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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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New World Order

Getting Mongo settled in proved even easier than expected once Valmont and his group returned to his base in San Fransisco, funneled in via the fish cannery at the Bay (which now doubled as their 'sea dock' when travelling via Bai's powers). Once he was dressed in normal clothes and shaved, he hardly resembled himself from before. Even arranging the meeting between him and his son - DJ Fist - proved to be less a drain on resources than Valmont expected. He had been fully prepared to arrange to incorporate the young man and his 'buds' into the Dark Hand despite their less than subtle approach to criminal activities, but both Mongo and DJ Fist seemed to be of independent natures. The meeting had involved exchanged glances, a single fist bump, and then parting ways. Apparently, the desired meeting was more of a 'reconnect/ensure living' than the emotional sort Valmont had expected.

Getting Xiao Fung settled in also proved rather simple. The look he'd chosen for his human form blended surprisingly well with the Dark Hand as well. He was tall without being gigantic and broad shouldered without being bulky. He was well muscled like a linebacker, and had gray hair slicked back in a pointed pompadour, giving him a very punkish overall look complemented by a green shirt, blue slacks, a purple jacket, and dark blue shoes. The only point that might make him stand out was his pale purple eyes, but that was difficult to spot at a distance and easily shrugged off given how magic - now world known - could affect a person's appearance. The slight stubble between his lower lip and chin made him look that extra bit scruffy that made sure anyone who looked at him decide to look away before he noticed. He seemed equal parts dangerous and disinterested...and thus blended perfectly with those members of Valmont's organization that were 'the muscle'.

Presently, Xiao Fung was enjoying a rather lavish feast Valmont had ordered prepared to welcome him to safety in his base, prepared to Xiao Fung's requests prior to the operation. Much to the demon's surprise, Valmont shied away from none of the dishes. "I'm honestly surprised you have the stomach for some of these," Xiao Fung observed as he picked up a bowl of roasted locusts and maggots in sauce and poured the contents into his mouth, slurping it up.

Valmont, by contrast, was taking each individual meat morsel - whether insect or otherwise - into his mouth with chopsticks. "These are considered delicacies in many countries, especially in Africa," he observed calmly. "My business takes me all over the world, especially where 'World Law' is weakest. It isn't good business to refuse the local delicacy...or to throw up when you try to eat it. While not the sort of thing I seek out for pleasurable dining, I have...built up enough of a tolerance that I can enjoy such a repast, or at least appear to."

"Though you seem to have eschewed these," Xiao observed as he grasped a large, wriggling green grub off a platter and stuffed it into his mouth. "Not that I blame you. Though delicacies for demons, I doubt they'd even be digestible for humans, let alone palatable."

Valmont chuckled softly. "Actually, Daolong Wong provided me with these...and a method of preparing the meat so that a human could consume them." He gently lifted a circle of meat from a sauce platter. "Not only do we share the same dishes, as is only polite, but the recipe is even palatable." Placing it into his mouth, he chewed...then swallowed, looking somewhat pale. "Though barely..."

Xiao chuckled softly. "Too much for you?"

"Just more...piquant than I am used to," Valmont assured, plainly struggling to maintain his composure.

Bai Tza chuckled softly as she waved her hand over his water glass, making the liquid sparkle. "Just drink before your pride damages your tongue," she instructed him.

Gratefully, Valmont chugged the glass, looking much better afterwards. "My thanks, milady. I suppose even now, I feel I have something to prove."

"Not with us," Xiao Fung offered. "I must admit, I am impressed. I had forgotten that humans could be so interesting. You do realize of course that once we are all free, it is our intention to conquer the world and bind it to demon rule."

"I will not fight you if you do," Valmont pointed out. "If you fail, the damage you'll do will make it that much easier for a criminal empire to seize immense resources. If you succeed, there will be a rebellion if not several, and a General who knows how humans think will be quite useful to you all in suppressing said rebellions." He gently patted his lips with his napkin. "Speaking of, we should free whichever of your brothers is the flashiest next. At the moment, the Chans are still in a reactive position, waiting for us to take action and moving to stop us. But if the balance of power in this world sways too much towards you from too many of you being free, someone somewhere will notice, the Chans will be informed, and they'll become more proactive on the assumption we're being sneaky in freeing you all, and try to hunt down your hiding spots. We need another confrontation so they stay reactive, too concerned about missing one of you being freed to hunt for those already free."

