• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Titillating Tails

Once at the park with the three tiny ponies in tow, Uncle found his way to a bench to sit down and relax. For some reason, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom had behaved better with him than they had with Jackie. Scootaloo had stayed close, flying in circles around his head with only a few jerks towards anything that interested her. Apple Bloom walked calmly by his side, only pausing whenever they passed a flower stand or fruit stall. He made a mental note to take her to a farmer's market next time there was one in town. Sweetie Belle, however, kept trying to climb to the top of his head, apparently terrified of the world at large.

Once at the park, however, all three changed. Scootaloo became much more excited, tugging on her leash as she tried to race around and investigate. Apple Bloom rolled around in the grass, plainly enjoying all the plant life (which seemed to flourish in her presence, Uncle noted idly in surprise). Sweetie Belle, for her part, went straight to the fountain and stared at at the equine statue in the center, plainly entranced by the spectacle.

Uncle frowned slightly as he watched them. While he was glad they were enjoying the park, the whole point of this excursion was to get them to burn their excess energy so he could put them down for a nap when they returned home, so he could finish up with Jackie's artifacts and the new spell book undisturbed. However, the only one who seemed to be getting any sort of exercise was Scootaloo, who continued to fly around as much as possible. He made a mental note to send Jackie for some toys or something to get them all exercising.

A sudden shriek of terror caught his attention. Turning his head, he felt his jaw drop. Sweetie Belle's horn was glowing with a pale green aura, and several small statues set up around the park were zooming around in the air in a make-shift obstacle course for Scootaloo. Meanwhile, the ivy along a stone wall had grown to immense proportions and was writhing around, seizing passersby despite Apple Bloom's attempts to tame it. Scootaloo found it all wonderfully fun as she tried to fly in amongst the groping vines and flying statuary. From the sound of the screams, no one seemed to consider the fillies as having any connection to what was going on, despite their proximity and the energy around Sweetie Belle's horn.

Ah, Uncle thought to himself. So pendants hide fillies from scrutiny, but not their influence on the world. Interesting. "Apple Bloom! Sweetie Belle! Scootaloo!" he called out firmly, causing all three to turn towards him. "We go home now!"

All three came up to his side with varying degrees of willingness. Sweetie Belle came eagerly, rushing up to his side as she dropped the statuary from her magical aura. Apple Bloom came obediently, though her gait did not show the same eagerness as Sweetie's. Scootaloo looked grumpy as she flew over, plainly not liking having her fun interrupted.

Taking hold of their leashes - he wasn't sure how or why he let go of them in the first place - Uncle turned to lead them back to the shop. They didn't even make it a full block before all three started to doze. Sweetie Belle determinedly climbed up to Uncle's head, curling up and clinging tightly. Apple Bloom crawled up into his arms, curling up to be held there. Scootaloo managed to grab a passing wisp of fog which she condensed into a small cloud that she curled up on, clinging to it and allowing herself to be towed along. Uncle settled for doing that, after poking at the small cloud a few times to try and make sense of how she managed it. He made a mental note to investigate all the abilities the three of them were demonstrating at a later date.

He thought about what had happened at the park. "Hmm...perhaps sooner rather than later..."

Once he reached the shop, he found Jackie relaxed in his chair in the back room. "Jackie!" he insisted. "That is Uncle's chair!"

"S-sorry Uncle," Jackie apologized quickly, clambering out of the chair. Noticing the three sleeping foals, a rather goofy expression crossed his face. "Aww..." he cooed, gently taking Apple Bloom from Uncle's arms when she was offered, cradling her gently. "They are so cute when they are sleeping..." He blinked as he spotted Scootaloo. "Is...is she sleeping on a cloud? How is she sleeping on a cloud?"

Uncle shrugged. "Must be part of her magic. One more thing! Must tuck them in for nap." As Jackie turned to take Apple Bloom upstairs, Uncle spoke up again. "One more thing! Quietly! Must not wake them."

Jackie nodded. "Understood, Uncle," he replied softly, carefully making his way up the stairs, using Scootaloo's leash to tow her - and her cloud - behind him.

Uncle frowned, noticing how readily Jackie accepted 'Scootaloo can sleep on a cloud'. "Pendant magic more complex than first appears," he murmured, returning to the spell book, deciding to look for any information on the three foals' abilities while he had some quiet time with the trio sound asleep.

It was twenty minutes before the quiet whistle in his ear made him realize that Sweetie Belle was still asleep on his head. He thought about removing her and making her sleep upstairs, but her weight wasn't that difficult to bear, and it was oddly comfortable having her up there...at least as long as she was this small. Shrugging his shoulders, he continued to read, making sure to monitor his posture so she didn't tumble off.

By the time Valmont returned to his base of operations in Las Vegas, he had completely forgotten about his odd encounter on the streets of San Francisco. The tomes he'd 'acquired' from the library had been useful, and he already had agents pursuing the leads he'd discovered therein. Now came the difficult part: explaining the lack of appreciable progress to his new 'client'.

Entering the inner sanctum, he approached the large stone carving against the far wall. He was not looking forward to this. While with anyone else Valmont could easily command a meeting, his new 'client' was something else entirely. The promised reward for accomplishing what he desired was immense...but one always had to be careful when dealing with the unknown.

Before he could speak, however, his 'client' spoke up. "I sensed a powerful surge of magic to the West-Northwest," the hissing voice insisted. "Powerful enough that I felt it here despite how far away it is. The kind of power that is normally only based in a rift between Realms..." Glowing red eyes illuminated the darkness. "A magic I have never sensed before...but of strong good magic. It must be investigated!"

Valmont bowed slightly. "I would be overjoyed to do this for you," he offered sincerely. In truth, he would. Not only was magic of any sort profitable if his 'client's promises were to be believed, but anything that could give him an edge in his dealings here was welcome. "If you can only be a bit more specific as far as where it occurred."

"Bring me a map," the voice continued. "And show me our present location."

Nodding, Valmont unrolled a map of North America. He then pointed out Las Vegas. "We are here-" He leapt back as a spot on the map began to smolder.

"There!" the hissing voice insisted. "That is where the magic came from!"

Valmonst stared at the spot. "...San Francisco? I was just there..."

"Then that is where we shall go!" the voice insisted. "If great good magic has awoken there, it will eventually move against me. We shall discover its source...and use it to our advantage. But we must move carefully, especially when I move there. If anyone has command of the magic, things could be...problematic."

Valmont grinned widely. A move such as this gave him a perfect way to create a distraction for the various law enforcement agencies after his endeavors. They were getting a little too close, and sniffing around this base. And with the insistence on being careful, he could take his time, while setting up a few other endeavors to cover recent...expenditures. "As you wish...Shendu."

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