• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Under Wings

"...and that's the situation now," Jackie explained as he slumped over, head in his hands as he'd finished explaining everything that had happened. "One of the Demon Sorcerers is now Jade's familiar, apparently. I'm honestly surprised Uncle is okay with this."

"I'm not," Captain Black responded readily as he looked over some papers. "The role of Good Chi Wizards is to combat rogue Dark Magic in order to maintain the balance. If Hsi Wu agreed to this of his own will, there's no better ally for Jade as far as working to keep the balance. Quite a few high level Good Mages have demonic familiars, some with bonds that have been passed down through the generations."

"...okay, I did not see that coming," Jackie admitted. "But that's not the worst part! Viper, Tohru, Uncle, the girls...they're all acting like Hsi Wu is Jade's boyfriend now, just because they first met and went on a date when he took a human form her age! The only one not acting like he's her boyfriend is her...although most media the girls watch suggest that's a matter of 'protest too much', which is even worse!"

"He can take the form of someone her age?" Captain Black clarified. "That'll make things much simpler."

"What things?" Jackie demanded crossly.

"Enrolling him at her school, for one thing."

"What?" Jackie demanded as he leapt to his feet. "Why?"

"Standard policy regarding demonic familiars for mage students in Elementary school," Captain Black explained. "Demonic familiars are registered either as fellow students if they're mostly humanoid or can appear human, and as service animals if they aren't or can't."

"...okay, I'm not sure how I feel about the idea of a seeing eye demon-" Jackie began.

"More therapy animal than sensory assistance," Captain Black clarified.

"But why would that be standard policy?" Jackie concluded.

"Because the primary role of a familiar at that stage of development is to be a protector," Augustus clarified. "And considering how big a role emotional state has in the way magic develops, that means protecting them physically and emotionally. Better the familiar is right there at his or her side to support them emotionally if they hit a hurdle, rather than ripping through walls to get into the school because they sensed them getting pushed, bullied, or yelled at by a particularly energetic gym coach." He straightened some paperwork. "Cheaper, too, both in terms of building repair and faculty turnover."

Jackie stared at Captain Black for a time. "It's upsetting just how much sense that makes..."

"Well, I'll get started on that paperwork," Captain Black continued. "Anything I can say to help you feel comfortable?"

"You can tell me the statistics about young mages growing up to form intimate relationships with their lifelong familiars is exceptionally low," Jackie groaned morosely.

Captain Black hesitated. "...uh..."

Jackie lifted his head. "...what?"

"If the familiar bond is formed under the age of seven for either gender, or above the age of fifteen for girls, statistics are exceptionally low for that happening," Captain Black began. "But..."

"...but?" Jackie coached.

"Bonds formed above seven for boys, or between seven and fifteen for girls, statistically...lead to happy marriages?" Captain Black offered helpfully.

Turning, Jackie proceeded to bang his head against the wall, muttering "Bad day" with every bump against the wall.

"He's what?" Valmont asked carefully of Tso Lan.

"It appears Hsi Wu was banished back to the netherrealm," Tso Lan explained carefully, "and...not even 12 hours later, summoned to a familiar binding contract."

"...familiar binding contracts work through the netherrealm banishment?" Valmont inquired curiously.

"They shouldn't," Tso Lan continued. "However, this was magic that was not a part of the world at the time the Immortals banished us, and so circumvented the normal seals."

"Then it was the Chans' fillies," Bai Tza spoke up as she entered. "And he's likely bound to the girl Jade as her familiar. Nothing to worry about there, he's probably perfectly content with the arrangement."

Valmont and Tso Lan both turned towards Bai Tza. "Is there something you wanted to share, love?" Valmont asked carefully.

"While you were playing chess with your friend, Hsi Wu swung by to ask me to teach him to dance," Bai explained. "Apparently, the fillies bound him to an oath to be Jade's friend and take her to the Spring Dance to get his tail back. Knowing Hsi, he was probably discovered at some point, stated flat out his intention to engage in battle with them ending in one side or the other magically bound to the winner, and promptly got his ass kicked because he was genuinely sweet on the girl and missed what was happening until she'd already put the spell on him." She tapped her chin thoughtfully. "If it were me, I'd have used a bright green ensemble and hid the banishment spell in the lip gloss...probably with a romantic flute song playing just before handing the tail over."

Tso Lan stared at Bai for a time, but was caught off guard as Valmont spoke up. "Did you give Jade lessons? Because I was aware of his banishment, and that's exactly how it happened."

"Oh, she's good!" Bai purred wickedly. "Brother's going to have his hands full with that one."

"But this is no real problem for me," Valmont concluded. "I've kept my end of the bargain with Hsi, by his own words."

"And our brother is now bound to those who seek to prevent our freedom," Tso Lan pointed out darkly.

"Actually, they just want to prevent your conquest," Valmont corrected. "They seemed quite happy with Bai and I being together, and would likely direct Hsi to assist in breaking the spell binding Shendu to me once I've filled my end of the bargain for everyone involved."

"Wait, what?" Shendu demanded in shock. "But your end of the bargain-"

"Was specifically to achieve and maintain your freedom," Valmont interrupted. "Helping you conquer the world was never part of that agreement. Any negotiations regarding that were specifically relegated to after your brotherhood was completely freed. 'One thing at a time,' I believe I said?"

Tso Lan frowned, looking rather perturbed. Bai, however, seemed quite happy with this outcome. "And if Hsi divulges the plans?" he demanded.

"He'd only divulge them to Jade and the fillies," Bai pointed out. "If she's anything like what I think, they'd want to try and get the jump on the old chi wizard as far as stopping us, both for the thrills and because they ship."

"That's hardly reassuring," Tso Lan groaned.

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