• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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A Friend Like Me

Jackie smiled softly to himself as he led Apple Bloom through her katas in the upstairs dojo above the antique shop. He'd arrived back from his latest archaeological expedition just the day before, and the three girls had been overjoyed to see him. Of course, there had been a moment when they'd looked at Uncle in confusion and Scootaloo had asked about 'that other thing', only for Uncle to tell her it would be tomorrow...today now. Jackie had shrugged it off, assuming Uncle had plans for a family event today. For now, he would focus on teaching Apple Bloom more of the martial arts, as of the three she was the only truly dedicated student. She'd even cleared the test to get her next belt level, and she was so proud.

He paused in the teaching as the bell near the exit to the dojo began to ring. He quickly moved to the stairs, followed by Apple Bloom. Down below in the antique shop, Uncle was examining the shield Jackie had brought back with him, working on translating the inscriptions. Uncle smiled up at Jackie. "Come," he called warmly, "give Uncle a hug."

Smiling widely, Jackie performed a careful flip off the top of the stairwell to land lightly on his feet in front of Uncle. When he turned to embrace him, however, he received a two finger strike to his temple. "Ow!"

"You no make coffee this morning!" Uncle snapped, sipping from a cup. "Scootaloo had to do it, but is your job. You want dead Uncle, no?" When Jackie helplessly shook his head, Uncle continued, "Then you make the coffee."

Sighing, Jackie nodded.

"One more thing!" Sweetie Belle called out from another desk, where she spent her time on weekends - like now - helping with the shop paperwork and taking phone messages since Uncle still disliked the more modern phones and the 'fax machine'. "The university called, Uncle Jackie. They want you to translate some parchments."

"One more thing!" Scootaloo called out from the library. "I'm having trouble finding any other examples of the writing on the shield. It must be really old. Uncle, I think you need to look at your journals, I still can't read them."

"One more thing!" Uncle called out to everyone present. He then gestured to a young girl of Asian descent standing in front of the counter, somehow having gone unnoticed until then. She had black and blue hair that hung in bangs that framed her heart shaped face, save for one that seemed to determined to fall over her eyes. Her hazel eyes stared piercingly at all around, seeming bored and frustrated. She was dressed in an orange hoodie and blue jeans, looked about 10 years old, and had three bright pink suitcases of various sizes arranged behind her...which also had somehow gone unnoticed until then. "Jackie, this is Jade, your niece. She will live with you for a year."

The three fillies gasped happily as they rushed over to meet Jade. Jackie's reaction, however, suggested to Uncle that he had been overexposed to the 'Amulets of Acceptance', as Sweetie Belle had eventually termed them. "Okay," he stated, as though this were something that happened every day. He then expressed a sudden, stronger reaction as he almost choked on his words. "I have a niece?"

"You cousin Shin's girl from Hong Kong," Uncle explained. "Jade is not behaving well there. Doing poorly in school. Your cousin thinks she will do better in America, with you." As Uncle spoke Jade let her eyes wander, keeping her expression neutral as she refused to look at anyone.

"Wouldn't she do better with you?" Jackie asked quietly. "I mean, you've been raising the girls so far-"

"Uncle has his aging hands full with three!" Uncle insisted. "You want to unleash chaos on San Francisco by making Uncle responsible for four?"

As Uncle and Jackie discussed this, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo had decided to go greet the new family member and make her feel welcome. "Howdy, cousin!" Apple Bloom greeted warmly.

Jade, for her part, simply stared at them, her eyes widening.

"Wait, maybe she doesn't speak English!" Scootaloo offered. "She did just arrive from Hong Kong, after all."

Smiling, Sweetie Belle greeted her. "Nǐ hǎo qīn qi."

Jade stared at Sweetie Belle. "...Qílín..." she whispered at last.

All three fillies stared at her. Sweetie Belle then seized her in her telekinetic aura. "Uncle, we're gonna play with Jade upstairs!" she called out as the three absconded with their new cousin.

"See?" Jackie pointed out to Uncle. "They are connecting already."

"Uncle still cannot handle four in antique shop!" Uncle countered. "Took years to adapt to three!"

Once upstairs, Jade quickly found herself tied to a chair with a light being shone on her face. "See?" Scootaloo said smugly. "I told you having all this set up ahead of time just in case was a good idea."

"Ah don't know whether ta be impressed or upset that you're right," Apple Bloom grumbled.

