• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Ruby Who, Where Are You?

Jackie calmly led the group out of the airport in London, Mei Ling resting inside a book he carried to keep track of her and keep her safe. "Well, we're here everyone," he said calmly as they shuffled off, Audrey III having dispensed with the mustache for this trip since the fillies and Jade had decided to ride in 'First Class-Young Mages', which provided full research labs and comfortable accommodations for a wide variety of familiar types. Even Cumulo had custom housing, much to Jackie and Scootaloo's surprise.

Jackie calmly looked over the group with him. It was the same group that had pursued the Cat of Khartoum only increased with the presence of Ruby - who had worn Audrey III's mustache since she wasn't a familiar, and doing so let her ride with Jade instead of with 'non-magical pets', despite how luxurious that area was for animals. Uncle, Tohru, and the others were only a phone call away if they needed help...and in the meantime were needed to account for all the new acquisitions. Nodding to himself, Jackie turned back forward to plan their next move regarding reuniting Mei Ling with her sister. "Now all we need to do is get to Amesbury and-"

"Thank goodness you're here!" an older man suddenly cried out, rushing up to the group and eagerly shaking Jackie's hand. "I only sent the request for your help an hour ago, you do work fast!"

"Uh...you called for our help?" Jackie asked in surprise.

"Why would you call for our help, specifically?" Viper asked in confusion.

"Because you're the Chan Clan!" the man declared breathlessly. "The whole world knows that if there's an archaeological crime, call you! Many's the criminal already who's been foiled by you meddling youngsters and your cat, like the group who went after the Golden Dragon on that cruise ship!"

Ruby, for no apparent reason, fell against Jade's cheek with a very feline cackle.

"So there's been an archaeological crime?" Sweetie Belle suggested curiously. "Here in England? What, did somebody steal Stonehenge?"

"So you got my message, then?" the old man asked desperately.

"So much for a quiet trip to reunite Mei Ling with her sister," Scootaloo grumbled.

"Is this going to be bad?" Jade asked Hsi Wu worriedly. "You said going to Stonehenge was part of being the Chosen One. Is-"

"Won't be the first time in history Stonehenge was moved," Hsi Wu explained ruefully. "Generally because some group of wizards, demon, or other being or group of beings with more ambition than sense wants to use it to try and artificially tap the planet's leylines for whatever reason. While no one knows who built it or why, it is known to be the one structure in the world most perfectly designed for that. It always manages to find its way back somehow, so while there's no concern about problems from the theft itself, we should find it before someone manages to use it."

Jackie groaned to himself, then turned back to the old man who had approached them. "So...Stonehenge is gone? Any idea how that happened?"

"Only that it involved magic of some sort," the old man explained, "and given the hard time the magical authorities are having in tracking it, a group of some skill in staying hidden."

"So we're dealin' with some ancient secret magic society?" Apple Bloom grunted irritably. "Ta what purpose? Why would they want Stonehenge?"

"If they're anything like the past five secret societies to steal Stonehenge, they probably believe it's a magical superweapon," Hsi grunted irritably. He lifted his hand and started counting off. "The Illuminati believed it was for killing gods, the Sons of the Yellow King believed it was for tearing holes in reality to free the Elder Gods, the Suns of Wukong thought it would supercharge the world's magical field to accelerate human evolution, the Brotherhood of Night thought it would blow up the sun, and Iscariot thought it would wipe all non-humans from the Earth as 'sins against God's plan'." He shrugged his shoulders. "Fanatical monotheism lost a lot of momentum once rumors of that got around, as did the orthodoxies of just about all religions."

"So...what does Stonehenge do?" Jade asked curiously. "It must have been activated at some point, right?"

"Only by the druids, and that only to help regulate the leylines whenever some magical battle destabilized the planet's energy flows," Hsi explained. "The groups were always stopped...and that last one left Iscariot with a lot stricter regulations on how they were allowed to deal with the threats of 'dark, unholy forces'. Most issues with undead are now dealt with by the Hellsing Organization." He smiled oddly. "...wonder if Ally's put his hat back on...long as it's not the beard, though..."

"Huh?" Jade and the fillies asked curiously.

"Just an old friend, sorta," Hsi explained readily. "He looked me up after the first time I unleashed the Unfiltered Eye, though he used a rift in time to do it. He loved crazy magic like that, and tended to ignore the rules." He sighed nostalgically. "Those were the days..." He frowned thoughtfully. "Even if it did result in a bit of insanity with Emeraude and the Deja Vu stone...no wonder I didn't remember those details at first..."

The girls decided not to comment.

Jackie decided to focus on the actual situation. "So...we need to find a secret society with a lot of power, few morals, and a great deal of skill at avoiding the authorities that are supposed to deal with them?" He sighed ruefully. "So much for a straightforward trip to reunite two sisters and then enjoy the sights. How are we supposed to go about it?"

"Knowing our track record?" Viper offered playfully. "Probably just wander around at random until one of us trips into the middle of a secret society meeting. If it's you, possibly literally."

Jackie groaned as he handed the book over to Viper as he stalked over to a nearby wall. "What, you seriously think I can just wave my hand-" He swept his hand out, accidentally banging a spot on the wall. "-and reveal the secret society that stole Stonehenge that no one else has been able to discover?"

The spot on the wall Jackie had struck creaked, and a wall panel swung open, revealing a group of men in grey robes with blue cowls wearing oddly designed medallions who gasped at their being revealed. "He hath found the secret switch!" one of them declared angrily. "He knoweth too much!"

Tiger stared flat-eyed at this from Jackie's shoulder. "You gotta be kidding me..."

"So..." Kitten asked thoughtfully, "is this where we say 'Bad Day'? Or would 'Zoinks!' be more appropriate this time?"

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