• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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The Gift

The six Chans walked carefully down the streets of Bavaria, Jackie leading the way with Uncle holding Jade's hand, Sweetie Belle on Uncle's head, Scootaloo on Cumulo, and Apple Bloom on Audrey. It had been surprisingly easy to get Audrey on the plane at the Los Angeles International Airport. All it had taken was sticking a fake mustache on Audrey, and everyone from the one selling the tickets to the flight attendants treated him like a human. The only thing really odd was one other passenger - who claimed to be from Van Nuys - who kept asking Audrey if he was related to a Mr. Mumbles. As he had no idea how to respond to that - and no musical ways to explain his confusion - Audrey had remained silent.

"I will do some sleuthing at the chocolate factory," Jackie spoke up. "But you girls should stay with-" His voice trailed off as he saw Uncle tugging Jade off towards the square, the fillies following him. "...Uncle."

"Jade, I hear you like Hip Hop?" Uncle asked curiously. "You know, they have it here in Bavaria, too."

"Really?" Jade asked in surprise.

"Yes!" Uncle confirmed. "They call it Oom-Pah!"

Uncle and Jade burst into giggles. Apple Bloom tilted her head. "...ah don' get it."

"I don't think it matters," Sweetie Belle observed. "Uncle's feeling good enough to go out and do things with us. What's it matter if we don't get the 'Dad jokes'?"

"Good point!" Scootaloo agreed. "Come on, let's go find some Oom to Pah to!"

Jackie rolled his eyes, heading off to find the chocolate factory as the others burst into laughter at Scoot's wordplay.

It wasn't long before the group found some musicians playing in the square, playing a drum, a saxophone, and an accordion. Uncle quickly led the girls - save Apple Bloom, who remained at her perch on Audrey - into a bit of dancing, Audrey following along with a wave of his vines. At the end of the dance, the whole group shared more laughter. "And Sweetie said your hip didn't hop!" Jade pointed out gaily as they approached a table set with food, plainly there for anyone to come up and have a snack.

"Ha ch-ch-cha!" Uncle murmured eagerly as he lifted up a large slab of cheese on a piece of bread.

Sweetie Belle gasped in shock. "Uncle! Cheese!"

"Yummy!" Uncle responded eagerly as he moved to take a bite.

"But cheese and other dairy products don't agree with your digestion!" Apple Bloom pointed out. "It's why I made a lactose-free cake!"

Jade frowned. "There's something different about you," she pointed out incisively.

"Like what?" Uncle asked evasively.

"Well, for one thing, you haven't said 'one more thing' since we got here," Jade insisted.

"I only say that when I am in an irritable mood," Uncle offered quickly, his eyes shifting back and forth. "Travel agrees with me."

"Actually, you haven't said 'one more thing' since just after your birthday party," Scootaloo pointed out. "Not to mention you just feel...younger."

Apple Bloom gasped in shock. "Did...did my potion actually work to make you younger?" she asked hopefully. "I didn't think it would, but maybe with how much magic you've been exposed to training as a chi wizard and raising us..."

Uncle sighed softly. He couldn't let her lead herself down a mental path like that. He'd have to tell them the truth. "No, Apple Bloom...it was not your potion." Reaching into his shirt, he pulled out the Dog Talisman, showing it to the five of them.

All five stared in shock. "No...way..." Jade responded, stunned.

"Way," Uncle replied with a grin.

"The Dog Talisman makes you act younger?" Sweetie Belle asked, surprised.

"Kinda fits," Scootaloo offered. "I mean, well cared for dogs act like puppies for their entire lives right up until those lives catch up to them and everything fails at once. Though with the magic setup, it probably makes you immortal too, or something. Those sound like they'd go together."

"Very astute, Scoot," Uncle praised teasingly, slipping the Talisman back under his shirt and booping Scootaloo on the nose with one finger.

"Does that mean Rhino's part Noble Dog, then?" Sweetie Belle asked curiously. "I mean, we got him nearly a decade ago, and hamsters normally only live for about three years."

"I know!" Scootaloo agreed. "Heck, I took him into show and tell once as the world's oldest hamster when he turned six! Then someone showed me that stupid Guinness book that showed the record was seven..."

"Well, he is still acting as young as when we first got him, so it is possible..." Sweetie observed.

"Maybe he just got into Uncle's chi lab and ate some magic stuff?" Jade suggested helpfully.

"Uncle," Apple Bloom spoke up worriedly, shifting the conversation, "you told us magic always exacts a price. W...what price are ya gonna pay for doing this?"

Uncle sighed softly. "One I will willingly pay," he replied warmly, kneeling down to wrap his arms around the girls. "You are in the prime of your lives. You deserve to have many happy memories, and you try to give them to me too. Normally, I can only do so much for you all. But with this...I can give you all the happy memories you deserve, even if it's only for a few days."

Blinking away tears, the three fillies piled into the Uncle hug. Jade joined them, a calculating look on her face. Immortality, huh? she thought softly. Maybe there's something there to fix that...

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