Xiao Fung and Bai Tza exchanged startled glances, their eyes wide. Bai Tza then moved to Valmont's side and began probing gently at his temples with her fingertips.

"...as pleasant as that is, milady, why are you doing it?" Valmont asked curiously.

"You don't need to be magical to achieve the sort of apotheosis Bai Tza underwent," Shendu explained, "though it helps."

Valmont blinked. "You think I might..."

"It's unlikely," Bai Tza pointed out thoughtfully, "but not unheard of. And being Shendu's vessel could nudge things towards there. Despite his spirit presence, the place of Demon Sorcerer of Fire is presently vacant."

"And between your adaption to magic within you, your ready grasp of how our own powers can work, and your almost demonic cunning and forethought, you would make an excellent Demon Sorcerer," Xaio Fung added. He then smirked wickedly. "Though I think it is more wishful thinking on dear sister's part."

Valmont raised an eyebrow in surprise. "Why would it be wishful..." His voice trailed off as his eyes locked on Bai Tza's face. As her human form was based so closely on her original body, certain physical reactions couldn't be hidden...in this case, the slight embarrassed flush of her cheeks. "...oh..."

"I'm honestly not surprised," Xiao offered with a chuckle. "You're brilliant. You're chivalrous. You're cunning. You're ruthless. You meet us on our own terms and prove yourself an equal player at our games. You're ready to trade your own species away so you and yours can have a place at our table should we win, or the chance to make it your table should we lose. And you're able to keep up with her, if just barely. And despite eons of being a Demon, her Siren nature still shines true...making her emotions far more intense than for one born a Demon." Setting down his empty dishes, he stood up. "If flashy is what you want, Tchang Zu should be next. His Trigram is thunder...appropriate, as he is the Demon Sorcerer of Thunder." As he turned to go, he paused by Valmont's side. "...though none of us were born to the same parents, our Brotherhood has endured long enough that our bonds of family are far stronger, far more intense than what humans can experience in their comparatively short lives. And Bai was the last to join us, the youngest of us." He leaned in close. "Think about what that means...when our little sister feels this way about you."

"I imagine it means that if I hurt her, or she comes to harm because of me, what the rest of you will do to me will make Shendu's punishment - should we fail to release all of you as promised - look tame by comparison?" Valmont asked carefully, still not taking his eyes from Bai's gaze.

"I knew you were clever," Xiao chuckled before heading off to look for something fun to do. Valmont had mentioned something about a service he could avail himself of, something called a 'nuru massage'...

Valmont stared up into the eyes of the Demoness before him. In thoughts guarded so deep in his mind Shendu could not see them - and truthfully, even Valmont was not entirely aware of them - he wondered if any punishment even eon old demons could come up with would manage to equal not having this amazing, fascinating, frustrating woman at his side. Somehow...he doubted it.

Jackie sighed as he hung up the phone. "Girls, don't bother packing!" he called out, sitting back.

"What do you mean?" Jade asked. "What about the jungle trip?"

"Didn' ya say some rich guy hired ya ta help him find the Lost City o' the Muntabs or somethin'?" Apple Bloom demanded.

"We were really looking forward to it!" Sweetie Belle added.

"Yeah!" Scootaloo confirmed. "A trip into uncharted jungle, back to archaeology as we search for ancient ruins and secrets, where the fate of the world isn't on the line!"

"I know girls," Jackie replied. "I was looking forward to it to give us all a break, too. But apparently there are some new things we need to get used to, considering magic is now a 'norm' in this world."

"How so?" Tohru inquired as he poured tea, his tone between confusion and curiosity.

"Trip's cancelled," Jackie explained, jerking his thumb at the phone. "That was the Muntabs. They don't want to be found."

Author's Note:

Xiao Fung's human appearance.

Source: http://moheart7.deviantart.com/art/JCA-Demons-turned-Human-Xiao-Fung-671601687

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