• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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The Savage

Hak Foo stood silently in the darkness of the chocolate factory, waiting when Jackie Chan showed up. He had seen the man visiting the factory earlier, and was certain it was in search of the Talisman, now identified to be the Pig Talisman. As such, Hak Foo had slipped in to search the entire facility, intimidating what few security personnel were there into not crossing him. He had found nothing, however, and had instead decided to wait for Chan to show up so he could grill the man for information. He idly wondered if he should use real fire.

As he saw the man enter, Hak Foo smiled softly. Once Chan approached the chocolate molds, he stepped out of the shadows. "Seeking a Talisman?" he asked grimly, flipping one of the chocolates in one hand, reveling in the shock and fear appearing on Chan's face. He held up the chocolate. "Only counterfeits here." Inwardly he grinned, certain that Chan would know him on sight and that sheer intimidation would be all it took to make him break and talk, but ready to add a bit of physical force-

"Do I...know you?" Chan asked curiously.

Hak Foo's eyes narrowed irritably. He had a reputation, and it was upsetting when the mere sight of him didn't cause his foes to cower. Still, perhaps his name... "I am Hak Foo, the last human you will ever lay eyes upon." When this still did not create the fear reaction he'd hoped for, he hurled the chocolate he was holding like a shuriken, making the vat of chocolate behind Chan burst as he just barely evaded. When Chan turned to face the vat, Hak Foo began flipping forward, ready to tear Chan apart until he talked, and then finish the job.

"Mantis Boxing Style!"

"Serpent Pouch Technique!"

"Float Like Lotus Blossom!"

"Sting Like Scorpion!"

The sequence of Hak Foo's signature attacks left Chan staggered back, clutching his stomach. Hak ended the sequence with his foot in Chan's face. As Chan looked up, he named the technique. "Flamingo Stance."

Chan showed surprising ingenuity and courage as he grabbed the extended foot. "These little piggies went to market!" He threw the foot into a spin.

Hak Foo followed through with the spin, rotating his entire body in the air before landing, calling out as he did, "Flying Dragon Corkscrew! Cat Lands on Feet, and Bares Claws!"

The exchange of blows, counter blows, and named attacks continued, showing Hak Foo that Chan was skilled, but had not faced one at his level in a long enough time that his skills in true combat had atrophied. Were he at his best, he would have proved a true challenge for the Black Tiger, possibly even proved victorious. As it was, it wasn't long before Hak Foo was grinding his feet into the man's back. "Black Tiger crushes Chan."

"Jackie!" three voices called out in fear.

Hak Foo turned, spotting four girls and an old man. This was nothing new to him. Since he started hiring himself out, he'd frequently dealt with the families of those he'd been sent after. Three of the girls were closer to him than the fourth girl and the old man, moving forward somewhat aggressively. It was oddly amusing...and somehow adorable. Hak Foo lifted his head, glaring down dismissively at the trio. "Take your leave," he growled out. "This does not involve you...yet."

...he somehow felt he had to look a lot higher than normal to look down at one of the trio, but paid it no mind.

"You don't scare us!" the redhead growled angrily, her voice having a distinctive southern drawl.

"You get off Jackie!" the second girl with paler hair - blonde, perhaps? - cried out, her voice high pitched and more cultured.

"Before we make you!" the third girl with darker hair - was it black? - snapped out, her voice sounding tough.

"What's a Jackie?" Chan mumbled in a dazed tone, plainly still shell shocked from the assault.

Hak Foo blinked a few times as he tried to process just what he was being confronted with, something about what he was seeing difficult to process. Am I...dealing with Powerpuff Girl cosplayers? Unable to think what else he could be dealing with, he steeled himself. "I am here to recover the Talisman and crush Jackie Chan. I will deal harshly with anyone who gets in my way." He took an angry step forward, intending to intimidate them into backing off.

He could see the girls shaking in fear...but to his surprise, they matched his forward step.

"Hearts of warriors you have," he offered softly. "Then I will treat you as such. Crocodile Catches Unwary Cubs!" With that roar he rushed forward, his arms spread wide to seize and crush the girls in a single blow.

Before he'd even closed half the distance, the old man had blurred between him and the girls, and sharp pain shot through his entire body emanating from his groin. The old man stared up at him, eyes like gimlets staring cold hate into his own. "Papa Wolf pulls no punches," the old man hissed out before spinning, striking Hak right on the temple with a roundhouse kick that sent him flying across the room.

Hak Foo coughed in pain as he extracted himself from the brick wall he'd impacted against, clutching at his head and groin. He quickly shook it off, regaining control of himself as he faced off against the old man. "You caught me off guard. You will regret that."

"I have regretted a lot of things in my life," the old man offered softly. "Many decisions I'm left wondering if I should have done otherwise, ones that keep me up at night, days I will never forget as I pray for reassurance that I did the right thing. Breaking a punk who threatens my little girls?" He spat to the side and took a wide legged combat stance. "It's just Monday."

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