• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Ready to Rumble

Valmont lay back in his chair behind his desk, idly rubbing his neck as he stared up at the ceiling. He swore he could still feel the gills there, even though the enchantment Bai Tza had placed to let him breathe under the surface of the artificial hot spring had long faded. Of course, his hand kept going to the abrasion from when - in the heat of the moment - she had actually bitten him. Shendu had been right about him being a virgin compared to Bai Tza: it was an experience unlike anything Valmont had ever imagined. He was pleased to discover that he'd managed to impress the Demoness in that area as well, if her completely relaxed, content humming in the afterglow had been any indication.

And if that hadn't, the flat out promise that she'd be seeking him out for such things frequently certainly did. "Woof..." Valmont muttered under his breath, half gasp of relief and half exclamation of awe. "What a woman..."

"That is my sister you're talking about," Shendu pointed out acidly. "My little sister, at that."

"Just be glad I made sure to ask about blocking your perceptions during, then," Valmont grumbled in response. "She didn't seem to care one way or the other." To his surprise, he felt the demon spirit inside him shudder. "You really are glad, aren't you?"

"Her title of Queen of the Sirens isn't just because she reigned over them," Shendu pointed out. "She was a Siren originally, but achieved such great power and mastery of their dark magic that she achieved a Demonic Metamorphosis under her own will. That's when she gained the title of Queen...and when we approached her about joining our fledgling brotherhood."

"I fail to see-"

"She tended to keep the Siren promise before her victims died," Shendu elaborated. "That's how she gained so much magic...and how she became so...how do I put this delicately?"

"She's a Siren that gives Sucubi a run for their money?" Finn suggested diffidently from across the room.

"...I suppose that is the most delicate way to put it," Shendu observed dryly. "Though her eldest daughter was worse in her own way-"

"She has children?" Valmont asked in surprise.

"Had," Shendu corrected. "She dallied with a creature of chaos and disharmony, and bore three daughters who inherited powers from both sides. However, they became so disruptive that Li Tieguai banished them to another plane after sealing Bai. She hasn't heard from them since. It's a sensitive topic, so as long as I'm sharing a body with you, I recommend you don't bring it up."

"Have you picked the next demon to release, Ratso?" Valmont asked quickly, deciding to change the subject.

Ratso nodded. "I figure our best bet next would be somebody who can fly, cover all our bases," Ratso explained. "So...I'm thinking the wind guy, solid line, solid line, broken line." He began turning the box.

"Did you ask Bai Tza about that?" Valmont asked curiously.

"Nah," Ratso corrected. "Looked up the meanings of the Trigrams. Did ya know Bai's is lake, and there's another one on here that means water? You'd think she'd be water."

"Water represents my brother Tso Lan, the Moon Demon," Shendu explained carefully. "Wind, however, is Xiao Fung..." His voice trailed off as the Pan'ku Box opened, displaying a map.

Valmont quickly snapped a picture of the map and sent it to Daolong Wong. "Do you know the area?" he asked the dark wizard over the phone.

"I can investigate," Daolong Wong confirmed. "I will be able to determine the general area of the portal before we send anyone in, and before the Chans or their allies become aware of our actions."

Valmont smiled as he sat back, waiting for the report. As he did so, Bai Tza sauntered into the room. She was still in her chosen human form, though she now wore one of the robes provided by the attendants Valmont had assigned her. She purred as she cuddled up to Valmont's side. "I see the Box is open," she murmured softly. "Xiao Fung's turn?"

"Yes," Valmont confirmed, raising his hand to caress her cheek. "We're just now waiting for Daolong Wong's report of the area. If he can locate the portal, or at least any structure that has been built on top of it-"

"Hollowlands Penitentiary," the dark wizard's voice interrupted. "The portal is somewhere within Hollowlands Penitentiary. I am returning now before I am spotted."

As communications were cut, Chao moaned. "That's the maximum security prison they send the bigshots in organized crime," he groaned irritably. "Are we gonna have to break into the place Captain Black would send us if he ever caught us?"

"If it is where he would send you if you were caught, why not just let him catch you?" Shendu suggested idly.

"Aside from tipping our hand about wanting to be there, it gives us an existing criminal record," Valmont pointed out acidly. "Not to mention freezing many of our assets. Besides, why do we need to get in there when there are dozens of inmates already in there who'd be more than happy to do me a favor if it meant getting them out?"

"And how do you intend to acquire their help?" Shendu asked acidly.

"There can't be any new magical security at Hollowlands," Valmont deduced. "First, it would likely react with the portal, constantly causing issues. Second, Daolong Wong would have mentioned it if he detected any. As such, there's nothing easier." He smiled up at Bai Tza. "Ready for a bit of infiltration?" he purred softly.

A wide grin split Bai Tza's face, her legs twitching as though she still had a tail that had started to wag idly. "Go on..."

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