• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Wings Folding

Bai Tza stared curiously at Valmont and Xanatos as they sat across from each other at the table, simply staring and smiling. The initial meeting and discussion between the pair had been interesting to say the least, confusing to say the most. Xanatos had asked Valmont a few business questions, Valmont had given in depth non-answers, and the most specific discussion that never actually said anything that Bai Tza had ever heard occurred. The discussion eventually ended, and both seemed satisfied with the result. She had made a mental note to ask Tso Lan later if he could explain what had happened to her.

As for now, Xanatos was ready to head back to New York and inform 'Big O' - whoever that was - that there was nothing here to be concerned about, but first he wanted to face Valmont once more in their own special brand of chess. This apparently involved setting up the chess board, sitting to either side...and then staring at each other for anywhere from half an hour to two hours with a smile until one or the other reached out and tipped their king over and declared a good game. They seemed to enjoy it, but she wasn't entirely certain what they were doing.

As such, she was rather pleased for the distraction when she felt the air around her shift, an old signal Hsi Wu had developed for when he wanted to talk privately with her without getting the attention of their other siblings. She was surprised that Valmont didn't even take his eyes off Xanatos as she got up to leave, but he did wave happily in her direction without looking away from his 'game', so she wasn't too put out. Instead, she made her way to the nearest balcony where she knew she'd find her Brother of Sky waiting for her.

When she saw the form he'd taken, however, she nearly lost her composure. "...you're adorable!" she finally squeaked out.

"Can you please not make this any more awkward for me than it already is?" Hsi Wu demanded as he braced his human form on the balcony railing, preferring to perch like a demon even if he was human at the moment.

"I hope you didn't fly up here," Bai warned. "Valmont has a guest, and he brought a Gargoyle as backup."

"European or Oriental?" Hsi asked incisively.


Hsi shivered. "Most of the world's forgotten they came into existence as Wild Magic's answer to creatures like us. I wonder if Valmont's guest remembers?"

"He hasn't said anything, but I'd bet he knows," Bai confirmed. "Now, why did you call me out here, anyway? Somehow I doubt it was to talk about Gargoyles..." She grinned impishly. "Even if you did base your demon form off them out of a strange respect for the threat they posed."

Hsi Wu glanced down off the edge of the balcony and murmured something under his breath.

"What was that?" Bai asked, leaning in closer. "I couldn't hear you."

"I need you to teach me how to dance, okay?" Hsi snapped out, his human cheeks flushed. "...and curse this human form for not hiding my emotional state well!"

Bai burst into a wicked giggle. "Dance lessons? Hsi, just what are you playing at? Between staying human and asking me privately, I'd almost think you had a date..." Her voice trailed off as her eyes locked on the Yin pendant he was wearing. "...oh my gosh, you do, don't you?"

"Shut up!" Hsi snapped angrily, his cheeks burning. "I'm only going through with it because the blasted ponies have my tail trapped and invoked The Promise to bind me to get it back. I don't want War's Child haunting my dreams or worse!"

Bai Tza shivered violently. "No one does," she murmured worriedly. "Why did you agree?"

"It was either that or get fed to their plant for Sarlacc-style digestion."


Hsi Wu frowned up at Bai in irritation. "You of all of us should remember those movies. I went to a lot of effort to hold a wall breach long enough for us to watch the whole thing."

"Oh, sorry," Bai apologized. "I was too busy drooling over Harrison Ford to pay attention to fake magic."

Hsi Wu groaned and rubbed his head. "Look, can you just teach me to dance? The Spring Dance is only in a few days, and I still need to figure out a good plan to make sure Jade has a good time."

"Maybe I could help with that?" Bai suggested. "I'm sure Valmont would love to set some things up to create a huge gaffe for Section 13 and the Chans while giving Jade a good laugh-"

"No!" Hsi Wu snapped out. "Definitely not! The whole reason those girls wanted me to do this was to give Jade some normal! How is that anywhere even close to normal?"

"...for her?" Bai offered helpfully.

"I'm trying to give her a fun night away from that!" Hsi growled, throwing his hands into the air angrily.

Bai stared at Hsi Wu for several moments. "...you actually care about her, don't you?"

Hsi Wu said nothing, turning away and mentally cursing his flaming cheeks.

Bai let out a happy squeal. "Oh my gosh! My little brother has his first crush!"

"Little brother?" Hsi snapped out angrily. "I'm a century older than you!"

"Not like this you aren't," Bai teased, ruffling his hair.

Hsi made a very rude sound in the back of his throat. "A pox on all females," he growled irritably.

"Already exists," Bai responded curtly. "It's called PMS these days."

"And here I thought that was a pox on men for having to deal with that?" Hsi offered teasingly.

"Turn human for a month and try it, then see what you have to say."

Hsi Wu visibly recoiled. "Lord Maou forbid!"

"Do you want those dance lessons or not?" Bai demanded curtly.

"...yes please," Hsi Wu offered apologetically.

Bai nodded, pulling her brother onto the balcony. "You're lucky this balcony's big enough. Otherwise, I'd have to bring you inside for lessons, and then Xiao and Tso would hear about this. Now, follow my lead..."

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