"Shouldn't we focus on the issue?" Sweetie Belle asked. "I mean, she saw right through the 'normal' aura. No human should be able to do that!"

"Right!" Scootaloo insisted as she swung the lamp close to Jade's face. "Alright, talk! What are you that the pendants don't effect you? Demon? Spirit? Planeswalker? Reverse aged chi wizard? Witch?" She thrust her face into Jade's. "Are you a spy?"

In response to the rapid-fire questions, Jade...squeed. "I'm being interrogated by three talking, candy-colored miniature ponies...and one of them's an honest to goodness unicorn! America...is so...COOL!" She seemed to be vibrating with contained glee.

Scootaloo blinked in confusion. "This doesn't seem to be working..."

"Probably cuz we're overlookin' something," Apple Bloom offered. "Sweetie Belle, touch her face."

Shrugging, Sweetie Belle pressed her hoof against Jade's cheek. The only thing that happened was Jade getting even more excited. "What does this prove?" Sweetie asked, confused.

"That she's not dark magic," Apple Bloom explained. "And what about that spell ya got ta see someone's magic?"

Nodding, Sweetie Belle pulled her hoof back and closed her eyes, focusing her magic inward. When she opened her eyes, they glowed green. To her vision now, each of the trio glowed with a literal bonfire of chi and magical energy, flowing all around them and endlessly pouring out. When she looked at Jade, however, she yelped in shock. To her altered vision, Jade blazed with chi and magic that dwarfed the trio's, though it flared out randomly, endlessly shifting and ebbing every moment, never still, the sure sign of untrained magic however powerful it was. "...that's a lot..." she muttered, rubbing her eyes as she shifted her gaze back to normal.

"Thought so," Apple Bloom stated firmly, looking somewhere between smug and sorrowful.

"Going to explain it to the rest of us?" Scootaloo grumbled.

"Lots of magical creatures have some natural ability to blend with their surroundings to keep from being noticed," Apple Bloom explained. "An innate version of our pendants. But anyone with enough magical potential can see through 'em." She looked compassionately at Jade. "That's why yer grades started sufferin', didn't they? There's lots and lots o' those critters in the Far East, and ya couldn't focus when ya were seein' 'em everywhere?" Jade sighed, nodding sadly.

Sweetie Belle's eyes lowered. "And when you tried to tell them what you saw, no one believed you, because they couldn't see them, and they thought you were just making things up to get out of trouble?" Jade nodded again.

"And if you're going to get blamed for trouble anyway, why not just make trouble?" Scootaloo asked. Jade lowered her gaze as Sweetie undid the ropes.

"Well, I've got good news for you!" Sweetie reassured Jade. "You're not crazy or anything like that. You've just got really powerful innate magical ability. The creatures you've been seeing are real, just like us! And we're your cousins!"

Jade managed a warm smile as she blinked away a few tears as the group piled into a group hug. After a time, Apple Bloom spoke up. "So...how come ya weren't sayin' anything downstairs?"

Jade shrugged. "I kinda figured I'd face the same sort of thing I did back home, and I thought I could get away with more if I pretended I couldn't understand instructions."

Scootaloo grinned widely. "I can get behind that. Don't worry, we won't tell."

Jade grinned widely as the trio started to lead her back downstairs, only to pause at a window. "Say...it looks like Uncle Jackie's tailing someone."

The three fillies quickly joined her at the window, eager for something interesting for once. "Wonder what's up with that?" Apple Bloom asked curiously.

"Must be important," Sweetie Belle murmured.

"Let's tail him and find out!" Scootaloo offered eagerly.

"But how are we going to keep up?" Jade asked curiously.

All three fillies grinned widely at her. "Cumulo!" Scootaloo called out.

Before Jade's very eyes, a cyan cloud zipped up to the windowsill trailing a rainbow behind it. The three fillies hopped up onto it, and Apple Bloom held out her hoof. "Come on!" she offered eagerly.

Cautiously, Jade allowed herself to be pulled onto the cloud, only to grin widely as it took her weight. "So...cool!" she squealed as the cloud shot off with the group atop it.

(1) Looking back at the show, I noticed Jade took to all the magic and craziness a...little too quickly, if you get what I'm saying. While I overlooked it when I first watched it, I couldn't help but question it as I watched it again. Of course, I recently saw some fanart of "The Life and Times of Juniper Lee", another old show I liked but can't find much of online, and that connected her ready acceptance of magic to the problems she was sent to Jackie to 'fix'.

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