• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Heroes Battle

As everyone faced off, Finn, Ratso, and Chao attempted to use their Talismans...only to discover that they wouldn't work. "What the?" Finn demanded, stunned.

"Looking for these?" Jackie asked as he held up the Rabbit Talisman. El Toro had affixed the Ox Talisman to his mask, Tohru had the Horse hanging around his neck, and Viper had the Snake buried in her cleavage under her bodysuit...something that only became noticeable when its glow shone through the cloth before she vanished.

"...well, that just made us useless," Chao muttered as he stared around at the group assembled against them. Rabbit speed Jackie, Ox powered El Toro, endlessly healing Tohru, invisible Viper, the three fillies magic, Uncle's magic, and Audrey III behind them all.

"Then make yourselves useful and grab the box!" Hak Foo barked out. He took a battle stance. "I need no Talisman to best a warrior." He squared off against Tohru as Chui held his Sledge towards El Toro, Gan spun his staff in Jackie's direction, and Ren spun his shuriken boomerang in the direction of where Viper - already invisible - had been seeking a sneak attack.

As the three Enforcers rushed to obey, Daolong Wong faced off against Uncle as they each readied their spells for battle. Jade and Paco sat back watching with Audrey. While the plant may have been seeking the best opportunity to strike, the sheer amount of power present made it plain the two human children had best stay put...especially when Audrey had to shift to protect the pair from magical splash damage from the impact of Uncle and Daolong Wong's spells.

"I had been curious as to why Valmont's Enforcers did not recognize me at this most recent meeting," Daolong Wong called out as the spells clashed. "When I heard of the magic wave and the normal pendants, I understood. Magic was only always an accepted fact of the world after that wave, wasn't it?"

"What is important in that?" Uncle demanded as he barely deflected a curving shadow snake.

"Simply this: you were at the epicenter. You were unchanged." Daolong Wong grinned as he reached into his robe and pulled out a strangely configured skull, slipping it over his head like a helmet. "In the old way, we would have been evenly matched. If we were both altered, we would still be so. But you are new to the changes...and I have now had a decade in service to one who has access to the whole world for magical ingredients and boosters. This skull may only be that of a lesser demon, but what it does for Dark Magic..." Leveling his staff forward, he unleashes a barrage of dark blasts that swirled and arced around the room towards Uncle.

Smirking, Uncle pulled out a glowing green hairbrush and proceeded to smack the blasts out of the air like it was a tennis racket. "And I have been raising three Qi Lin who need daily brushing!" he countered. "You know how potent unicorn hair is for Good Chi spells!"

Chui and El Toro squared off. Much to El Toro's frustration, the Dark Warrior had strength to match his normal strength, and his speed and evasion made it difficult to bring the full power of the Talisman to bear against him. On top of that, the sledge the Dark Warrior wielded hit with enough force to send him flying if El Toro didn't manage to block with Talisman energy focused into his arm. Even his one moment of luck in catching the Sledge by the handle and ripping it from Chui's arms only lasted a moment and a few heavy blows as the Sledge flew at El Toro from behind before returning to Chui's grip.

Jackie found himself having his own troubles with Gan. The three-piece staff proved exceptionally effective at deflecting Jackie's fast strikes, even when amplified by Rabbit Speed. Admittedly, Jackie's defense was able to match Gan's offence as well, leaving them in a pure stalemate. Despite this, Jackie knew it was a delaying action doomed to fail, as the Dark Warrior's stamina was limitless, while Jackie was already feeling himself start to flag from so much use of the Rabbit Talisman.

Viper found herself distinctly frustrated as she attempted to get the drop on Ran. While invisibility didn't hide his senses somehow, she was able to disrupt his ability to track her with some of her magical tools. Unfortunately, Ran adapted to them quickly, and his windmill blade - when thrown - obeyed his will rather than the laws of physics as far as when and how it ricocheted, and he seemed exceptionally well practiced in terms of guiding it while also fighting hand to hand. Viper would think she had him distracted and on the ropes as she delivered a few blows, only to have to roll just before delivering an exceptionally powerful finishing blow to avoid being bisected or having her head cut off. It was supremely frustrating.

