• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Hūn náo

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Jade watched carefully as Jackie spoke on the phone. "Uncle?" he called out worriedly one more time. His eyes then widened, then narrowed as his body stiffened in fear. "Yes, yes, I understand," he continued, his voice level. "I will bring it. I will tell no one." When he hung up, Captain Black approached him curiously. "A favor, between friends," Jackie explained.

"Does he seriously think he's being subtle?" Scootaloo whispered to Jade, who nodded in understanding.

"Watch the girls," Jackie requested of Captain Black, pointing to the four as he turned to race out.

"Jackie, where are you-" Captain Black began.

"Please!" Jackie pleaded as he reached the elevator. "Don't ask questions."

"Okay, he doesn't think he's being subtle," Sweetie Belle mused.

"That's a relief," Apple Bloom agreed. "I'd hate ta see what he thinks is blatant if he thought that was subtle." A flash of light surrounded the four, unnoticed by anyone else.

Captain Black sighed. "Alright, young ladies-" His words stopped as he turned, and saw only the plant monstrosity, that had shrunk down to roughly the size of a Great Dane rather than the size of King Kong.

The plant looked up at him imploringly, despite the absence of eyes. "Feed me, Augustus?" it sang out pleadingly.

"No," Captain Black replied firmly, turning to see if he could track down where Jackie was going so he could locate the girls.

When the light faded, all four girls found themselves back in the antique shop, though more than a little singed. Jade coughed as she arrived. "What was that?" she demanded irritably.

"Teleportation spell," Sweetie explained as she brushed soot out of her mane and tail. "Sorry it was a little rough. It's the first time I ever tried it."

"Pretty accurate, though," Apple Bloom offered through her own coughs. "At least, ah assume ya were tryin' ta come here."

"I was," Sweetie Belle confirmed. "We should have time to clean ourselves up before Jackie gets here." She glanced nervously at the others. "Can we...not mention the teleporting? Uncle said I'm not supposed to try that spell yet..."

"I won't snitch!" Jade promised as she brushed soot from her hoodie. "So...what's this all about anyway?"

"Jackie brought back a shield from his last expedition," Apple Bloom explained. "Everybody wants it fer some reason. Least, ah think that's what ah heard him sayin' to the Cap'n afore we started busting up the place."

"It has magic inside it, though it's mostly focused in the stone in the center," Sweetie Belle added. "I felt it the moment Jackie brought it in, though I didn't say anything."

"So where is the shield, anyway?" Jade asked curiously, looking around.

"Bottom of that stack on the chair," Scootaloo pointed without looking. "It's the only part of the shop that's arranged differently than it was when you arrived. Whoever snagged Uncle to make Jackie give up the shield was careful as they went through, to not break anything."

Jade stared at Scootaloo. "How do you know it's the only thing arranged differently?" she asked curiously.

"I fly," Scootaloo stated bluntly. "Part of that is having a heightened awareness of your surroundings from the air. Otherwise, it's called crashing."

"How do you know it's a ransom trade?" Sweetie Belle asked Apple Bloom curiously as she started carefully levitating the objects stacked on the shield off of it one by one so Jade could pull the shield out without making a mess.

"Ker-duh!" Apple Bloom replied. "Why else would Jackie be actin' all cagey and not tellin' his friend the Cap'n what was up when he was on the phone with Uncle earlier?"

"So how are we going to convince Jackie to let us help rescue Uncle?" Sweetie Belle asked hopefully. "I don't want to be left behind when Uncle's in danger. I think I'd go crazy!"

Scootaloo's wings twitched in response to something, and she grinned widely. "Yeah," she added, "I don't think I could sit still not knowing what's happened to Uncle. I'd probably go stir crazy."

Apple Bloom glanced over at Scootaloo, then hid her own grin. "And ah don't think ah could keep my magic in check if ah was left here ta fret like crazy. No tellin' what would happen!"

"I'm sure Jackie will be reasonable," Jade offered consolingly, balancing the shield. "We just want to go with to make sure everything's okay. I mean, with what you three are capable of, I doubt we'll be in any sort of danger, right?"

A disgruntled sigh echoed behind them. "And you'd be on Cumulo following me before I even made it to the door if I sent you all to your rooms, wouldn't you?" Jackie groaned, having walked up behind them while they spoke, making Sweetie and Jade jump.

"...possibly..." Scootaloo offered noncommittally, lowering her face to hide her grin.

Jackie groaned softly. "Fine!" he grunted out finally. "You can come, but you have to stay out of danger."

"Scout's Honor!" all four girls responded readily, Jade raising her hand to her forehead while the fillies mirrored the action with one forehoof.

As Jackie left the four girls at the bottom of the skyscraper where the exchange was to take place, the four exchanged amused glances. "Pssh, like I'm a scout!" Jade joked playfully.

"Sing it, sister!" Scootaloo agreed, bumping her hoof with Jade's clenched fist. "So what's the plan?"

"You ride Cumulo up there to scout from above," Jade explained. "I'll go up through the building. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, you two stay down here as backup. Apple Bloom, focus on waking up any nearby plants to act as a distraction if we have to make a quick getaway. Sweetie Belle, conserve your magic for something big in case we need it. There's no telling how many baddies we'll be dealing with."

As Scootaloo hopped on Cumulo and Jade rushed into the building, Apple Bloom grinned widely. "She's good." Turning, she started searching around for amenable plants.

Sweetie Belle sighed. "Still going to call Captain Black as soon as Uncle's not in immediate danger," she muttered, holding Jackie's cell phone close. "Now...what's his number, anyway?"

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