• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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A Little More Catty

Adagio, Aria, and Sonata looked around as they arrived in Tangiers. They had been here once long ago, while they had been helping their mother back while The Brotherhood was attempting world conquest, and they'd been in similar lands in other worlds as they'd been repeatedly banished each time they tried to gain enough power to get back home and free their mother. Still, the bead curtain doorways, the shape of the buildings, and the local bazaar all combined to give them a brief sense of nostalgia. While they had adjusted to various worlds as time passed and things became modern, there was a special place in their hearts for the lands they had seen and known as children, and the land here still strongly resembled that ancient time, with only a few modern touches. The only thing that caught them somewhat off guard was the sight of a juggler street performer who was aided by a Genie of the Ring dancing to draw attention.

"Was...was magic something that got shown off this much when we were young?" Aria asked in confusion.

"Well...we were magic and trying to take over the world, so...maybe?" Adagio allowed. "Sonata, what do you-" She cut herself off as she saw where their sister had gone.

Sonata had made her way to the juggler, mirroring his Genie's dance moves on his other side, which drew a great deal more attention...especially after she and the genie started using their dance moves to suggestively 'bounce' the juggled balls back to the juggler when they went wide.

"Well, looks like she's going to be fine," Aria grumbled under her breath as she crossed her arms. "Do you think she even remembers what we're here for?"

"She just shifted into the Nyan Dance, so...maybe?" Adagio allowed with a shrug. "Though I think she might be onto something as far as gathering information."

"What do you-" Aria's eyes widened as she realized what Adagio was saying. "What, trawl the local bars, song-and-dance mesmerize the patrons, and get them to tell you everything they know about our target?"

"Fits right in my skills," Adagio confirmed. "What about you? Have you got a better plan?"

"Figured I'd wander around until I found some criminal element Enforcer types, and beat the crap out of them until they gave me some leads," Aria replied easily, cracking her knuckles. "That's right in my skills. ...think we can leave Sonata to her own devices for a while?"

Adagio shrugged. "We're right by the airport, and we're at most an hour ahead of the Chans. As long as no one tries to do anything bad to Sonata before then, she'll be in plain sight when they arrive and they'll look after her like the goody two-shoes they are."

"And if someone does try to do something bad to her?" Aria asked worriedly.

"Then we call our new Dad to clean up the mess and get out of town," Adagio stated flatly. "And I don't pity the idiot who tries."

Aria shuddered, briefly remembering the...creature...they'd encountered in one world who - on a whim, as far as they could tell - taught Sonata how to fight...among other things. "Right...let's move quick to get away from the idiocy/war zone."

The pair quickly moved off to pursue their independent investigations without bothering to tell Sonata where they were going. Sonata wasn't worried. She'd talked to her New Daddy before they left about what to do if she got separated, and he'd explained that he'd left a little bit of his own magic in the repaired pendants, which linked them together. She would be able to find her sisters as long as they were within 30 miles of her just by grabbing her pendant and focusing on them. Instead, she could follow her own plan as far as finding the Stone Kitty.

Once the juggler finished his performance, he happily gave her some of the coins to thank her for her efforts before going off somewhere with his Genie. Sonata took the coins and headed for a stall that sold, among other things, arts and crafts supplies. She bought one large piece of white cardboard and a black marker, then walked back to the exit to the airport. It wasn't that complicated a message she needed to write, and it would be in large letters that she even knew how to spell!

With the message written, she held it up to wait.

Jackie was forced to admit he was reluctant to leave the plane when it arrived in Tangiers. His previous flights since magic became normal in the world had all been hurried, frenetic, or on military aircraft. As such, this was the first time since the change in the world that he'd been able to lean back and really appreciate the positive side of the world's change, and enjoy a flight.

Still, his sense of responsibility had been somewhat stronger than his desire to relax-

"You mean Viper's offer of changing tickets so we'd be in 'First Class Couples' while the youngsters were in 'First Class Children's' made you eager for the flight home," Tiger taunted from his shoulder.

"We are not so hormonally driven as to be completely sex-crazed when it comes to Viper!" Kitten insisted from the other shoulder.

"You're only saying that because Saint and Queen are watching," Tiger countered, gesturing towards Jade's shoulders. Jackie couldn't see anything there...which, given the nicknames for - he assumed - Jade's shoulder consciences, he was rather glad of.

"I would say that no matter who was watching!" Kitten insisted.

"Ugh..." Jackie groaned as he rubbed his forehead.

"Yeah, they comment on internal monologues, too," Hsi Wu confirmed, glancing towards where Viper was strutting...deliberately positioning herself to give Jackie a good view.

