• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Sweetie Belle hovered nervously over Scootaloo as she remained slumped over unconscious on the way back from Hollywood. "Is she going to be okay, Uncle?" she asked worriedly. "She's never been like this before..."

"Pfeh!" Uncle countered, dismissing Sweetie's concerns. "Never channel Divine Chi before. Got off lucky she got a full infusion before battle."

"Divine Chi?" Sweetie inquired curiously.

"Three main types of magic for each aspect of reality," Uncle explained as he continued examining the lightning marks that remained on Scootaloo's limbs. "Wild magic grows, Dark magic consumes, and Good magic purifies. On human level, there are shamans of Wild Magic, and wizards of dark or good. On animal level, there are Wild Creatures, Dark Monsters, and Pure Guardians. Qi Lin are Pure Creatures, both Wild and Good." He gently stroked Sweetie Belle's mane to calm her since she was still tense. "On spiritual level, balance is Spirits, Demons, and Gods. Gods are source of Divine Chi, which is not same as Good Chi but has same focus: purification. Divine Chi incredibly effective against Demons, especially those of same Element or those vulnerable to said Element...but is incredibly dangerous for any but a God to wield, as it burns through mortal Chi frightfully fast." Reaching out, he stroked Scootaloo as she slept. "Scootaloo is now Avatar of a thunder god, and thus capable of wielding Divine Thunder Chi...but without the proper foci, attempts to do so will rapidly drain her strength to lethal levels." Uncle rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Must do research on which thunder god, to know what focus is proper."

"...dressed up as him..." Scootaloo murmured softly before slipping deeply into slumber.

"Dressed up-" Uncle began in confusion.

"Oh, Raijin!" Sweetie deduced. "Remember? After our extra credit project researching Japanese mythos, we dressed up as Fujin, Raijin, Susano-o, and Amaterasu for our first Halloween?"

"Ah!" Uncle proclaimed happily. "That will help with research! In mean time, Scootaloo get plenty of rest."

"I'll keep an eye on her," Sweetie offered firmly.

"And what about Tohru?" Apple Bloom asked worriedly as she sat on the large man's stomach, looking worriedly down at him as he slumbered deeply.

"His second spell discharges all chi reserves!" Uncle announced. "While not as potentially damaging as what happened to Scootaloo, same exhaustion. Will be fine after sleep and lots of food."

"That's a relief," Apple Bloom murmured, snuggling into Tohru in an attempt to offer comfort. To her surprise, one huge hand came up to rest on her like a blanket. Smiling, she closed her eyes to get her own rest.

While Uncle was dealing with the fillies, Jade brought a vial of glowing pink liquid over to where Jackie was trying to clean the salt out of Viper's wounds to treat them. "Here," she offered, holding up the vial. "Cleansing and healing potion. Apple Bloom taught me the recipe, and it's made with herbs from her garden."

Jackie smiled as he uncorked the vial. "Thank you Jade," he offered warmly as he brought it to Viper's lips.

"Jackie, wait!" Jade interrupted, pulling his arm back. "It's a topical medicine!"

Jackie rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Probably should have asked. Why don't you apply it?"

Smiling, Jade poured a tiny amount of the vial's contents onto her fingertip and began spreading it over the tiny holes Bai Tza had left in Viper's body. "Qīngjié hé zhìyù...(1)" she murmured softly with each application, smiling as the liquid glowed and then faded, leaving Viper's breathing much easier as she finished.

As she got her breath, Viper blinked. "Wait...if we're all back here...who's driving?"

In the driver's seat, Audrey straightened the cowboy hat and mustache he was wearing. "On the road again..." he sang happily as he steered them through traffic.

"Does he even have a license?" Sweetie Belle asked Apple Bloom.

"It honestly would'na surprise me," Apple Bloom allowed sleepily.

The return trip to his base had been...disorienting to Valmont. Losing all sense of cohesion of his own body had been a...unique experience. He refused to think of it in more accurate terms, as he didn't want to think unflatteringly of Bai Tza...especially not when she'd shown such immediate concern for his safety by pulling him with her as she did. That had rearranged his thinking on a few long term plans.

Beyond that, while the experience had been disquieting...the most disquieting aspect was that it hadn't been entirely unpleasant. Some part of him liked the feeling of having no body. He would have to keep careful watch on that part of his mind...it could easily problems if such urges were allowed to run rampant.

As he stabilized himself, he found Tso Lan already waiting for him on the mirror. "My apologies for failing to properly secure Tchang Zu's release at this time," he offered sincerely. "I had not realized the strong presence Divine entities had in the world at this time, or that some would be observing the battle. An oversight I do not intend to repeat-"

Tso Lan lifted one hand to silence Valmont. "This outcome is not your fault," he corrected. "We have discussed the outcome, and have determined by majority conclusion that the fault for Tchang Zu's defeat and return to imprisonment rests on his shoulders...first for so carelessly casting his opponent into undisputed territory where her energy would draw divine attention, and second for not withdrawing when you gave the order. You continue to prove your skill as-" Tso Lan froze as his eyes widened. "But what did you mean, 'at this time'?"

Valmont grinned widely. Tso Lan was certainly intelligent. He looked forward to having that mind more readily available. "There are Eight Portals for Eight Demon Sorcerers...but there are presently only seven. But you enchanted Shendu's spirit, which means he was in the Netherrealm with you. But if he can pass back and forth at will as a spirit...well, his portal is open, isn't it? Available for two Demons to pass through, should the Chans cause problems at other portals."

"Two?" Tso Lan, Bai Tza, Xiao Fung, and Shendu all demanded in surprise.

"But only one can pass through the portal-" Shendu began.

"Each time it is opened, yes," Valmont confirmed. "Once when opened with the Pan'ku box, and once when the banishment spell is cast on your spirit. After all, the banishment spells that seal the portals are keyed to the Demons, not whoever happens to come through the portals."

To Valmont's surprise, Tso Lan began to laugh. "You are clever indeed, Valmont!" he declared eagerly. "Every seeming defeat you are handed you turn to an advantage! I am glad you are on our side, as I would not relish having to go through you to escape."

Valmont chuckled softly. "You won't have to worry about that, I don't think," he observed dryly, his hand slipping into Bai Tza's. Before anyone could comment, he continued, "Speaking of, Tso Lan, you're next...and I don't anticipate any interference...or, if we do it right, even any awareness...though we'll have plenty of time to prepare. Let the Chans think we're licking our wounds after our 'defeat'." He suddenly frowned. "Speaking of the banishment spells, though, Tchang Zu was banished through a different means. Is it possible his portal might still be reopened at some point, should we have need of it?"

Tso Lan was silent for a time. "Valmont, whatever else happens at the end of this, I shall endeavor to find a way to Ascend you to Demonhood, should you not accomplish it on your own. I want us to have access to that mind of yours for many years to come."

Valmont blinked in surprise. "I...I am honored, Tso Lan," he replied, knowing not what else to do but bow.

As the communication broke, Bai Tza threw herself forward, cuddling up to Valmont. "Forever..." she purred, softly and happily, making him blush.

(1) "Cleanse and heal"

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