• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Wings Rustling

It didn't take long for Hsi Wu to become 'settled' as Seymour, and the routine that came with it. Enrolling himself at the school was beyond his resources, so he only appeared there during recess to talk to Jade and drive off any kids - like Drew - giving her a hard time. If a teacher asked what class he was with, he would respond that he had only moved here recently and wasn't enrolled yet, and was there to get a sense of where everything was and to try and make friends before he started classes. Most teachers accepted this and let him hang out as long as he left once recess ended. Some told him he didn't belong on school grounds if he wasn't enrolled...which led to him pretending to leave, only to drop back in from a tree, much to Jade's amusement.

It amazed Hsi Wu how readily he was bonding with Jade as a friend, her and the fillies that had trapped him in his promise. Admittedly, at the start he'd only intended to play along so he could keep his promise and get his tail, but the more time he spent with Jade the more common ground he found. He actually found himself enjoying the time he spent with her, and as much as he wanted to blame the invading mentality of his disguise for that, he knew it was because he'd kept letting more and more of his true self into his disguise, and that clicked with Jade far too easily. The same mischievous nature, the same desire to endlessly prove oneself against greater and greater challenges, the same hunger for thrills, the same stubborn willfulness...

This was not to say they always got along perfectly. One campaign session had led to an intensely heated debate between the pair of them regarding the meaning of alignments that got so loud the old chi wizard had stepped in to tell them to be quiet, since they were disturbing his research. The debate had gotten Hsi so wound up he'd had to step into the bathroom and splash his face, reminding himself firmly that Jade was 11 and he wasn't, no matter what his body said at the moment. Just because he considered himself Chaotic Evil didn't mean he didn't have standards and a sense of decorum...which had oddly enough been the source of the debate, since basing a character that way had made Jade insist said character should be Chaotic Neutral.

Once he'd calmed himself down, Hsi had gone back out and played, and no one had said anything...but he remembered the incident. That fire inside her...it was something he enjoyed seeing. Whether he could believe it or not...he thought of Jade as his friend, and he enjoyed their friendship.

Not that he'd let that get in the way once the time came to unleash his power against them and beat them down into submission until their only option was being magically bound to him. There was nothing personal there, it was just challenge and honor. He'd certainly be sure to treat them well after the fact, though. He wouldn't be a good friend if he did otherwise.

Today the group had decided to forgo another Dungeons and Dragons session in favor of a simpler game, and another one that Hsi Wu found right up his alley...Risk. He idly noted the girls marveling over the rules governing the use of various magic within the game, as well as the fact they had to choose a 'faction' to play. He had to suppress his chuckle as he wound up playing the 'Sky' faction, as appropriate as it was. Apple Bloom chose 'Earth', Scootaloo chose 'Thunder', Sweetie Belle chose 'Water', and Jade chose 'Moon'. It made for a fun and interesting challenge for Hsi as they played, unleashing magic and armies against each other in the attempt to claim the entire world.

After a rather intense round was eventually declared a draw because Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo were bored of watching Seymour and Jade constantly maneuvering each other back and forth across the board, the group was taking a break to enjoy some snacks and drinks as they relaxed and Scootaloo picked out another game. As Hsi took a drink, Jade suddenly hopped down from her seat. "I just remembered!" With that shout, she dashed out of the room.

Hsi glanced towards the fillies in confusion. Apple Bloom shrugged. Sweetie Belle smiled mysteriously. Scootaloo was stifling giggles.

Jade rushed back in, a pair of charms on string in her hands, two halves of a Taijitu coin. "I made this for us," Jade explained as she came up to Hsi. "I've never had a friend as close as you outside of family. We...complete each other." Slipping the Yang around her own neck, she pushed the Yin down over Hsi's head. "Or...something like that."

Hsi brought his hand up to the charm, staring at it. "T...thanks," he finally managed to say, confused about the flushed warmth in his cheeks. "The...feeling's mutual."

Though it galled his pride to admit it...it was true. This was the first time in his life he'd spent enough time with someone outside his 'family' to really get to know them, unless it was part of actively trying to kill him. For the first time in his life, he was learning what it meant to have a friend...and he didn't know what to make of it. And this stupid, simplistic, impulsive gift with barely any value...why was he cradling it more gently and carefully then he had the most fragile of gems in his treasure hoard?

He glanced away from the charm, trying to gather his thoughts...and caught the fillies and Audrey staring at him pointedly. He realized this was the perfect time to complete the second part of his promise for his tail, as long as he could get the words out. "Say, Jade..."

"Yeah?" Jade asked curiously.

"I...heard there was a Spring Dance coming up..." he began awkwardly. "I...I know it's for your school, so I'm not invited anyway, but...I mean..." He bit his lip as he stumbled over his words. Curse this pre-teen tongue! I am a centuries old demon sorcerer! I have worked spells that have made the world shake and bend to my whim, that have overturned countries, that have threatened Gods! Why is it so Brothers-damned difficult to ask out a chit of a human girl?

Jade giggled softly before taking pity on his awkward state. "Seymour...are you trying to ask me to the dance?"

"Y...yeah," Hsi stammered out, much to his frustration. "Not doing a very good job of it, am I?"

"Not so bad for a first attempt," Jade replied playfully. "Especially since I'm saying yes."

Hsi Wu couldn't stop the smile coming to his face, or the warmth in his chest...no matter how frustrating it was to figure out why.

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