• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Anecdotal Aftermath

Dai Gui groaned as he slowly returned to consciousness. "Ugh...what hit me?"

"The undersized sumo," Po Kong stated wickedly, her voice dripping amusement.

Dai Gui's eyes slowly opened. He saw he was back in the Netherrealm. "...at least tell me he was wearing the Armor. Or wielding Mjolnir. No way he could hit that hard-"

"Bare handed," Po Kong gloated. "I think you've just been replaced in the esteem of your former race."

Dai Gui growled irritably. "You seem oddly smug that I've been sealed back in here permanently," he pointed out flatly. "I should think you'd be angrier."

"We still have two extra chances for release, plus if Tchang's portal unseals," Po Kong countered impishly.

"Don't...mention that seal..." Tchang Zu groaned as he carefully peeled divine lightning off his body as though he were attempting to remove splinters. "That was...unpleasant..."

"That's what you both get for not listening to Valmont," Po Kong gloated smugly.

"Why are you so hung up on a mere human?" Dai Gui growled angrily.

"Because Bai Tza is in love with him," Po Kong responded bluntly. "And I fully intend to do whatever I can to be free for the wedding, whenever and however they manage to arrange that."

Tchang Zu made a very rude noise in the back of his throat akin to a cat expelling a hairball in reverse. "I still can't believe she'd choose to dally with a mortal, let alone-"

"She was Queen of the Sirens," Po Kong reminded him. "It's hardly the first time."

Apple Bloom smiled as she pulled her hooves back from the wooden wall of the shop's third floor, wiping one across her brow to clear the sweat. The shop now had a fourth floor and a basement, though that second part had proved a bit more difficult since it had involved a great deal of earth moving and careful foundation work. The fourth floor was now a set of guest rooms...which meant for now it was where Hsi Wu slept. The third floor was the girls' floor, where they had their rooms. The second floor had Uncle's bedroom and Jackie's bedroom, though Jackie now shared that with Viper and Sharaka. Apparently, recharging in the other way let her move the armor around herself to a certain extent, which was entertaining to the girls...especially because of how it freaked Jackie out the first time.

The basement was where Tohru was now rooming, along with Sofia, Lucia, and Ysabelle. Valmont's associate had been even more effective than anticipated, and the three sisters were now 'World Citizens', a special classification for nomadic magical creatures - such as minotaurs - which let them travel where they would as long as they had their papers with them, with no defined 'country of origin'. After that, tickets had been easy, and Tohru had insisted they stay at the shop with everyone unless and until they decided to seek out their own residence.

It had taken a bit of deliberation to determine exactly where and how to put them all together, especially since the sisters seemed to only be comfortable if they were with Tohru. While they had their own bedroom separate from his - along with a bathroom - Apple Bloom privately suspected that they wouldn't spend much time in their room. And if the four of them got...active...well, if structural integrity was a possible concern, it made sense to put them on the lowest floor possible. The mental image of the four of them crashing through the floors into the shop had not been a pleasant one.

"You do good home renovations," Uncle spoke up as he stepped into the room. "Very impressive, for only second time."

"I did a lot o' research first," Apple Bloom allowed humbly. "Didn'a wanna mess anything up and make the place come tumblin' down."

"And it did not, which is good," Uncle agreed happily. "One more thing! I am also glad Jade's boyfriend is now on his own floor-"

"He's not my boyfriend!" Jade shouted angrily from a lower floor, making Apple Bloom burst into giggles.

"One more thing!" Uncle continued. "Something Apple Bloom forget when expanding home."

"What'd ah ferget?" Apple Bloom asked curiously.

"Property tax assessment," Uncle explained readily, a slight twitch of his eyebrows the only sign of his irritation.

Apple Bloom swallowed convulsively. "...aiyah..."

Mrs. T smiled to herself as she settled into her new office. With her baby boy now having three girlfriends living with him, she felt the need to stay closer to keep an eye on how things progressed. However, she didn't want to be staying under the same roof with them, as she wanted Tohru to feel free to pursue the girls at his own rate without feeling pressured. Still, it was easy enough to find a place to live that was close enough to see him regularly, far enough away to not be hovering, and easily within her budget. The hard part had been finding an excuse to be in San Francisco so Tohru didn't realize she was just there to keep an eye on him.

And then opportunity fell into her lap as she passed by the school Apple Bloom and the others were attending. It seemed that the school board and PTA had grown concerned about the level of magical disaster potentia was focused on the school as a result of the sheer number of magical students attending now, since that went beyond just the four girls. As such, the school was seeking a way to keep all that power in check, without making the students feel controlled. They needed someone who could gentle the students into good behavior but also understood the hurdles of magic intimately. In essence, they needed a magically trained guidance councilor, preferably a human one.

The job fit Mrs. T like a glove, as she was an expert at getting youngsters to do what she wanted them to do. On top of that, she was only required to be on campus - or even in her office - one day a week unless a student made an appointment for a different time, so as to prevent anyone from feeling like she was hovering over them. This left plenty of free time to tag along on anything Tohru got up to with the others as far as dealing with demons and the like.

For Mrs. T, it was a very good day.

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