• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Three More Things! - Tatsurou

Uncle Chan tries to balance running an antique shop, fighting demons, and being a Chi Wizard with being a loving Uncle to his nephew, his somewhat removed niece...and three little ponies who drive him straight up the wall.

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Water Under the Bridge

Jackie frowned as he paced back and forth in the shop, going over everything that had happened in Rome in his head. "Those abilities Valmont demonstrated...you don't think Shendu is involved, do you Uncle?"

"Pfeh!" Uncle countered dismissively. "If demon spirit were inside Valmont, eyes would glow red when he took control. Only way Valmont could use power of demon spirit inside is if demon let him, and no demon of sorcerer rank would subsume self to human dominance! One more thing! Already know spells can duplicate Talisman power in small bursts from El Toro, and Valmont has Dark Wizard on payroll! Occam's Razor!"

"But then what happened to the Demon?" Jackie demanded worriedly. "You said that warping spell couldn't warp a demon."

Uncle frowned. "Do not know. But Valmont is tricky. Enforcers raced by several fountains and storm drains. Maybe dump demoness when you weren't looking?"

Jackie sighed. "I suppose that is possible," he admitted. "But I don't like it. It feels like we are missing something obvious..."

"We have bigger concerns than 'how'," Uncle pointed out irritably. "Demons are arrogant, vicious, and cruel...so why would Demon Sorcerer allow herself to be transported? And why is she not doing anything to claim part of world for herself?"

"I think that should be obvious," Viper spoke up worriedly as she came down the stairs. "Valmont's under contract to free the other Demon Sorcerers. Somehow, he's convinced them his way is more effective than theirs, and has talked them into being patient. He has a plan...and we need to be prepared for it."

"And there's no telling what he will do next, or where," Jackie agreed. He sighed, rubbing his forehead. "Bad day..." His phone rang, and he picked it up. "Hello? El Toro? Slow down, I'm trying to understand...a chupacabra? But that's...yeah, I realized what I was saying too. Tablets? Well, I suppose I can get down there and translate. ...you've tried to fight it how many times already? You should have called me sooner. We'll be right there." He hung up the phone with a sigh. "Well, at least this is just a monster-"

"Did you say chupacabra?" Uncle demanded worriedly. "Must be careful! Goat-eater might try to eat fillies!"

"But their Good Magic-"

"Chupacabra is wild magic, not dark magic!" Uncle snapped out. "Uncontrolled, and feeds equally on light and dark! If wild magic creature feeds on young qi lin, it will gain strength to overcome its weaknesses, and become unstoppable!"

"Then maybe they should stay here?" Viper suggested. "I could keep an eye on them."

"And having to stay with her teachers would mean Jade would stay here as well," Jackie observed hopefully. "That would be a load off my mind. Thank you Viper."

"Don't mention it, handsome," Viper replied, shooting him a flirtatious wink.

Jackie chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his head as his cheeks colored slightly.

Bai Tza was not happy. Transport in a thermos in liquid form was bad enough, especially after the way Valmont had spoken to her. While she could respect his points and skills, she had expected better treatment after her flirtations. And then being jostled so much in sensory deprivation - and then pulled through the Shadow Realm of all things - had left her feeling almost physically ill. And now she was once more being carried, and still wasn't being released? She was going to-

Before she could complete the thought, the top of the thermos was pulled off and she found herself being poured out into...was that sea water? Yes, it was! And it didn't have any of the man-made impurities she'd felt in the air back in Rome! It wasn't the ocean, just a large man-made pool...but there was a current! Valmont had built a miniature ocean for her?

She heard his voice, and turned her awareness towards him. She did need to assume a human form at this point...and perhaps Valmont deserved a treat. After all, it was time to establish that she was in charge when it came to her...intentions.

Valmont smiled to himself as the warp faded, leaving him in his office. His plans had gone off perfectly, and he had discovered everything he'd hoped to learn. First, the Chans had some serious backup, but that backup was bound by the same bureaucratic nonsense that had hobbled Section 13 back when magic wasn't widely known, which once more left Valmont on an even footing with government agencies...just the way he liked it. These games weren't very interesting if the other side couldn't play.

Second, he'd learned that the Chans weren't invincible or unbeatable. Caught off guard and treated with the caution their skills and abilities deserved, it was possible to trick them, and even lead them into traps. As long as plans were worked out well ahead of time along with contingencies - and the demons listened to him when they were released - he would easily be able to free them all, and then destroy the Chans. He would then stand as the right-hand man to the Demon Sorcerers as they ruled the world, since he'd have proven himself as invaluable in dealing with the existing world.