On Viper's shoulders, her 'shoulder people' were also in a debate. One was Viper in her thief suit, exaggerated to the point she somewhat resembled the comic book Catwoman. The other had a somewhat more motherly look, dressed in a sundress and apron...which she still somehow managed to make look sensual and fantastic. "We are not jumping Jackie in the middle of an ancient temple," Domestic Viper insisted, waving a whisk at her counterpart. "It's a bad example to Jade-"

"You've seen herrr stud," Adventurous Viper purred eagerly, stretching like a cat and deliberately swaying her rear in Tiger's direction, much to his pleasure. "She'll need to learn the trrricks eventually."

"She learns more than enough as is," Domestic grumbled irritably.

"Are you taking notes?" the white robed figure on Jade's shoulders - the one Tiger dubbed 'Saint' - demanded of her counterpart.

"Absolutely!" the blue-skinned Queen hissed excitedly. "How else is Jade going to know the stuff we pick up from the other consciences? She can't see them!"

"It's also a bad example to the fillies!" Domestic continued her chiding of Adventurous.

"Like they're even wirrred to have an opinion on human mating beyond being happy theirrr Uncle is 'getting some'," Adventurous countered dismissively.

"And Jackie wouldn't thank us for 'desecrating' an ancient temple, especially not on an archaeological expedition," Domestic insisted firmly, laying down her final point.

Adventurous tapped her chin thoughtfully. "Fine, I concede the point," she allowed ruefully. "But in the rrrruins of the temple if we accidentally set off a booby trrrap?"

Domestic smirked, shifting the whisk so the batter clinging to it dripped suggestively. "Now that is a completely separate issue." She then giggled wickedly. "I'm so glad we finally found a man who can not only keep up with us, but indulge us in our entirety. Even the Writhers were starting to get dull and predictable."

"Well now Jade knows what to ask for if she wants tentacle toys," Queen chuckled as she made a note.

"OH MY GODS!" Saint gasped in embarrassment. "Seriously, stop!"

"Does it ever get easier to deal with?" Jade pleaded of Hsi, gesturing to her shoulders.

"It's not as difficult before magic gets involved in shaping the Yin/Yang aspects of your personality," Hsi Wu explained apologetically. "Once they've been defined by magic, however..." He gestured to Queen. "Yeah, they become a lot more excitable and energetic at that point."

"You know, I was beginning to feel left out that we don't have shoulder ponies," Sweetie Belle observed thoughtfully. "Suddenly...not so much."

"Amen to that," Apple Bloom agreed.

"Right back at ya," Scootaloo confirmed.

As the group exited the terminal, their eyes widened as they caught sight of Sonata Dusk standing at the side of the road, grinning at them and holding up a sign that read 'CHAN CLAN'. "Sonata?" Jackie called in surprise. "What are you doing here?"

"New Daddy asked my sisters and I to find the Cat of Khartoum since it's a dangerous magical artifact," Sonata explained. "He wants to hang onto it so he can keep track of what baddies on whichever side of legality want it. I figured if we were getting sent after it, you would be too, which means that we'd be showing up to take it from you just after you got it safely out of wherever it's hidden...and you've tangled with New Dad enough to know that's how it would happen too. I figured as long as we know that's how it's going to wind up, why not just go together to find it? More eyes are better, right?"

Jackie sputtered for a time. "W...wha?" he finally managed to ask.

"Sounds like how it would go down, yeah," Tiger agreed.

"And given that, I can't fault her logic," Kitten allowed.

"Friends are always welcome!" Sweetie Belle called out happily.

"And she's a siren," Queen purred eagerly. "Maybe she could teach Jade a few things-"

"How do I get you to shut up?" Saint demanded as Jade blushed brightly.

"Ooh, I can help!" a Sonata wearing a taco suit called as she bounced up and down on one of Sonata's shoulders. "Well, not me, but my friend! Come on out!" She danced over to the other shoulder and knocked on a door that wasn't there.

A very dark skinned male djinn appeared out of nowhere, smiling out at the various 'shoulder people' presented before him. "Hi~," he greeted, his voice a deep drawl that was simultaneously friendly and yet carrying a sense of absolute death and destruction.

Everyone else's 'shoulder people' vanished in terror. Hsi Wu hid behind Audrey III, whimpering in fear.

"And...now I feel like I should be terrified of Sonata, for some reason," Scootaloo observed thoughtfully.

Author's Note:

Readers wanted more shoulder people.
I remembered I was trying to have fun with these chapters.
Readers get fun shoulder people.

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