• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Final Face-Off

Once everyone stopped freaking out - and Audrey III stopped singing - Uncle brought everyone back to his lab so he could look into what happened and why. His research quickly provided an answer. "When the Talisman broke, Jackie's Yin was separated from his Yang."

"Whoa," Jade murmured softly. "Jackie Light...and Jackie Dark..."

"I am the dark side!" the weeping Jackie spoke up. "I murdered a bug!"

"Ugh!" the other Jackie growled out. "You can't really be that much of an idiot? Don't you ever listen to Uncle's lectures? That's your job!"

The crying Jackie blinked. "Well...Dark isn't necessarily evil...so I am the evil side!" He promptly went back to crying, making the other Jackie facepalm.

"You're the side who ate our candy?" Sweetie Belle whimpered, looking up at the angry Jackie. "Are...are you evil?"

"Not evil," Uncle corrected. "Just lacking sound judgement-"

"In your opinion," the gruff Jackie interrupted in an irritated growl, arms crossed and vibrating like a coiled spring.

Uncle frowned, not liking being interrupted. However, he decided to move on to the next point. "So, each of you has half of the Talisman?"

The two Jackies each pulled out their Talisman half.

"Good!" Uncle praised. "You must put them together, to unite into one Jackie."

"Not a chance!" The gruff Jackie growled, knocking the gentle Jackie's arm aside as he pocketed his Talisman half. "I will never be one with him again!"

Everyone pulled back in shock at the intensity. The gentle Jackie stood up. "Works for me! I don't want you inside me again, trying to make me a monster-"

"Make you a monster?" the gruff Jackie growled, slamming his fist into the wall. "You're already a monster, or I wouldn't exist! And I'm not going back into that cage!"

"Cage?" gentle Jackie demanded, stunned. "What are you talking about? You're the one always trying to hurt people!"

"You made me that way!" gruff Jackie snarled. "All these years, with the world tearing you apart inside and out...but you won't show that! No, you won't let it twist you into 'something you're not'. So instead, all that pain and misery-" He slammed his hand against his chest. "You bottle it up here, stick it into me! Who cares if the world is really awful, if nine times out of ten we're the punching bag! No, can't skew that happy perspective, so dump it on me! All that I'm left is the anger, the pain, the hate!" He crossed his arms, looking down on his counterpart. "And you call me the monster."

"You were going to kill that Nibbler guy!" gentle Jackie pointed out.

"He deserved it!" gruff Jackie snapped. "He was going to eat our girls! He left them with nightmares that still plague them! He deserved to be ripped apart and sent straight to hell!"

Gentle Jackie gasped in shock. "You...you said a bad word in front of the girls! You are evil!"

"You really think you can sanitize the world for them?" gruff Jackie snapped. "Someday they'll have to face the world without their pendants. Either their magic will need to be unleashed, or it will grow too strong to hide! And you know as well as I what the world will do to them then." He stomped forward angrily. "It will chew them up and spit them out, just like it did to us. If they aren't strong enough, they won't survive. And you'll let that happen, because you can't bear to hurt their 'innocence'."

"I don't want to hurt them!" gentle Jackie wailed. "And I don't want them hurt!"

"And no matter what, that is inevitable," gruff Jackie snapped. "The world hurts. You either deal with it, or you're left like us or worse. You want this for them?" Both fell silent for a time.

"This is what comes of being out of balance!" Uncle yelled, getting in the middle of them. "You must restore balance!" Reaching out, he struck both Jackie's on the temple.

"Ow!" gentle Jackie complained, rubbing his forehead.

Gruff Jackie struck back.

"Ow!" Uncle complained. "Oh...you want a piece of Uncle?"

The gruff Jackie and Uncle proceeded to exchange finger strikes to the temples as all others glanced back and forth between them. Jade stared wide eyed, shocked beyond belief at what her uncle had shouted at himself. Audrey was humming something to himself as he watched. Apple Bloom had curled up in Audrey's vines, covering her ears as she no longer wanted to hear any of it. Sweetie Belle had climbed into Jade's arms for comfort.

Scootaloo sat atop Cumulo, focusing on the aerial view...but her wings twitched, dragging her attention away. A familiar red-headed figure was approaching the shop, closely followed by a familiar white limo. "It's the Crow guy!" she called out, pointing. "And the Dark Hand!"

Gentle Jackie quickly seized the girls. "Run! This is no place for children!"

"Hide the Talismans!" Uncle warned.

Gentle Jackie pocketed his Talisman half as he pulled the girls into the back of the shop. Gruff Jackie pocketed his, then shifted himself. "I owe him some payback," he growled, spitting into a nearby teacup as he made his way to the front.

Hak Foo growled as he caught sight of him. "Chan! You will give me the Talisman or I-"

He was cut off as a spinning kick caught him in the solar plexus, sending him straight out the front door of the shop, across the street, and embedding him in the wall opposite. Gruff Jackie cricked his neck. "Next?"

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