• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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****-Mothering Vampire

"Run!" Hsi Wu barked out before anyone else could say anything. On instinct, the entire group took off away from the robed figures even as they started to gather magic between their hands to attack.

As the group got distance, Jade decided to speak up. "So...why are we running, anyway? Pretty sure we could have handled those guys."

"Too many unknowns and handicaps," Hsi Wu pointed out flatly. "Not to mention we were unprepared for a confrontation against an unknown formulation of magic. I certainly didn't recognize how they were shaping their magic."

"Felt like they were shaping it through those rings they were wearing," Sweetie Belle pointed out thoughtfully. "I didn't get a good look at them, but it felt a bit like blood magic...but not quite."

"Means the rings are forged and linked to bloodlines," Viper pointed out with a frown. "The specific magic is meant to call on the collected magic of the entire bloodline since the forging of the ring, and it can only be used by someone of the bloodline wearing the ring. That's very dangerous magic to be tangling with."

"And makes perfect sense for a secret society that's escaped notice all this time," Scootaloo added. "That much power at their disposal? They could easily clean up any trace of themselves as they went, and there's bound to be members secretly in magical law enforcement to help cover up any trace of their work or misdirect the investigation."

"Probably got their own warp network functionin' under the existin' one that law enforcement uses, so spells that detect unauthorized warping don't pick up their movements," Apple Bloom pointed out ruefully. "So no tellin' how many reinforcements they can call in how quickly."

"Not to mention if we are famous for dealing with archaeological crime solving, they probably expected us at some point," Jackie pointed out as they turned a corner and found a place to rest. "Which means they are prepared for us...and we are not prepared for them."

Jade frowned as she caught her breath. "So...let me get this straight," she began as she held up her fingers and began counting off points. "We're up against a secret society of mages that can call on magic built up through centuries at least with who knows how many members. Just about anyone we go to for extra backup could be one of them, and there'd be no way to know for sure until they had us in a trap because we didn't get a clear look at their symbol...and on top of that the rings might have built-in illusions to hide the symbol except when at meetings of said society. They are specifically prepared for dealing with us and everything we can bring to bear, and we can't count on any official backup. And we don't know what their plan is or what schedule they're on, so we are on a time limit we don't even know to stop them from trying to use Stonehenge for whatever they're doing...which we also don't know." She held up one last finger. "And we need to do all that while protecting Mei Ling, since they probably have means for dealing with those like her. Is there anything I've missed? Any other way we're screwed?"

"Actually, there is one good thing in all this," Hsi Wu pointed out hopefully. "Bloodline magic only works for humans or those with human life span. So in all likelihood, we'll only be dealing with humans, and non-human assistance can likely be trusted. Especially from anyone exceptionally long lived."

"Well, unless you just happen to know someone who fits that bill who might be willing to tag along with us for a lark and has plenty of power at his disposal, I don't see how that helps us," Jade pointed out flatly. She then noticed Hsi's grin. "You do know someone."

"I just hope he...or she...is currently awake," Hsi pointed out as he hopped to a nearby roof and began looking around.

"Eh?" Jackie asked in confusion.

"Yeah, Ally gets bored every so often and swaps," Hsi explained readily. "Weird, but fun." His ears twitched. "That way."

Hsi Wu confidently led the group to a fenced in mansion with a great deal of acreage within the fence, showing signs of being upgraded with beyond state-of-the-art technology hidden within traditional architecture, along with magic protections laid down that made the entire group shiver from the willies with the intensity of it. As everyone else stared, Hsi Wu walked up to a call box at the side of the gate and pressed the button.

"Can I help you?" an elderly, British accented voice asked courteously.

"Can Ally come out and play?" Hsi asked playfully. "We go way back."

There was a rueful sigh on the other side of the grill. "Who shall I say is calling?"

"Tell him I still owe him an Unfiltered for what happened with him and my little sister," Hsi responded easily.

"Jesus Christ, Hsi, let it go already!" a much more aggressive voice called out from the other side of the grill. "It was thousands of years ago!"

"She was 14!" Hsi snapped back angrily.

"Physically, so was I!" the voice - 'Ally', presumably - snapped back. "And we were in Japan!"

"Those laws didn't even exist yet!" Hsi snapped back.

"My point is that she was past legal age of consent back then," 'Ally' countered in a playful tone. "Hell, she was of marriage age for back then. And she never did get married, so it's not like being 'dishonored' was the end of the world."

"It would have been if I hadn't made and used the Deja Vu stone to go back and prevent the Chosen One from being destabilized and exploding!" Hsi growled in fury.

"Oh...so that was this guy..." Jade murmured worriedly.

"This is going to be so awkward," Emeraude added from her shoulder.

"Isn't he one of those who can see shoulder people?" Queen purred wickedly.

"By the gods..." Emeraude whimpered.

"See?" 'Ally' countered playfully. "You fixed it! I don't know why you're still going on about it!"

"Do you know how rough she had it through becoming Chosen One because of that?" Hsi raged angrily. "It took years before she had the courage to even wash herself alone for fear touching herself wrong would damage the fabric of magic, and that was your doing!"

There was silence for a time. "...I'm not apologizing," 'Ally' countered petulantly.

"And that's why I'm still pissed at you!" Hsi snapped out. "You never apologized!"

"Seriously? So all I have to do is apologize to Emeraude, and you'll let it go?" 'Ally' asked curiously.

"Yes!" Hsi insisted fiercely.

"...well, I don't have a time machine-"

"I'm right here," Emeraude spoke up calmly.

"Emmy? That you? It's been ages! How are you alive again?"

"I'm the present Chosen One's conscience and Guide," Emeraude explained calmly.

"That's...that's me," Jade spoke up softly. "Good lord, this is so awkward..."

"Oh Jesus Christ, Hsi, don't tell me you got little sister cockblocked again!" 'Ally' demanded incredulously. "I mean, as funny as it was joking about your 'little sister' being your Mistress-"

"I'm not his Mistress!" Jade snapped out automatically.

"...oh my gosh, did little Wuwu get himself familiar bound to his first girlfriend? That's adorable!"

"Hey!" Hsi Wu snapped out as Jade and the fillies giggled. "Only Bastet gets to call me that! Where do you get off-"

"Lots of places, but from the sound of it your girlfriend is maybe 12, so I'd get yelled at if I talked about it, and I'm already getting yelled at enough today," 'Ally' countered playfully. "Speaking of, come in already! Maybe you can get that Integra bitch to lay off for once!"

The original voice sighed softly. "Come in, please," he offered apologetically. "I'll guide you to Miss Integra, so you can explain what you need."

As the gates slowly creaked open, Jackie idly wondered what they'd gotten themselves into.

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