. And she knew a powerful enough active Good Chi enchantment being activated would negate the magic the Dark Wizard had going, and prevent him from drawing more for a good while. I may not attend the wedding, she thought silently to herself, but I'll see it happen. Reaching forward with one hand, she clenched her fist.

Gan suddenly jerked, his body trapped in Po Kong's aura...though he already struggled to free himself. "What?" Daolong Wong gasped in shock.

Po Kong turned her eyes to Valmont. "Take care of her." With that, she thrust forward...and Gan flew into the drum, bursting into smoke with the final boom.

A blast of green magic shot out of the drum, dispelling Daolong Wong's spells even as Po Kong's portal once more opened up, slowly sucking her back into the netherrealm. She didn't even bother to fight it, letting herself be pulled back as she accepted that as the cost for saving her sister. She did reach forward in an attempt to seize Daolong Wong and drag him back into the Netherrealm with her, but he warped out of her grip just as her claws closed on him. She sighed in frustration at her failure.

...as a result, she missed what - or rather, who - was caught in her other claw as the portal closed on her.

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