It was a relief for Jade and Paco to see that Tohru at least was doing much better against Hak Foo. While Hak Foo's combos were certainly impacting, the Horse Talisman was kicking in as soon as each blow landed, undoing the damage almost before the man pulled his fists back and leaving Tohru to continue to fight at full strength. The only concern there would be Tohru's stamina...but he fought smart, moving very little to conserve his wind while letting Hak Foo wear himself out as he delivered more and more complex and futile attacks. "Minnow wallops whale!" Hak Foo roared out as he moved for one last strike, plainly aiming for a one-hit knockout.

Tohru apparently took offense to being referred to as the 'whale' in the attack, as he changed tactics. "Excuse me," he asked softly, lifting a hand to forestall the attack, "but what was that last part?" He lifted a hand to his ear as though to hear better.

Hak Foo growled irritably. "I said...Minnow-" Before Hak could get another word out, Tohru shifted his side-on stance into a shoulder check that slammed Hak into the opposite wall. "...what was that last part?" Hak growled sarcastically as he struggled to get his bearings, only for Tohru to seize him by the ankle and proceed to flip him like a flapjack.

While all this was going on, Finn, Ratso, and Chao moved to try and take the Box as they'd been directed, only to find their path blocked by Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. Finn spoke up first. "Look, kids...we don't wanna hurt you, but we've been ordered to get that Box...and I'm pretty sure you don't want to fight us."

"We don' have ta," Apple Bloom replied warmly as she leapt into his arms, catching him off guard enough that he caught her. "Say...these plant based fabrics?" she asked as she glanced at the tags on his clothes.

"Yeah," Finn replied easily. "Wool gives me a rash, I can't afford a full silk wardrobe at the rate the job makes me go through clothes, and I worry about the environmental impact of producing so much synthetics-" His eyes widened as he saw the filly grin widely, magic gathering around one hoof. "How about I stand perfectly still, and you not do whatever it is you're thinking of?" he asked hopefully.

"Ah reckon that could work," Apple Bloom answered impishly.

Chao frowned as he squared off against Sweetie Belle. "Well, I know you can't pull something like that on-whoa!" He waved his limbs wildly as he was lifted into the air in Sweetie's magical grip as her horn glowed. "...that mark on your butt made you a lot stronger, huh?"

"Seems that way!" Sweetie piped up happily.

Ratso squared himself as he faced down Scootaloo as she sat atop Cumulo, floating between him and the Box. The staring match continued for some time, neither moving, flinching, or even blinking. After a time, Ratso suddenly said, "Yoink!"

Startled, Scootaloo spun on Cumulo, checking the Box. Seeing it still there, she spun back to Ratso. "Nice try, but that's not going to work."

"Guess not," Ratso admitted with a shrug as he pulled his arms back from under Cumulo. "Looks like we're overmatched here. Either you guys will beat the Dark Warriors, or Audrey will eat them when they get the upper hand." As Tohru hurled a dazed Hak Foo into Dalong Wong, knocking them both prone, Ratso backed quickly to the Dark Wizard's side. "So I think it'd be best for us to cut our losses," he stated significantly to the Dark Wizard, giving him a gentle nudge that - for some reason - caused him to hiss in sudden pain.

Jade gasped as she saw what had happened. "Ratso's got the artifact!" she cried out, pointing to the blue and gold in the goofy man's hand.

Spinning, Scootaloo saw the empty pedestal and realized Ratso had slipped his arms under Cumulo when she'd spun to check after the 'Yoink!', and grabbed the box after she'd taken her eyes off it, hiding it up his sleeve while his arms were still under the cloud. "Why you little-"

"Gotcha!" Ratso said with a wide grin with the box held high as the Dark Warriors seized Finn and Chao just before Daolong Wong unleashed a dark purple smoke cloud that enshrouded them all, making them vanish. Apple Bloom fell to the ground as Finn vanished out from under her.

Realizing the fullness of what had happened, Scootaloo began to faceplant into Cumulo repeatedly, deciding that actually banging her head against the wall would be bad.

"Is not so bad," Uncle comforted the pegasus filly. "Daolong Wong will get little use of that artifact on his own. If mere touch is painful, then it is made of strong Good Chi. I will translate inscriptions, and see if we can learn why he was after it." Turning, he began to examine the inscriptions.

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