• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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A phone call from Captain Black brought Jackie an unexpected surprise the following day. "I'm sorry, Captain, could you repeat that?" Jackie asked carefully.

"Valmont is in Hollywood," Captain Black explained simply. "Unfortunately, there is nothing criminal about his actions that we can see or prove, so we can't send in our own agents or call on more magical authorities. The red tape in that regard is just as thick as I expected it to be."

"So we can't expect any official backup in this case," Jackie groaned as he rubbed his forehead. "At least tell me we'll still get transportation?"

"You'll have to make your own way there too, I'm afraid," Augustus admitted. "I have a few contacts down there who can help you get a few resources, but that's about it."

"Well, that's something," Jackie grumbled under his breath. "We're certain this is demon related?"

Captain Black was silent for a time. "Actually...we aren't. All we know for certain is that Valmont's in Hollywood with an unknown young lady, and his usual Enforcers are close at hand. To all appearances...it almost seems like a vacation. Still, my instincts say something's off."

"And you want us to check it out, just in case he's releasing another demon," Jackie concluded. "We still have no idea where he's squirreled away Bai Tza..."

"Exactly," Augustus agreed. "So I can count on you?"

"We'll be there!" Jackie confirmed, hanging up the phone.

"So where will we be, exactly?" Jade asked hopefully as she came down the stairs.

"Hollywood," Jackie explained. "And yes, I do mean all of us. With everything Valmont has at his disposal, if there is going to be a confrontation, we need everything we can bring to bear. And if it's not, any accidental confrontation could be smoothed over if it's a 'family trip'."

"And there's that event for the big star Jade's so fond of," Viper added as she came down the stairs. "What was his name? Raphaelo Di'Capizzio, or something like that?"

"That's him! That's him!" Jade cried out, bouncing eagerly. "And he's only the biggest star of anything since...ever!" She gestured to a couple posters she had hung up. "And it's not just any event! He's getting his footprints in cement at the Chinese Theater!"

"So does anyone else think that'd be the perfect place in Hollywood for a portal to release a Chinese Demon to be hidden?" Sweetie Belle asked Apple Bloom and Scootaloo as they went over their lesson plan for Jade's magical training.

"Makes sense," Scootaloo confirmed.

"Ah'd put money that way," Apple Bloom agreed.

Uncle chuckled over the fuss Jade was making. "Greatest ever, eh? Then I guess you have never heard of John Wayne?"

Tohru sighed nostalgically. "The Duke..." He lifted one hand as though lifting a cowboy hat. "Saddle up, pilgrim," he continued, feigning a Western accent.

Viper shrugged. "I dunno. I was always more a fan of Bruce Lee."

"What?" Jackie demanded, finding himself offended for some reason. "What's so great about him?"

Viper shrugged coyly. "What can I say?" she asked teasingly, smirking at Jackie. "I've always liked a real fighter."

Jackie blushed, chuckling nervously as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Hey, maybe we could find a producer down there and turn Jackie into a movie star!" Jade suggested eagerly.

"And when's he gonna have time ta be a star between huntin' demons, archaeology, helpin' raise us, and Viper?" Apple Bloom asked playfully.

"Yeah, I guess his schedule's kinda full," Jade admitted. "Especially that last part."

"Wait, what?" Jackie demanded in confusion as Viper joined in with the girls in giggling at his expense.

Valmont smiled to himself as the limo drove his group down into Hollywood. Finn, Ratso, and Chao were here as his bodyguards, looking forward to enjoying themselves while they were down here. Bai Tza sat behind him, silently marveling at how advanced human machines had become since she last walked the Earth. Given their cover story this time around, she had traded her more revealing garb for a shimmering blue dress that hung down from her right shoulder to just past her knees and seemed to flow in the air as though it was made of water. Much to Valmont's insanity, despite having gotten just such a dress made for her, Bai Tza insisted on actually wearing one made of water...one specifically held together by her power and concentration. She had teasingly suggested to him what might happen if said concentration were to...slip...

She loves to drive me wild, doesn't she? he thought to himself, not for the first time. Thinking back to the revelation he'd received from Xiao Fung earlier, he reminded himself, But that's not all she loves... Smiling, he moved to rest his hand on hers.

To his surprise, she turned to stare at him wide eyed, only to look down in a vain attempt to hide a blush.

He smiled to himself. Well, it seems the balance of power here isn't as entirely one sided as I'd thought. ...good. That makes it more fun. Seeing the sudden smirk that crossed her features, he realized he wasn't the only one to come to that realization.

As the limo pulled to a halt, Valmont waited for the door to be opened before stepping out, turning back to chivalrously help Bai Tza out. This was going to be a nice little vacation...and releasing another of Bai Tza's siblings, to boot.

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