• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Birthday Bonanza

Uncle smiled softly to himself as he and Jackie set up the last few details within the shop's living area. He had been waiting for this day for several years now. While he hadn't thought something like this was necessary when he'd believed the fillies to be just animals, once they started talking, he knew it was. However, he was insistent on waiting on any of these until the three of them were cognizant enough to be fully aware of everything involved. Their taking good care of Rhino showed they were ready to handle things responsibly, and the fact that they were now speaking complete - if sometimes broken - sentences showed their minds had fully developed as far as conscious memory went. As such, Uncle decided it was time to begin a few...celebrations.

Once the fillies had gone to bed the previous night, he and Jackie had worked all through the night to have everything prepared by sunrise, not wanting anything to spoil the surprise. The decorations were hung, the presents were prepared, the cake was baked, and the candles were lit. Now, all that was left was the fillies.

As Uncle should have guessed, without him to wake them up at sunrise, they slept in an extra two hours. Thankfully, Jackie had the sense to extinguish the candles before the wax could reach the cake, and wait to reignite them until the fillies could be heard moving about upstairs. Once that was heard, Jackie lit the candles again. The sound of the match brought the fillies racing down to see what was going on, only for them all to gasp in amazement.

Uncle smiled down at them all. "Happy Birthday," he said warmly. He pulled out the chairs for the three to make their way to the table. Once they were all up, Jackie began singing.

As the song finished, Jackie smiled widely. "Now make a wish and blow out the candles," he instructed.

Grinning widely, Scootaloo spread her wings.

"Aiyah!" Uncle shouted out, scared of the mess that might happen. "Breath only!"

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle giggled as Scootaloo frowned. The three then tilted their heads in thought before each of them smiled. They then leaned forward together and blew out the candles.

Jackie clapped happily as he began serving out breakfast along with slices of the cake, which was decorated with orange, yellow, and white icing. Since it was their birthday - or, at the very least, the anniversary of their arrival, which Uncle had decided to treat as such - it had been decided that the three could eat however they wanted for today. Unsurprisingly, upon being told this, Scootaloo promptly buried her face in her plate, snarfing away. Apple Bloom swiftly joined her, with only Sweetie Belle carefully levitating each bite to her mouth.

Uncle and Jackie enjoyed their own breakfasts and cake, watching the fillies indulge. Once they were done eating, they promptly picked Apple Bloom and Scootaloo up, carrying them to the sink.

"What gives?" Apple Bloom complained.

"You ate rather messily," Jackie told the filly in his hands. "So you need a bath."

"What about Sweetie?" Scootaloo whined angrily.

"She no eat messy!" Uncle countered.

Smirking, Sweetie Belle blew Scootaloo a raspberry...only to get a bit of cake from Scootaloo's mane thrown in her face. "Uncle..." she whimpered.

Sighing, Uncle dropped Scootaloo into the warm water in the sink before going back to scoop up Sweetie Belle. "Not cool, Scootaloo," Jackie scolded.

"But..." Scootaloo complained, wilting under his gaze.

"There are better ways to handle things like that," he chided as the three fillies got their impromptu bath...even if this did result in vast amounts of water being transferred from the sink to all over Jackie, Uncle, and the kitchen.

On the table, Rhino popped his way out of his hamster ball, grabbed a forgotten baby carrot off Scootaloo's plate, stuffed it into his cheeks along with a hunk of cake, before climbing back into his hamster ball and sealing it back up, rolling away to where he could dock with his maze and stash his sneaky find, hoping he'd have time to come back and grab more.

Once the three fillies were cleaned, Uncle and Jackie brought them to their presents, which got the three even more excited. For Apple Bloom, Uncle had gotten her her own miniature greenhouse and planting pots, so she could experiment with growing her own plants magical and otherwise. Sweetie Belle received a toy microphone and a book on the magical properties of music. Having seen one of the ways Scootaloo liked getting around, Jackie had gotten her a scooter sized to her body, along with a little wagon for the other two to ride in behind her. He thought it appropriate somehow for reasons he could not explain, but was pleased to see the three so overjoyed with their gifts, bouncing up and down happily and cheering, and babbling to each other about everything they were going to do with them. Jackie couldn't help but be worried when Scootaloo talked about racing down the hills with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle pulled behind her. He'd seen her idea of safe speeds. He made a mental note to get all three helmets as soon as possible...and pads as well, if not full fledged padded body suits...though those would probably be difficult and have to be custom made.

Uncle smiled softly down at the fillies as they babbled excitedly. "Girls, Uncle has extra surprise for you." As his words reached them, the trio rushed over, smiling widely. "Uncle knows you three have been fussing, need more space and time than Uncle can give. One more thing, Uncle thinks fillies could use friends, and wider learning than just magic." The three fillies smiled, liking the sound of making friends and learning more. "Uncle has found solution, though. Starting tomorrow, fillies enrolled in school! How is that for birthday surprise?"

The three fillies stared up at Uncle, tilting their heads in confusion. Jackie groaned, burying his face in his palm. "Bad day..." he groaned, not looking forward to what was sure to happen.

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