• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Proper Discipline

Jackie, Uncle, Jade, and the fillies sat across Mrs. Hartman's desk. The teacher had raised an eyebrow at the other girls being there for Jade's Parent-Teacher Conference, but the information that Jackie and Uncle had no one to watch them while they were both there smoothed it over. Mrs. Hartman instead went to the meat of the issue. "Mr. Chan, this is not the first time we've had a problem with Jade," she explained as the girl in question hunched in on herself. "Swinging from gym lamps, stilt walking with ladders, scaling the building with a fire hose..." She looked up from reading the material.

"Just like Jackie!" Uncle offered happily. "He reminds me of a chimpanzee!" He winced as he received an elbow to the gut from Sweetie Belle, who sat in his lap now that she was too big to sit on Uncle's head for Uncle's older spine. "What?"

"Uncle Jackie has studied parkour extensively," Scootaloo offered. "He's taught all of us some of the basics, too."

"I see," Mrs. Hartman offered, surprised and impressed. "Still, there's the issue of her fighting. I don't know where she learned it-"

"From Jackie!" Uncle piped up again. "He is good instructor!"

"Uncle!" Jackie snapped out warningly, only for Uncle to smile impishly. He then turned back to the teacher. "Mrs. Hartman, the martial arts I've taught Jade and the others are for self defense and discipline." He glanced over at Jade. "Not for picking fights."

"I didn't pick a fight!" Jade complained. "I was just standing up for everyone! Meynard is such a bully-"

"Jade!" Jackie scolded, making her fall silent. "Meynard?" he asked Mrs. Hartman.

"An older student," Mrs. Hartman explained. "He's been held back a couple of years for academic issues. He's the one who Jade 'whomped', as per testimony from other students who witnessed it."

"Jade..." Jackie began warningly.

"Ahem!" Sweetie Belle spoke up, holding up a video tape. "If I may?"

"What is that?" Mrs. Hartman asked.

"I've been studying filming as a hobby," Sweetie Belle explained as she walked over to the TV/VCR in the corner of the classroom. "I happened to be filming when Jade and Meynard had their...altercation. I just now finished prepping the tape to play." With that, she stuck the tape into the VCR, turning the TV on.

The video played, showing Meynard having one of the weaker, nerdier students held upside down to shake out his lunch money. Then Jade stepped up behind him.

"Put the kid down, Meynard," Jade spoke out on the TV.

"Or what, shrimp?" Meynard replied as he bent to pick up the fallen change.

On the screen, Jade visibly twitched, but took a breath and let it down. "Step away from the lunch money and no one gets hurt."

"Oh yeah?" Meynard offered disdainfully. "Hey, there's enough here for fish sticks and pie!"

"I'm warning you, I'm trained in martial arts," Jade spoke up, taking a defensive stance.

Meynard laughed as he turned to face Jade. "Then let's see what you got, shrimp!" Stepping up, he put out his hand to push Jade.

Sweetie Belle paused the tape. "For this part, I should play it slowly." She then made it play forward bit by bit, giving everyone time to see everything that happened.

Jade's hands came up, gripping Meynard's wrist and pulling back as she turned into him, the bully falling forward slightly. Her foot slid back, pushing Meynard's foot back to put him even more off balance as she leaned forward, pulling the larger boy over her shoulder to slam onto the ground on his back, completely dazed.

Mrs. Hartman's eyes were wide as the tape continued to play at normal speed, showing Jade taking a calming breath, seeming nearly as stunned as the dazed Meynard. A pleased smirk crossed her face when the other students started cheering...one that faded as Mrs. Hartman arrived. As Sweetie Belle stopped the tape, the teacher spoke up. "What was that?" she asked, stunned.

"A defensive throw I taught her," Jackie explained, "meant to protect her if she should find herself in danger. I've been teaching her that one until it happens automatically, or at least that was the goal." He smiled down at Jade. "It seems I succeeded."

Jade chuckled softly, brushing the lock of hair that always fell across her face behind one ear.

"Do I understand this correctly?" Uncle spoke up. "Meynard picks on other students as a bully. One more thing, Meynard physically assaulted Jade after she stood up for others, and she defended herself. One more thing, Meynard is twice Jade's size!" His voice changed from easy and laid back to suddenly harsh, his eyes opening into a gimlet glare. "And Jade is one in trouble? This makes sense to teacher, no?"

Mrs. Hartman flushed, plainly unhappy being caught in this situation. "Why didn't you mention this at the time, Jade?" she asked.

For her part, Jade sat back in her chair, arms crossed, every inch the jaded child. "Would you have listened?" she asked flatly, coldly. Mrs. Hartman visibly winced.

"I can't blame Jade for this," Jackie spoke up. "She is...highly precocious, but was unable to truly reach her full potential back in Hong Kong. In trying to explore her full abilities, she...got into a great deal of trouble." He gave Mrs. Hartman an understanding look. "You are a teacher. I am sure you well understand the trouble of precocious students who lack appropriate challenge." The teacher nodded understandingly. "Her parents sent her to live with me for a year, hoping I could both help challenge her, and give her schooling here where she would have a clean slate. But I can't blame her for thinking she can't count on school authority in these situations, when she's so used to being seen as the 'problem child'." He rested a hand comfortingly on Jade's shoulder. "I have been there myself."

Mrs. Hartman sighed regretfully. "I'm afraid I can't blame either of you, myself," she admitted. "I want what's best for my students, but for all my good intentions, regulations as far as what I'm allowed to do as far as these situations..."

"Can only act on what ya see fer yerself?" Apple Bloom offered. Mrs. Hartman nodded.

"Hmph!" Uncle grunted. "And I thought schools supposed to get better on these things as time goes on. No better than when Jackie was in school!"

"Except now we've got cameras!" Sweetie Belle spoke up happily.

"And I thank you for that," Mrs. Hartman told Sweetie. "With that evidence, I can now actually address the situation with Meynard directly, and future student testimonials about his behavior can be given more credence." She turned to Jade. "I am sorry I put the blame at your feet right away. It was undeserved."

Jade still looked grumpy about the whole thing, but a look from Jackie made her relax. "Apology accepted," she relented.

"And in the future, do you think you could engage in your emulations of Jackie somewhere other than school?" Mrs. Hartman requested. "In return, I'll see what I can do about giving you a more challenging academic and physical lesson plan, so you don't get bored with school as easily." Noticing the eager looks from the other girls, she nodded. "You three as well."

Jade managed a smile. "I think we can agree to that."

"And from now on, please tell me if you are having problems of this sort," Mrs. Hartman concluded. "I want all my students to excel, and that means addressing any problems they might be having. But I can only address the problems I'm aware of." She offered Jade her hand, and Jade accepted the handshake with a smile.

Uncle nodded happily. Mrs. Hartman was a good teacher, stuck in a bad system. She was tough, but fair. He approved.

At that moment, Jackie's phone rang. Confused, he picked it up. "Hello?" he asked calmly. He then gasped out in shock. "No! ...we'll be right there!" He quickly hung up the phone. "We need to get to the hospital," he said quickly. "It's Augustus!" Everyone quickly got to their feet.

"Go," Mrs. Hartman stated quickly. "Check on your friend. I've got new lesson plans to lay out."

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