And third and most important, the demons were human. He could have discussed all his plans ahead of time with Bai Tza and Shendu, but that would have given them both opportunities to object or reconsider. By planning for all possible ability sets and then throwing the plans out to the demons at the last moment, he'd forced them to take him at his word. He had successfully buffaloed them both. For all their power and eons of experience, dealing with these demons was no different than dealing with a successful human criminal. The only difference was what they could do to him if they became perturbed with his performance...but Valmont had made his name in the criminal world by being strictly honorable. If he told someone in the underground that he would get them something, he got it for them. If he named a price, that was the price. If he said he'd make payment, he made it. As such, no other criminal organization would betray him, because he was too valuable...and he could create the same situation with the Demon Sorcerers.

Picking up the thermos with Bai Tza inside, he decided it was time to start being indispensable in other ways. He carried it to a special chamber he'd had prepared specifically for the water Demoness. A large sea water infinity pool big enough to swim laps in formed the centerpiece to a full spa and sauna, complete with an artificial hot spring. The attendants - all female - were sworn to a Memory Oath, which would cause them to forget everything about their service in Valmont's organization (including Valmont himself) if they tried to betray him, whether by choice or coercion. (He'd been rather surprised to discover that in the new 'magic' world, that was standard practice for all his employees, placed by Daolong Wong himself, with only his primary Enforcers exempt as having been within the 'eye' of the change.) Opening the thermos, he poured the contents into the pool.

"I do apologize for the rough transit, my lady," he spoke gently, genially. "The proximity of the Chans made it a necessity." He smiled as he saw Bai Tza solidify under the pool's surface, smiling up at him. "I hope you'll find the amenities I've provided you ample compensation for your discomfort, and ease any lingering ills."

Bai Tza slowly swam to the surface...and as she broached it, she changed. The water pouring off of her seemed to reveal her human form. Her skin was moon pale, her hair a shimmering blue, and her almond-shaped eyes emerald green in her heart shaped face. As she continued to rise from the water, Valmont found his heart beating much faster as blood raced through his body in response. Her limbs were strong but delicate, her fingers graceful without seeming fragile, and her curves generous without being excessive...and to top it off she was just shorter than him, such that she'd be exactly eye level with him in high heels. Between all this, the length of her hair, and the fact she came out of the water wearing nothing but, he wasn't sure whether to compare her to Honey Ryder or Aphrodite.

"It is forgiven, Valmont," Bai Tza purred, the only difference in her voice being the absence of the almost aquatic echo it had possessed in her demon form. She stepped up to him, gently running a finger under his chin. "You kept your word to free me, and see to my safety. And until I can reclaim Atlantis..." She turned to survey the facility. "This will make an amply sufficient mini-kingdom of my own. Attendants, the perfect facilities for both relaxation and practice with my powers...all it is missing is subjects to worship me."

Valmont stepped back, gathering his wits. He then gave a smirk and a cordial bow. "It would be an honor to give you the worship you desire, dear lady," he offered, putting an odd spin on 'worship' to get a different point across. His smirk widened as he saw Bai Tza give a girlish giggle in response.

His bravado fled when she leaned in and gently bit his earlobe before whispering, "Give me a few hours to relax myself with the services you have provided, then join me in the hot spring. I owe you a...proper reward." She then licked between his ear and skull before pulling back. She trailed a finger along his neck, and he felt gills briefly shape before vanishing. Turning, she then sauntered over to the attendants for pampering.

Valmont staggered out of the chamber, leaning against a nearby wall to catch his breath. "How under the sun did she just make me feel like a virgin?" he gasped out in desperation.

"To be fair, you are one compared to her," Shendu pointed out. "We each had centuries to...enjoy ourselves before our banishment...and before she joined our brotherhood, she was known as 'Queen of the Sirens'."

"It shows," Valmont murmured as he struggled desperately to get his heart rate, breathing, and complexion under control.

Author's Note:

After writing this chapter, I realized I probably need to up the story rating to Teen and add a Sex tag. Then again, I knew it would go this way the moment I started shipping Valmont and Bai Tza, especially with suggestions of the 'Honey Ryder' scene and connecting Bai Tza to the Dazzlings.

...stupid, sexy Demoness...

Btw, felt this song was appropriate for how Valmont sees Bai Tza.

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