• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Heroes Gather

Jade paced back and forth worriedly on the third floor of Uncle's shop. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo watched carefully as she paced, their own expressions reflecting similar anxiety. Audrey III hung from the ceiling, completely relaxed. Finally, Jade exploded. "I can't believe it! How did those idiots beat us so badly that we needed magic government backup...and how did that backup get beaten so badly?"

"The baddies ain't as goofy as they seem," Apple Bloom offered. "Tohru told me a bit about 'em...they wouldn't be so high ranked in Valmont's organization if they didn' have talent."

"And Valmont wouldn't be in charge of a criminal syndicate that Section 13 can't take down despite knowing who's in charge if he were incompetent," Sweetie Belle adds. "Plainly, he took the time to plan out Talisman power combinations before handing them out."

"Well of course he did!" Scootaloo pointed out. "You really think an international crime organization is going to flick magical Talismans out to a bunch of goofballs at random and hope magic will fix all his problems?"

Audrey glanced in a seemingly random direction with a wide grin.

"Well what are we supposed to do?" Jade demanded worriedly. "We're dealing with competent foes using Talisman power. And either Jackie's going to go charging in unprepared, or stay out of it because it's 'not our problem'! But if someone doesn't stop Valmont and get the Talismans back, he could end up running the world!"

"Well what can we do about it?" Sweetie Belle demanded. "Our shared special talent is in Demon Hunting, not crime hunting or problem solving."

"Yeah!" Scootaloo agreed. "It's not like you can just throw a 'destiny' problem at us and we'll magically come up with a solution!"

Audrey's seemingly undirected grin widened.

"Well you're all I've got!" Jade gasped out at last, slumping in on herself. "If I talk with Jackie about this, he'll tell me it's not my business to worry about all this. If I talk to Uncle, he'll say Jackie can handle it. Tohru won't go against Uncle." She wrapped her arms around her legs. "I...I don't want to see Jackie get hurt..."

The three fillies cuddled up around her. "We dun wanna see that, neither," Apple Bloom agreed.

"But what can we do?" Scootaloo asked softly. "We're just kids. Even with our magic stable, we don't know what to do with half of it."

"It's not like we know a couple people tough enough to take care of themselves, familiar with Talisman magic, and willing to take our calls and drop everything to help us!" Sweetie complained. She then noticed everyone staring at her. "...what?"

Jade chuckled. "Sweetie Belle, you're a genius!"

"And here I thought she was a dictionary," Scootaloo joked.

"Just because I like knowing what I'm talking about-"

Jade quickly tuned out that conversation as she raced for the phone. She had a couple of calls to make.

Uncle worked calmly cleaning the shop. While nothing untoward had happened since Jackie's abortive attempt to fight the Dark Hand, he'd been on edge ever since. Having caught sight of Jackie incorporating his sword into his katas, he knew he wasn't the only one. He just wished he knew something that could tell him what he could do to fix whatever had gone wrong to create this situation.

As he thought this, he heard the bell at the front of the shop ring. "Go away!" he called out as he turned towards the pair of shadowed figures. "We are closed!"

The larger figure stepped out of the shadows, revealing a well fitting suit and a crimson mask. "We are not...customers," he stated ominously.

Uncle's eyes went wide. "JACKIE!" he screamed out. "We have a burglar!"

Jackie leapt out of the dojo on the second floor, sword drawn and chest bared, the 'mystic armor' runes inexpertly applied, giving him a bit of a 'wild man' appearance that made the masked figure flinch back in shock. However, at the sight of the figure, Jackie's face softened and he lowered the sword. "Uncle, he is not a burglar-"

Uncle promptly struck Jackie across the temple. "Of course he is a burglar! He is wearing a mask!"

A small Mexican boy stepped out of the shadows. "No, no, no, El Toro Fuerte never removes his mask," he proclaimed proudly, as though that explained everything.

Uncle frowned as something niggled his memory. Something about Sweetie Belle's hobbies and interests...

His thoughts were dashed as Tohru stepped out of the backroom, looking around in concern. As soon as the masked figure - 'El Toro Fuerte', apparently - caught sight of him, his expression hardened. "Dark Hand enemy!" he proclaimed, shifting into an angry crouch. Before he could leap, however, thorny vines shot out of alcoves in the walls to wrap around him, holding him to the ground. "Evil plant?" he gasped in shock.

"Audrey is not evil," Tohru stated firmly. "He is Apple Bloom's familiar...and apparently has little patience for comedic misunderstandings that cause fiscal collateral damage. I no longer work for the Dark Hand, and am firmly allied with this family."

"It's true!" Jackie confirmed.

El Toro relaxed, and the vines released him. "Apologies," he offered sincerely as he straightened his tie. "I was not informed of this."

Tohru nodded his head. "Apology accepted."

"Perhaps we can meet in the ring sometime, since we are now allies?" El Toro added hopefully.

"I look forward to it," Tohru agreed warmly.

"Looks like a real friendly reunion here," a young woman in a pink dress said as she stepped out from behind Jackie.

Jackie leapt in shock with a loud, "WUAAAGH!" After patting his chest for a time, he glowered at the woman. "Viper! What are you doing here?"

"Who'll save the day?" Audrey suddenly sang out. "The Superhero Squad! They'll hero up...AGAIN!"

"I think the plant summed it up nicely," Viper responded warmly, a chuckle in her voice.

"Aiyah..." Jackie groaned, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Jade reads too many comic books..."

"It's a good thing I'm here, though," Viper spoke up. "I found out from my contacts in the magical community that Valmont's been in contact with a Dark Chi Wizard named Daolong Wong, who was last seen in Tibet. Not long after the contact, Valmont's Enforcers booked a flight there."

"Then we know where we are going," Tohru stated firmly.

Jackie opened his mouth to argue, then closed it. "Even if I try to tell you all not to come and Tohru to stay and watch the shop and the children, you'll all end up coming anyway, won't you?"

"Isn't it adorable the way he thinks he's in charge?" Viper teased playfully, making El Toro chuckle.

Jackie buried his face in his free hand. "Bad day..."

"By the way, Jackie, I like the new look," Viper added, looking him up and down and playfully licking her lips.

Jackie glanced down, realized he was shirtless, and let out a startled yelp. "Bad day bad day bad day!" he cried out as he raced up the stairs.

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