• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Planning Ahead

As Valmont and Bai Tza walked through Hollywood to 'see the sights', they were briefly caught off guard as an unfamiliar voice called out, "Yo, Mr. V! You didn't tell me you'd be here!"

Turning, Valmont was surprised to see a young blonde man with green eyes and a healthy tan running towards him from a movie lot. He recognized the young man, of course, but he hadn't expected him to come seeking him out. "Ah, Raphaelo. How goes the movie business?"

The young star grinned widely. "As good as ever, Mr. V. I'm the hottest star in Hollywood right now, and I wouldn't have any of it if not for you getting me that agent! Did you come all this way to see me get my footprints?"

"Among other things," Valmont allowed. "I have quite a few things to do here in town, you know how it is."

"Ugh, do I!" Raphaelo groaned. "I'm starring in a deep space movie coming out next month, and as part of a publicity stunt I'm gonna be riding in a rocket up to the space station - get this - flown by a chimp!" He shivered violently. "Why'd I have to take that part?"

Valmont chuckled softly. "The hazards of stardom," he allowed. "It's why I've always preferred to work behind the scenes." He sent a smile Bai's way when he noticed how she kept glancing back and forth during the conversation.

Noticing her, Raphaelo let out an appreciative whistle. "Oh, where are my manners! Mr. V, introduce me to this charming girl!" He reached out to take her hand, only for Bai to jerk it back angrily. "Uh...?"

Valmont chuckled softly. "My...Tabitha is rather eccentric in some areas," he explained, coming up with the pseudonym on the spot. He was pleased to see Bai didn't even blink. "Especially regarding who touches her."

Raphaelo's eyes widened. "Your Tabitha?" he gasped in shock. "You don't mean...?"

Grinning, Valmont leaned in with a conspiratorial whisper. "As far as being picky about touching her...I'm the only male allowed the privilege." He let that sink into the star's mind.

"Dude, how do you get all the luck?" he demanded in shock. "She's...damn!"

Valmont smirked widely. "You have no idea," he confirmed. "But speaking of her, she was hoping to break into the movie business herself. I don't suppose you know of a film crew that might be free for a few test reels? Perhaps a low budget starting flick?"

"Should be one here on the lot!" he confirmed, waving back to the studio only to notice his agent tapping his watch. "Shoot, I need to get going! If you need anything Mr. V, be sure to let me know!" With that, he turned to race back into the lot.

"I certainly will!" Valmont called back loudly. "I certainly will..." he repeated much quieter.

Bai Tza turned to look Valmont straight in the eyes. "I know that look...you're coming up with another plan..."

"Could you turn into him?" he asked obliquely.

Bai blinked a few times. "Easily," she admitted. "But I didn't think that was to your interest-"

"Could Tso Lan?"

Her eyes widened as she realized where his mind was going. "You think...?"

"One of the Sorcerers I need to release is tied to the Moon," he explained quickly, "and the portals are scattered across the globe, meant to be difficult to access. If I'd been one of those setting the portals up, I'd have put one outside the atmosphere, and it even makes sense for it to be Tso Lan's. I don't know if his portal will be in space, but I know his is the only one that might be...and a celebrity who owes me big is going into space as a stunt soon, where it will be just him and a monkey." He turned to Bai with a cunning grin. "I don't believe in coincidences."

Bai Tza purred eagerly as she pressed up against him. "And I believe we'd best find a broom closet before I...'lose focus'," she teased playfully, licking her lips before leaning close to lick his lips.

"Now that's an offer I'd be mad to refuse," Valmont purred right back.

As Jackie stepped out with the rest of his family in Hollywood, he looked around carefully. "So first things first...we need to find Valmont."

"Actually, first things first is finding Captain Black's contact!" Jade corrected. "He said he'd be able to give us resources."

"Correct!" Uncle insisted. "Uncle needs ingredients for Chi Spell to banish demon...and needs to know what demon he is banishing!"

"Yeah, that'd be me."

Everyone turned at the sound of the laid back voice. A young man of about eleven stood in front of them, leaning on a suitcase. He had black hair, brown eyes, and was wearing a loose jacket and slacks around a red shirt with an odd design in the middle. His features showed Chinese ancestry.

"Aiyah!" Uncle gasped out in shock. "You are the demon?"

"No no no!" the boy insisted. "Nothing like that..." He chuckled softly. "Though my big sis might agree with you."

"Good lord, it's a male Jade," Jackie murmured jokingly, getting a chuckle out of Viper and Tohru.

"I'm your contact!" the boy proclaimed. "You can call me Ray Ray."

"You?" Viper asked in surprise. "Just how could you be Captain Black's contact?"

"Hey, don't let looks deceive you!" the boy snapped out. "My big sis is the Veil Guardian, and I've got some of her power! You wanna go a long way from crossing me!" He pouted as his boasts were greeted with dubious glares. He crossed his arms with a grunt. "Hey, the other stuff will come in eventually..."

"So what'd ya bring us?" Apple Bloom asked curiously, hoping to smooth things over.

Ray Ray grinned widely as he opened up the suitcase, revealing eight layers of carefully packed vials and jars along with diverse other symbols. "Demon Hunter's travelling kit. It has the ingredients for each of the banishing spells for the Eight Demon Sorcerers sealed by the Eight Immortals all bottled up and ready to mix, along with the recipes and the symbols. Perfect for the Hunter on the go."

"That will be most useful!" Uncle proclaimed happily. "Tohru will carry it!"

Tohru smiled as he picked up the suitcase once it was closed. "Our thanks."

"Eh, just a favor for my sis," Ray Ray explained. "She couldn't leave our hometown to take care of this herself, since she has to stay at the Veil Anchor. Besides, it means I get to see the sights and do whatever I want!" He glanced around carefully. "As long as I stay ahead of-oops, that's him! See you later!" He quickly dashed off.

From the opposite direction, a squat pug stomped along, seeming to grumble under its breath. When it caught sight of Apple Bloom, it turned towards her and the other fillies. "Excuse me!" he called out, his voice carrying a distinct Scootish accent. "Hav' ya seen a young lad 'bout yer age, lookin' and actin' like that girl wit' ya got gender swapped?"

"Hey!" Jade complained angrily.

"That way," Jackie replied, pointing where Ray Ray went.

"Thank ye kindly." The dog turned and began to race after the boy.

"...that was different," Sweetie Belle murmured, surprise in her voice.

Author's Note:

Who recognized Captain Black's 'contact', and at what point?

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