• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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A Relaxing Trip

Jackie frowned worriedly as the group returned to Uncle's Rare Finds. While the trip to awaken Jade as the Chosen One had an unexpectedly happy and positive outcome as far as Jade was concerned, the last bit between Jade and Hsi Wu had left Jackie mightily disturbed. Jade no longer objected when someone referred to Hsi as her boyfriend...and Jackie was not comfortable with the idea of Jade dating at her age, especially not with a Demon centuries her senior. That was not something he could greet with equanimity...even if he was emotionally torn every time he caught sight of them holding hands.

"To be fair, that's all they do," Tiger pointed out from his shoulder. "Hold hands, Jade slipping under his arm, maybe a kiss on the cheek. Not even on first base, so we really shouldn't be reacting so negatively."

"But she's much too young to be dating!" Kitten insisted. "Especially not someone so much older than her!"

"Actually, by demon standards Hsi's still a teenager," Tiger pointed out. "About equivalent to 15 by human standards."

"That's even worse!" Kitten cried out despairingly. "I can't even count on him for responsible behavior then!"

"Look, we know Hsi cares a lot about her and is looking out for her," Tiger insisted firmly. "He's not about to do anything to hurt her, so he's not going to be doing anything when she's this young-"

"She now has the experience of all past Chosen Ones to draw on, he's bound to the spirit of her will, it's up in the air which of them is more mischievous by nature, and they share a bedroom," Kitten countered pointedly.

Tiger hesitated. "...okay, yeah, we need to fix that last one."

"Apple Bloom," Jackie asked courteously, "do you think you could add another bedroom to the shop?"

"Shouldn't be too hard," Apple Bloom allowed. "But ah don't see why we need one. We've got a couple guest rooms, and bedrooms fer everyone-"

"I think Hsi needs his own room now," Jackie explained firmly.

"What?" Jade yelped out. "Why? You never insisted on that before!"

"You weren't sharing kisses before," Jackie pointed out flatly. "I'm not comfortable with you sharing a bedroom with your boyfriend, even if you are sharing it with your cousins as well."

"But Jackie-"

"I think you're looking at it the wrong way, Uncle Jackie," Scootaloo spoke up thoughtfully. "Our room has no dividing walls, and only a one-person bathroom attached. Not exactly any privacy in there."

"And?" Sweetie asked curiously.

"Jade, how many spells of silence and sound suppression do the past Chosen Ones know?" Scootaloo inquired blandly.

"Oh well-" Jade cut herself off. "Not...that many..." she offered unconvincingly.

"Yeah, kinda figured if Emeraude was anything like you - or if any of the past Chosen Ones were - they'd have made it part of the duties of each generations Chosen One to memorize any new spells developed during their life time," Scootaloo observed calmly, buffing one hoof against the fur of her chest, which was starting to develop slightly thicker than fur elsewhere on her body. "That way even if the spells are lost in books or scrolls, the Chosen One knows them."

"And if I give Hsi his own room, then that's a room with privacy that Jade knows how to magically sound proof," Jackie deduced with a rueful sigh. "Why can't magic make things easier?"

"It does," Viper pointed out happily. "Let them continue sharing a room. Even if Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo give no thought to anything the pair get up to, they'll say something about it...and neither Jade nor Hsi is enough of an exhibitionist to not want privacy."

"Correction," Hsi Wu spoke up diffidently. "Jade isn't enough of an exhibitionist to not want privacy...yet." He paused, scratching his chin thoughtfully. "As far as I know, anyway." He blinked as he realized everyone was staring at him. "What? You're surprised the one who flies around in only a loincloth in his natural form has no shame?"

"Woof," Jade murmured under her breath.

"Woof indeed!" Queen purred from her shoulder, tugging gently at her gown. "And he's definitely right on that 'yet'. And we already know when we get older we'll have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of." She posed sensually with a slow wink in Hsi's direction.

"Good god it's so much easier dealing with you when I don't have to pretend to be shocked by your behavior," Emeraude groaned softly, walking around Jade's shoulders to smack Queen in the temple with two fingers.

"Ow!" Queen snapped back. "Who do you think you are, Uncle-GYAH!"

To Jade's surprise, a tiny Uncle in a wizard's robe was yanking hard on Queen's ear. "One more thing!" he insisted firmly. "Respect your elders!"

"Oh lay off," another Uncle countered, this one dressed in leather pants, a leather vest, and the Dog Talisman. "Don't you remember what it was like to be young?"

"No, that's your job now," the wizard Uncle snapped irritably.

"Oh, right," Hsi Wu added thoughtfully. "You can see someone else's consciences if they interact physically with yours. Of course, once they do, things can get...hectic."

"We can interact physically?" Kitten asked in surprise. "You mean I can actually do something about the way Queen is dressed-"

"It goes both ways, handsome," the catsuit wearing Viper purred as she and the apron-clad one nuzzled up to Tiger...though this time the apron-clad Viper had left her sundress on Viper's shoulder.

"Like I said," Hsi groaned ruefully.

"Hacha!" Uncle declared happily as he lifted up some of his mail.

"What is it, Sensei?" Tohru asked curiously.

"Uncle's business associate Mr. Lam is executor of an estate!" Uncle explained happily. "He wants to sell all contents of estate to Uncle in bulk for the shop! Many valuable antiques in old Chinese mansion! Could be big windfall."

"In that case, why don't we all go check it out?" Viper suggested happily. "It sounds like a perfect relaxing trip for everyone, and a good chance for Jade and Hsi - and everyone else - to get used to the new changes without anything serious hanging over our heads."

"And who will run Uncle's shop?" Uncle demanded irritably.

"Lucia and Ysabelle could run the shop," Sofia offered warmly. "Lucia's very good at tending to ancient objects, and Ysabelle is very good with account books and coin." The two named sisters perked up at the idea of being given a chance to take responsibility like that.

"Well...okay," Uncle allowed happily. "What could go wrong?"

Jackie groaned ruefully. "'Unexpected' adventure, here we come..."

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