• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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The Spirit of the Ox

El Toro awakened slowly after the explosion that rocked the ring. The first thought that came to his mind as he regained consciousness and saw the wreckage was, The manager is not going to be happy about this...

As more of his mind came back to him, he shot up into a sitting position, looking around worriedly. "Paco? Girls? Jackie?" he called out worriedly.

"Easy there, El Toro," Jade told him, putting a hand to his chest. "Paco's okay, and so are the girls and I...but the Dark Hand took Jackie! We need to help him!"

El Toro stared at her, then sadly. "I cannot," he offered apologetically. "Without my mask, I have no power..."

Jade thrust his mask into his hands. "Then put it back on already!" she insisted.

"It is not that simple," El Toro explained. "I removed my mask. I have forsaken the spirit of the Ox, and cast aside my honor. I am no longer a warrior..."

Jade stared at him, then scrunched her face up in frustration, plainly trying to come up with some way to convince him. "If you can't be a warrior, then be a hero!" she offered finally. "You gave up a lot to save Paco and the rest of us, that was pretty heroic!" Taking the mask, she tried to force it onto his head. "Come on!"

"It will do no good," El Toro told her. "With the Ox in that man's hands, his power is overwhelming. I cannot match him."

"Well you aren't going to let a bunch of girls go after them alone, are you?" Jade demanded angrily, grabbing the front of his wrestling outfit.

"I am pretty sure a unicorn, a pegasus, and one who commands plants need no assistance from me," El Toro answered readily.

Jade blinked in surprise. "You're aware of that?" she asked, shocked. Paco hadn't even reacted to the tame cloud, after all.

"Of course," El Toro replied softly. "Sweetie Belle said I had become synchronized to the Talisman..." His voice trailed off as an idea occurred to him. It was stupid, reckless, and probably wouldn't work...but it sounded plenty heroic. "Perhaps you are correct," he stated, standing up and pulling his mask back on. "Perhaps there is something...heroic I can do. Which way did they go?"

"Audrey saw them going west..." Jade began, unsure what had come over El Toro.

"Stay here," El Toro instructed, turning to race west towards the air field.

"Pssh," he heard Jade grumbling behind him. "If I don't listen to Jackie when he tells me that, what makes you think I'll listen to you?"

As El Toro ran, he prayed in the depths of his mind. Spirit of the Ox, hear me...though I forsook you to save those in need, I beg that you do not forsake me. One who is a worthy opponent, one who has helped me enjoy battle for the first time since I took the belt, is now in great danger, and only with your help will I be strong enough to assist him, and stand up to one who would misuse you! You did not choose me to be a champion...you chose me to be a hero! I see that now! Spirit of the Ox, one last time, lend me your strength that I might be the hero you chose me to be!

Though El Toro was unaware of it, the symbol of the Ox Talisman appeared in both of his eyes, flaring with light...and then he felt his blood burn, the familiar feeling of the power of the Ox flooding his body, though less intense than before. Still great strength, but not quite what the Talisman would give the giant. Still, it would be enough.

When he reached the air field, he saw that the thugs who had threatened the children were already on a plane, and it was about to take off. "HIYAAAAAH!" he screamed out as he leapt, bringing his arm down in an overhand chop.


El Toro stared as he saw his arm shear through the tail of the plane, severing the entire portion as it fell off, rendering the plane incapable of take-off. He pulled back his arm, staring at it in shock. He didn't even feel pain.

Before long, the giant stepped off the plane, the Talisman clutched in his hand and glowing. El Toro knew he didn't have enough strength to meet him head on. He would need a different strategy...especially now that Paco and the girls had caught up and were watching. As the giant's fist pulled back, Jade shouted out, "El Toro! Duck!"

Remembering how Jackie had fought him, El Toro consciously imitated the moves of El Mono Balando, ducking under the strike as it came. He repeated the move with the next punch, and rolled back out of the way at the attempt to grapple. The giant snarled in fury and pulled his fist back, plainly intending another explosive punch to the ground. Rushing in, El Toro once more mimicked Jackie's tactics, delivering solid punches to the giant's stomach.




And a kick!

To his surprise, the strike of his leg sent the giant off the ground, flying backwards several feet to land on his back, clutching at his gut. Taking full advantage of the situation, El Toro lunged forward and seized the giant by his ankles. Aid me, Spirit of the Ox! he pleaded silently.

Feeling the fire in his veins blaze, he began to spin, swinging the giant around him before hurling him up into the air, screaming. El Toro then watched the shadows on the ground carefully, and took two steps to the right before raising his fists. The giant came down with a choked grunt of pain as he came down with El Toro's fists in the center of his back, on either side of his spine. His hands opened convulsively, sending the Talisman bouncing away. El Toro then deposited the now unconscious giant in the flatbed of a nearby truck.

Noticing the other thugs staring at him in shock and fear, El Toro cricked his neck, then extended a hand, beckoning them.

"Let's get out of here!" one of them shouted, racing for the truck.

"New guy is out!" the one who'd threatened Sweetie Belle screamed as he ran, only to scream even louder as thorny vines dragged him into the underbrush, followed by the sound of shaking trees and something snapping.

The others leapt into the truck and drove off with the giant, leaving Jackie tied up and staring in the plane. "Whoa," Jackie murmured, stunned. "Bad day for Tohru..."

As soon as the truck was out of sight, the flames left El Toro's veins, and he collapsed to the ground like a puppet whose strings had been cut.

"El Toro!" Paco cried out in shock, racing forward.

El Toro tried to respond, but no sound would come out.

"He burned up a lot of his chi mimicking the magic of the Talisman!" Sweetie Belle called out. "He needs more, but I don't know how-"

"I've got an idea!" Jade called out.

El Toro felt something cold made of stone pressed against his forehead, and his breathing became easier as familiar energy flowed into his body from his forehead. Opening his eyes, he saw Jade holding something against his forehead as Jackie approached. "Thank you, Jade," he said softly as he put his hand to his forehead, holding the Talisman there himself.

"How'd that work?" Sweetie Belle asked in confusion.

"Well, you said he burned his chi to make Talisman Magic," Jade explained. "And he said you said his chi was attuned to the Talisman. So I figured the Talisman could use its magic to restore his chi."

"It appears you were correct," El Toro murmured as he sat up, more than a little surprised as Paco glommed onto his side briefly. He took the Talisman from his forehead once he felt his strength returning to normal. "And you were correct as well, Sweetie Belle. I am not cut out to defend the Talisman." Turning, he handed it over to Jackie. "But you are."

Jackie chuckled nervously, obviously flustered. "Thank you, Mr. El Toro," he replied awkwardly as he took the Talisman.

"But, what will you do now, El Toro?" Paco asked worriedly. "The ring..."

"I am no longer a warrior of the ring," El Toro explained. "As Jade said, I am a hero now, and I must train as such." He turned to Jade with a smile. "Should my skills and strength ever be needed in this struggle the Talismans have created, feel free to call on me, and I will answer."

"Will do, El Toro!" Jade replied, giving him a thumbs up.

"I'll miss seeing you in the ring!" Sweetie Belle offered. "You were my favorite!"

"I shall miss it too," Paco added sorrowfully.

"Do not be so dismayed, Paco," El Toro reassured him, ruffling his hair. "After all, I am certain Jade will confirm...every hero needs a sidekick."

Paco's eyes shone with eagerness.

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